Tottenham reap the rewards of hard work after the night Conte threatened to leave

Tottenham reap the rewards of hard work after the night Conte threatened to leave

The coach meets Burnley today and remembers his sign to resign after his defeat against him in the first leg

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Boy and the joy of his goal that ended the Tottenham hat-trick against Arsenal (AP) Conte returned to compete for participation in the Champions League (Reuters)

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Italian coach Antonio Conte can now smile if he remembers the harsh statements he made after the 1-0 defeat to Burnley in the first round of the Premier League, during which he threatened to leave, but the sure thing is that no one smiled has for the time being at those statements, including In it Conte itself. Now Conte is preparing to face Burnley today, with things going perfectly well with Spurs vying for a place in the Champions League. Tottenham are well aware that they have to win to keep up the pressure on fourth-placed Arsenal, who visit Newcastle tomorrow night.
But it’s impossible to think of Burnley without remembering what happened on Turf Moor on that miserable night in late February. In the wake of the astonishing 3-2 win over Manchester City, Conte and Tottenham started with great optimism in this match, with a feeling that things were starting to go in the right direction. But when it all collapsed and Tottenham lost 1-0 to Burnley, Conte was very frustrated and made very angry remarks. The enraged Italian coach indicated he could not go this route forward, doubted his ability to improve conditions, and seemed to have already crossed the point of no return. It could easily be thought that he was about to resign, although Tottenham officials were fairly confident that he would calm down over time, knowing that he was a fickle person and could act in an exaggerated way, even in the case of victory.
But what about the players implicitly attacked by Conte? The winter transfer window was closed, with the next summer transfer window yet to begin, and Conte certainly took the risk of alienating some or all of those he would have to work with for the rest of the season. Did the Italian coach exaggerate his expression of helplessness and surrender at the time? In fact, there were many questions that were difficult to answer, but the indisputable thing was that Conte did his best and used all his weapons to motivate the players to give their best within the green rectangle, and he wanted a message to the players that they will be sorry if they leave.
On the other hand, Conte explained how much it means to go through all sorts of internal pains to find the necessary solutions, indicating that he will always do it and football and live and breathe, and asked the players to do the same. Above all, he asked the players to face all difficulties and challenges with full force as it is a challenge for their professional pride. The results were striking – eight wins and two draws in the 12 league games they have played since then, the most recent of which was a major 3-0 win over Arsenal in a dangerous derby last Thursday. “I know very well that I took a risk with the remarks I made after the Burnley game, because not many people understood the meaning of those statements,” said Conte. I read that it only took Spurs two months to drive Conte crazy! I remember very well that I was the madman.
He added, “Sometimes the technical managers have a certain strategy that they follow, which is the root-and-stick policy (intimidation and seduction). At that time, all the environment required stick policy, and that was also true of me personally, I was the first person to punish myself with this stick, and then the others came, because before us say something wrong about the players or the situation we face, the coach is The first person to take the blame. At the time, I thought it was right to come forward and try to change the situation. “
He continued: “Nobody at the time thought that Tottenham would be a strong contender for a place in the Champions League with two rounds before the end of the season. But we are really competitive now, and we have improved a lot since then. “There are moments when everyone has to take responsibility, and that applies first to the manager, then the players, the club and all the people who work at Tottenham, because we win together and we lose together.”
After Tottenham won the derby, Tottenham are just one point away from Arsenal, who play two strong games: Newcastle away, before receiving Everton in the final round, while Tottenham play their last game against Norwich City. It was exciting to see Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta take a different approach after his team’s defeat to Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs did better than Arsenal, but the Spanish coach insisted – at least in public – that what happened was not the team’s responsibility, but the responsibility of referee Paul Tierney, who beat Tottenham in the 22nd minute ‘. conceded a penalty, of which Spurs scored the first goal of the game. and Robb sent away.Courts shortly thereafter. Arteta looked determined to protect his players from shaky confidence at all costs, even if it meant looking aggressive and bad. But the truth is that Tierney’s decisions were correct.
As for Conte, there is a process of mutual understanding between him and Tottenham, and there are many positive signs. The Italian coach won the hearts of the fans, who sang his name towards the end of the derby against Arsenal, and was delighted when Conte responded with applause. Meanwhile, players are getting more clarity. “It was important for me to know my players better, to know me better, to understand that I get angry sometimes, and to know the reasons why I am angry,” said Conte. The defeat against Burnley made me very angry. But now the players are improving in many respects – not only on the field, but also mentally stronger. “
He added, “I focus on my work with my heart, my mind and my head, and I’m an emotional person. And it’s not easy to see me like that after games on TV. I’m totally focused on my work. with the club I work for, this way I can give everything I have to the club, and I can also receive everything from my players, from the club and from the fans.
And if I were the first person to give 200 percent of his energy, I would definitely be able to ask for it in return. ”

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