Traits that men like in women

Written by – Israa Al-Qarnasawy

wish both the man And women are among the qualities that each of them possesses, as the woman in her partner dreams of certain qualities that he must possess, as well as the man.

Some of the common characteristics that a woman desires in her husband are tenderness, medicine, love, attention and other qualities. As for the qualities he loves in a woman, it can differ radically from the qualities she desires in a man.

There are many qualities that a man loves in his wife and makes her look special in his eyes. Learn with us, dear woman, on the Nile 24 website, the most important qualities that a man loves in a woman, that you can possessed to always be special in his eyes.

First the attractive character:

The reason for a man’s love for a woman can be her characteristic and attractive personality and his heart captivating, and that attractive personality differs from person to person, and can therefore be divided into two types:

internal gravity: It revolves around the woman’s personality and her inner being, which shines clearly and is reflected in front of others by several aspects, the most important of which are:

  • The ability to communicate with a man in a distinctive way.
  • Self-confidence, and self-confidence can occur when a woman takes steady steps in front of a man, speaks to him with confidence and speaks honestly and without shame in front of him.
  • To have an intelligent, educated personality, and a woman’s aspiration to advance her educational and cultural level, and this can be by reading, for example, as a smart woman who is good at dealing with men and a make meaningful conversation with him, make him always want to talk to her and do not get bored for her, but rather talk to her about various topics with admiration and enthusiasm. .
  • Her good behavior and manners, and her kind and gentle way of dealing with others, such as humility, love of help and other qualities that make her loved and desired by them.

External gravity: It revolves around the attractive outward appearance of a woman, which may be the first thing that draws a man’s attention to her, before she recognizes and deepens her inner personality. A woman can have external attractiveness by considering the following things:

  • Wear elegant clothes, use the appropriate style for women, and take care of the hair and style it in an attractive way.
  • The smile, which complements the beauty of a woman and makes her attractive in the eyes of men, provided it is beautiful and not exaggerated, and the appropriate timing for laughter is taken into account.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene, and take regular care of yourself by bathing, trimming nails, using deodorant and other ways of personal care.
  • The use of various cosmetics in an appropriate way, perfumes, accessories and other things that emphasize the charming beauty of women in front of men and attract them strongly, which makes them fascinated by them.

Second, optimism and love of life

The man tends to the optimistic woman who is content and happy with the simplest things and makes them a reason for fun and to bring joy into their lives so that they live contentedly and happily no matter the circumstances and obstacles they face in the facing joy and pleasure, as reflected in her outward personality, where she constantly laughs and smiles with her partner, exchanging jokes and jokes and sharing some of the positive energy flowing from her to him so that he has her cheerful spirit loves and lives in harmony with her, harmony and pleasure.

Third, romance and the expression of feelings

A man loves a woman who reciprocates feelings of great love, and reveals to him the warm words of flirtation that ignite the spark of love in their hearts, in addition to praising her for his unique qualities and personality, and her admiration to express to him, and flanked by his attractiveness, power, and distinctive abilities in her eyes, a few compliments may be a reason to deepen love and strengthen the relationship between the two partners, provided the expression is not exaggerated so the man does not doubt the credibility of his partner or thinks she is deliberately belittling him.

husband and wife

Fourth, respect and appreciation

A man loves a polite woman who respects him, appreciates his masculinity and makes him feel it, so under no circumstances should he deliberately insult or underestimate his value, even if it is unintentional. Talk about their goals and plans, so do not underestimate him, or throw negative and insulting statements and comments on his opinions and suggestions, even if it differs with her desires.

Fifth, to care for him and to consider his circumstances and needs

A man needs his partner to make him feel the importance of his presence in her life, and to express to him his great position in her, and that he is the right man who lives in her heart and in her depths , so she is eager to take care of him, to consider his circumstances and try to help him as much as possible, and to give him a private space to sit alone whenever he wants, And she respects his desire, in addition his friendship and sharing of fun times, and zeal to understand him, or to make some concessions for the sake of his happiness.

Other qualities that a man loves in his wife There are many other qualities that a man loves in a woman, including:

  • Lights of shade, and to sometimes act naughty and spontaneous, provided it is in a polite and gentle way. Enthusiasm, boldness and acceptance of various activities, such as practicing new hobbies with men and sharing fun and enjoyment.
  • Creativity and excellence, a woman who is not like others, will look to a man a glowing star he wants to achieve
  • Ambition, dream and possession of valuable goals that make her strive in her life and strive to achieve them.
  • To accept others, and not to criticize them, especially when it comes to her spiritual partner, and the possibility of having special qualities in him that need to be changed.
  • The ability to trust her partner, and not to doubt and rely on him, and this is motivated by the desire to build a healthy relationship with him, given the importance of trust and its role in balance and stability of relationships.

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