Voice cacophony and its effect on others

Written by: Lisa Ayyash, Journalist for The National Newspaper

I ask myself in a moment of curiosity:

Was everyone born with a beautiful voice?

What intrigued me as I searched for the answer was the differing views on individual judgment of the human voice. What looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another..

The voice has a big effect on the receiver, whether the transmitter’s voice is good or bad. There are warm and quiet sounds that capture hearts and captivate hearts, just as the mind feeds on content, feeds the audience on the beautiful sound, while there are other outliers that come out with intensity and rudeness that cause tension and annoyance to make you feel . noise pollution..

There are some cases that make some ears lift. It is unfortunate that some have an alienating and provocative voice that makes the listener avoid listening to it.

Have you ever avoided watching a television or radio interview because of a voice that was out of character for an interviewer or a guest?

Have you ever been offended by influential personalities who pretend to show low above their vocal abilities, or have you been influenced by political figures who elevate their tone to win the emotional charge of the simple man in the street?

Have you ever ruined a relationship with someone because of their repulsive voice?

How many times has your relationship with your fathers, sons, husbands, friends, family and others been disturbed because of their loud voices?

There are many factors that influence the quality of the voice, such as education, personality and socialization, and physiological formation is also an important factor. It is normal for a man’s voice to be rough, strong and loud, while a woman’s voice calm and soft..

However, there are situations that require both sexes to raise the tone of voice, and this has always been frightening when the loud voice is used as a means of defense when, for example, an argument is made, or when a speech or a heated dialogue is held. , but soon the voice returns to normal afterwards, whatever the type, which This indicates that a person can control his voice if he wants.

Modern science has proven that every human being has his own voice, which determines his identity just like a fingerprint. The author of this discovery is said to be the American scientist Lawrence Kersta, who concluded that every human being has a tone of voice that sets him apart from the rest of man..

Responding to those seeking a solution to address their bad voice, voice commentator Khaled Al-Najjar said: “The problem is that they do not like their voices, why do we not like the voice God has placed in us? God created us well Your voice must be most suitable for you, your form, your nature and even your environment, even if the voice is What you love or want your voice to be, it will not be suitable for your identity and person not.There are natural sounds that seem rough, irritating and torn to the strings and the cause can be scratches in the vocal cords or abuse of the voice since childhood or a psychological condition the person is going through and dozens of other reasons.The problem here is a physical one that requires intervention The doctor The second category of people are those who have a very normal voice and are free from scratches or any speech impediment, but they speak in a boring and slow or screaming way that makes the listener they can not full g no, voice training is required here.. “

There is another problem that some broadcasters have today, which is the combined pronunciation or mixing of Arabic with foreign accents, which provokes the indignation of a large segment of listeners..

Voice commentator Ahmed Fakhoury addressed this issue, saying::

One of the manifestations of the love of the Arabic language is the zeal to use it correctly and to get the letters out of their sound outputs, for the faint is not a norm or an adverb, and to stay away from words and phrases that go in the vernacular that can not be understood outside a limited geographical scope. The Arabic language should not be mixed with foreign accents, even if one is fluent in foreign languages, as each language has its own peculiarity and place. “

When the voice commentator Fouad Shamas was asked if the audio-visual media is having trouble finding presenters who have all the required qualities such as a decent appearance, outstanding personality, cultural balance, performance and a good voice, he answered me:

Indeed, the audiovisual media is struggling to find the right person in the right place. Of course, mediation, favoritism and discretion in selection is the tyrant, so we see that the distinctive personality is replaced by the shaky personality, and the cultural balance by the financial balance. As for the perfect performance and voice, talk about it without embarrassment, of the fluency in execution and the pronunciation of the letters in an intrusive manner and terrible language errors, etc. Their last concern is the sound. Unfortunately, the audiovisual media is declining day by day due to poor choice. Fortunately, the decline is not so rapid, thanks to some female and male providers raising the bar to where it should be.. “

Do not bother to increase the volume and take what you need out of it.

Is there a possibility to develop the human voice and make it more attractive? Is it possible for a person’s voice to be transformed from an awkward voice into one that captures hearts?

This question came to me repeatedly, until I found an expression that some people might not like, with the instructor of East Maqamat Ali Saad Al-Zarkani. And his answer was:

No, not everyone has a beautiful voice. There are those who have a good voice and it is a gift from God. If a person has a good voice, he can develop it through voice exercises and proper food because of their direct impact on the vocal cords.. “

There are various instructions for vocal training on the internet, and it is better not to try to practice pitching beyond his abilities so as not to get frustrated.

Dear reader, you may still be wondering why some sounds are beautiful to some and not so beautiful to others.

It mainly depends on the perception and opinion of the listener, not all hearts ache while listening to a wonderful tune, and we are not all enchanted by the rising sun..

In all cases, God Almighty praised the beautiful voice in the noble verse: “Intended to walk and lower your voice” (Surat Luqman – verse 19) .. do not bother to raise your voice and take from him what you need.

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