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Ahmed Sayed

When you enter her house, you will at first glance feel a state of calm, comfort and tranquility. To give you a sense of familiarity, and with a little depth in the decorations of her house, you will find simplicity she title, and you also notice the extent of attention And the strict organization with it, where you find every piece in the house in its right place, including the flowers that decorate its corners And the antiques that give you an aesthetic touch in the place , and his painting that adorns the wall and dates back to one of his heritage works. In short, her house expresses it .. It is Yousra, who has decided to convey reality on screen and present it to us. A unique character in the series “Happy Dreams”, which is close to her personality, especially in the aspect of organization and attention to all details of her home.

“Akhbar Al-Nujoum” met her and revealed many details about the work, and she also talks about her “Kalam” program In Love, which was shown on the MBC channel, and her opinion on Hussein Fahmy’s return to the presidency of the Cairo Festival The International Film Festival, and her new movie “The Night of Eid”.

What’s the secret behind the change this year to present a comedy work?

I was looking for renewal and diversity after a series of serious and tragic works that present many social issues Avenue, and since the series “Sharbat Luz” was shown, I have not offered a comedy work, and I decided to changed from I whipped completely. this time and presented a comedy, achieved by the series “Sweet Dreams”, and when the production company and writer Hala Khalil offered to work, I was very impressed with the screenplay. It was written very professionally, and she surprised me with her ingenuity in writing this kind of work, especially since it is widely known. She is a serious business director who discusses thorny issues in society, and I have seen that it is a job that depends mainly on situational comedy. , but as some comic works depend on the casting of affixes, and not in the series “Sweet Dreams”, I found that the sword appears from the same situation, and I wanted to get out of my siege in a number of roles seriously in the previous period.

How did you prepare for a unique character or Didi, who loses sight due to injury in an accident, especially because it’s the time? The first time you introduce this character?

A unique character or Didi who lost her sight exhausted me a lot, especially since this is the first time I do it The character of a lady loses sight, which encouraged me to practice a lot in this matter, and also helped has with that My depiction of a character before she lost her sight in a film work, and I practiced it a lot, but it was not complete. The filming of the movie, and the character stayed in the memory, which helped me to extract it in this work, and I see if it was possible to present this work in a tragic way by this character, but I chose to It is presented in a comic form, because it is not necessary that every person with a disability or a health crisis should lead a miserable life, cry over the rubble, and there are many who deal with their health crisis coexist with transparency and clarity. With it a positive stimulus for them, which confirms the series, away from grumpy and crying, despite the fact that She loses her sight, but she lives her life well Natural and her smile filled her face, and she had her overcoming injury and choosing life.

Have you met this character in your life?

I have met this character many times in my life, and perhaps the most prominent of them is the late Ammar Al-Sharei, who defied all circumstances.The hardships he went through, and could be one of the pioneers of music in Egypt. , as well as the musician Amr Selim And Dr. Ahmed Younis, who are famous people in the society and were not affected by the loss of vision but rather it was a challenge for her To achieve their goals, they have already achieved great success in their working life.

Was it meant by the other issues raised by the work, represented by Ghada Nobility? And Mai Kassab and Shaima Seif?

The goal was to present women’s issues, either the forty girl who refuses to marry or the girl who finds a lack of interest. From her husband, and with her marriage, are all crises that exist in society, and the goal was to do it in an effective and accurate way At the same time we draw a smile on the faces of the viewer, away from the scenes of grievance, and I see that providing these quality Comic editions is a double-edged sword. Comedy can influence the artistic content, but it is not the case It is achieved, and there was a balance on the part of Hala Khalil, who shed light on women’s issues and the audience interacted with her, and at the same time enjoyed it and put a smile on their faces, to confirm that life will go on and not Stop, even in the face of these crises and problems.

Farida is a very disciplined and organized personality in her house, and she is disturbed by the chaos, to the point of “Al-Hassouka” … What about Yusra?

A unique personality with a special character, and has the disease of neatness and order in her house and rejects chaos and disorder She loves when she’s looking for something in her house, she finds it in its place, and it’s simple but important details in a personal combination Unique, which became clearer when she lost her sight, searches for what she wants to use and finds Instead, based on the arrangement and organization of it in her home, it’s something I also like in my house is eager.

We understand from this that Yousra was also “touched” like Farida, and that is the thing that brings you together the most?

I see I’m “wieldy” like Didi, and I imagine it’s the most similar thing between me and the character, because I like to be my house controlled by organization and arrangement.

What can you buy for such an exorbitant amount as Farida did when she bought her mother’s hat at an auction and paid £ 200,000?

There’s nothing specific I can buy for a large sum, but I certainly did not like Didi by paying her £ 200,000 in a “straw hat”.

Do you prefer loneliness when you suffer something like Farida, who refused to let anyone know the truth? What happened to her in the accident?

There are many personalities who prefer to separate themselves from anyone when something bad happens to them, and no You want someone to know what you are through so that you do not see a look in the eyes of others. Compassion and kindness, but Farida was only concerned about this, after the entry of Ghada Adel and Shaima Seif and Mai Kassab became paralyzed in her life, and she became social, and that was a reason for her philosophy and view in this aspect to change.

Didi’s group enjoyed a great deal of fame through social media, to the extent that some preferred to call the work instead of “Sweet Dreams.” How do you see it?

I consider it a kind of success for work, and I imagine that the name “Sweet Dreams” is the most appropriate name for the work, and as far as “Sheleh Didi” is concerned, She’s cool, and this chemistry has the contrasting difference seen between Didi’s group. , and it was also a reason for her Create a situation of comedy and situations that combine it.

Some have linked your character in the series to the character of the late artist Suhair al-Babli in the movie “Bakiza and Zagloul.” How do you see it?

I see this link is inaccurate, nothing is quoted from the character “Bakiza” in the movie The famous of the TV work, which I watch so far and have no hope of, is one of the characters in the cinema and television, but you can say that I actually used some of the details of Suhair al-Babli, because “Soska” One of the characters who likes to integrate with society, which is explained in the first episode of the work, where she Didi in the subway, wearing a hat, especially since she’s from an aristocratic class, as well as Suhair al-Babli or as they called her ‘Soska’, I actually took her lifestyle a bit to make Diddy’s character famous to set, not hair. In the series or movie “Bakiza and Zagloul.

How do you see the collaboration with Hala Khalil and Amr Arafa?

I see it as a very fruitful collaboration, as this work is the first collaboration with the writer Hala Khalil, who was She wants to take over the direction of the work, but her obsession with writing the screenplay for the work forced the production company to appoint director Amr. Arafa, with whom he had a friendship, and there was a state of understanding between them, and that This work was not the first collaboration between me and Amr Arafa, since we together the series “Saraya”. Abdeen “presented, which achieved great success, and Amr Arafa is one of the few directors who has Comedy sense, as well as who performs positively at work.

What is the secret behind the presentation of the “Kalam fi Hob” program, which was shown on mbc channel?

I wanted to present an unconventional program, which I found in the “Kalam fi al-Hob” program, where I found that most of the programs that offer programs rely on exposing social negatives, and we have emotions and forget feelings and we have forgotten We are people of flesh and blood, with feelings and emotions within us that have been greatly affected by the businesses and difficulties of life, and in the program “Kalam” In Love “we have more than 100 personalities meet, and we all talk about love of all kinds, and there are guests There are many ordinary people and celebrities, and there are guests who are not famous, but these personalities have merit in their lives in a specific way, and known to a class of people.

Some people think that the “Kalam fi Hob” program is very similar to Yusra’s character. What is your comment?

I love love, and love is a beautiful thing, and its value makes you worth more than a human being, and I can not live other than love.

How do you see your journey in presenting programs, especially that you are eager to present programs that are far from the norm?

I always look forward to offering work outside the box, whether in terms of content or form, and I imagine I have succeeded. In this regard, it has presented many good programs that offer the positive side in society, and perhaps including “Bil Arabi”, in which I hosted a number of celebrities and politicians, and he talked about Arabism, nationalism and coexistence between religions, and there was also the “The Appointment” program which relied on to house a famous person from around the world The world, and this character is interrogated in living and important Egyptian archaeological sites, many of which are unknown to segments and groups in society, so the program shone a strong light on these treasures, and eventually the “Kalam fi.” program. Love “which presents another aspect of the positive that we need to highlight.

How do you see the return of Hussein Fahmy to the presidency of the Cairo International Film Festival in his next session?

I see this as a very successful choice, especially since Hussein Fahmy has the abilities and experience to present a different and distinctive course, and is able to also greatly supplement its success with the successes achieved by manufacturer Mohamed Hefzy at Cairo Film Festival Recently, and I say to Hussein Fahmy, a good and well-deserved return, and I always wish success and success.

What about your next business?

I’m waiting for the movie “Eid Night,” which I finished filming recently, and it’s one of the movies I’ve watched. Many women’s issues are discussed, and I imagine it’s going to be a surprise to the audience.

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