A historian tells Palestine Today: This is what changed 74 years after the Nakba

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15 May 2022

Since the Nakba in 1948, the Palestinian cause has seen radical changes at various levels, especially in the level of resistance work and its stages of development, from stones, rubber wheels, knives and carlos, to the missiles now shaking the Zionist entity. , in addition to the fact that the Palestinian He became more attached to his land, property and saints, and in the depths of his being fought against the occupier, causing him great anguish; Because he is the owner of the occupied land.

Today, Sunday 15 May 2022, coincides with the 74th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which witnessed the displacement of approximately 950,000 Palestinians from their original cities and towns, out of 1,400,000 Palestinians who previously lived in 1,300 towns and cities has. now live in diaspora camps, as the right of return is sacred.They will not give it up.

Usually, the Palestinians commemorate the Nakba with crowded popular events and activities to affirm the right of return and reject settlement. Sometimes the events of the Nakba turn into confrontations with the occupying army in light of the unprecedented “Israeli” escalation on Jerusalem , Al-Aqsa, holy sites and Palestinian property in an attempt to undermine the Palestinians’ hopes of establishing their independent state. On the other hand, the Palestinians became brave in defending their land and displayed against the “Israeli” war machine, until the Zionist enemy became a thousand bills for them, so what changed 74 years ago?

The Occupied Palestinian Territories are witnessing crucial events and developments in the face of the occupation and its settlement and Judaization schemes, specifically in the city of Jerusalem and the occupied interior, and its attempt to eradicate the Palestinian identity and distort the Palestinian struggle. .

Evolution of resistance work

Palestinian researcher and historian d. Nasser al-Yafawi, stressed that no two differ on the development of the military performance of the Palestinian resistance, which has changed from stone and knife to missile, as the acceleration of its strength and performance and the transition to a more developed stage confused the calculations. of the occupation, and made his leaders count the resistance a thousand counts.

Dr. Al Yafawi in an interview with “Palestine Today” news agency: The resistance’s hands and missiles now wander deep into the “Israeli” entity and shake it, after the resistance fighters confronted the military mechanism with stones, knives and rubber bands, indicating that Jenin and his resistance were working out the occupation. pit and heavy to do. losses, in view of the escalation in the rate of commando operations, most of which were carried out by the perpetrators of these operations.

He pointed out that the change that had taken place was not limited to the development of the resistance action, but that the file on the Palestinian issue had been discussed more deeply and comprehensively over the past few years, so that all countries became well aware that there was no stability. in the region, unless the Palestinian issue is resolved, adding: Palestine has become the safety valve for all. If his case is not resolved in a just manner, the world will not enjoy peace, and all this is due to the resistance, his leaders and his men.

Crush the visions of Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir

The Palestinian researcher and historian noted that Palestinian children from the first to fifth grades of primary school, “according to a recent opinion poll conducted by the competent authorities”, had become assured of the right of return and that the Palestinian cause was their first concern. is. , thus shattering the visions of the oldest and most prominent leaders of the occupation, “David Ben-Gurion” and Golda Meir, when they said: The old will die and the young will forget, as the Palestinians became stricter in their compliance with the right of return and the liberation of Palestine from its sea to its river.

The Palestinian curriculum causes a headache for the occupation

Dr. emphasizes. Al Yafawi stressed that the issue of the Palestinian curriculum has become a nightmare for the occupation, as it feeds the minds of children with the spirit of patriotism and resistance, love and obedience to the land, in addition to mimicking the right of return , and to get to know the personalities of the Palestinian fighters, including the living and the dead, such as the late founder Fathi Shikaki, Ramadan Shallah, and Ahmed Yassin, Yasser Arafat, and many others, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Palestine and his holiness.

He added that these developments in the Palestinian curriculum had become a concern for the occupation because they embodied the spirit of resistance and patriotism in the students’ minds, which the US Zionist regime called to defy it in every possible way. so that they do not stop trying to delete many articles from it. .

He added, “Despite the struggle against the Palestinian curriculum, all Palestinian people of all colors are gathering around the curriculum that simulates the reality of the Nakba, the destruction of Palestinian land and rights, and refutes the narrative of the occupation. which claims that Palestine is their stolen homeland.

He added, “The occupation is suffering from a real predicament, the predicament of future generations raised with the revolutionary thought calling for the liberation of Palestine from its sea to its river, as all indications are that we are very close. to march to historic Palestine and hoist the flag of Palestine over Al-Aqsa. “

The occupation tries to plunder the rest of the Palestinian lands

He stated that the “Israeli” occupation would not stop developing plans to seize the rest of the Palestinian territories and annex them to its volatile entity, if it did not encounter strong resistance from civilians in all their places. not, and said: “Now we have become a concern and a nightmare not only for a state.The occupation, but rather all who bet on the theory of normalization, and the printers who have become confident that the entity they will not be able to protect, so the Palestinian child has become a source of danger to the occupation and the oppressors all over the world. “

With the rapid developments in the issue of the conflict with the enemy since the Palestinian disaster in 1948, he stressed: “Gaza has become the umbilical cord of the Palestinian cause, the national and national reservoir, and the front line for the defense of the Palestinian Authority. “Arab and Islamic nation. That’s why the extent of the conspiracies led by American Zionist organizations, trying to Our image is that we are the black hole.”

The number of Palestinians inside and inside the diaspora

In, Al-Yafawi mentioned that nearly 6.4 million refugees by the end of 2020, and the number of Palestinians has increased more than 10 times since the Nakba, to about 13 million, and Palestine has recorded more than 100,000 martyrs since the Nakba, and about one million arrests since 1967..

At the end of his speech, he stressed that about 13 million Palestinians regard the right of return as sacred, and they will never give up, adhering to the saying, “No right will die behind claims.”

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