A million rest..and no one rests

I was never surprised when I followed the story of the arrest of Aswan’s resting place, whose official name became “the rest of the Baha’is”. It did not surprise me at all how much money they accused him of milking in a few months from the pockets of simple peasants in Aswan and neighboring cities .. Not because I lost the passion and amazement about such things. Things .. But because it is not new to me or to thousands of Egyptians from the people of Bahri and Upper Egypt.

Exactly three years ago..and every visit I go to my village in Sohag..there is no biography there, except the biography of the “relaxed” .. every time a new cheater .. a new form..and I would not be surprised if I told you that some of the victims were deceived more than once. Just as sometimes, as if it were the biography of an addict who does not find salvation from gambling.

In the countryside it is not easy to bury a secret for more than three days. People’s lives after sunset have nothing to suffice them from gossip .. The stories of “travelers to the Gulf” or those who went to the capital and returned from the millionaires is no longer tempted to stay up late .. There is no longer the biography of Al-Hilaliya and the stories of the prophets .. Al-Dawawir is no longer a home to the good summer and popular culture .. It has become an incubator for such stories.

About five years ago .. someone appeared in the image of a “businessman” .. it does not matter what he does .. none of us were originally asked what this description means .. the time was the time of businessmen who have penetrated to everything places and achieved all the benefits .. and enough is enough.Any one of these people can sit in the first rows of any official celebration to become one of the important business owners and among these men .. waiting for glory, judgment and money at the door .. and all the “old men” seek their satisfaction and go with them, so what about the simple farmers who complete their dinner and sleep ?!

“Al-Dahan” appeared in my village – the name is a pseudonym – as it appeared in all the neighboring villages of Sohag .. He builds a hotel on the Nile .. He buys tall buildings at official institutions .. The easiest explanation for the citizens of Sohag was that he found many pieces of “antiquities”. In my country he “found a treasure” … and he became workers … and accountants … and promoters of his biography, business executives and media consultants … and because the man had no political ambition .. he did not arouse anyone’s anger .. he is just a man who builds and works .. he did not name any of them.Once he worked in raising money..maybe because he did not have the money of simple people. Those who went to participate with him were among the “adults”, and these people did not like to talk about their money and their work..and suddenly the “paint” fell after from they lodged complaints with the police .. And it was revealed.

A few months did not pass. Another relaxed person appeared in the “facilitation” .. a city whose boys who lived in Cairo, Alexandria and the Arabian Gulf were known to work in the contracting trade, with millions of numbers .. It was that this woman, who did not have any academic qualifications, withdrew those millions from their “s” ..on the pretext of their participation in his trade, which yields twice as much as the contracting trade, which at that time caused problems suffered. time .. and it was that she was arrested in Ismailia and thousands of victims fell with her who lost their money .. Then another relaxed man working in the egg and chicken trade followed her. The victims were initially silent in the hope of getting their money, even after a while. They believed that it would do them no good to put any of the rest in jail.

And more than one person appeared .. more than one usurer appeared .. There is no real work left .. The needy go to the “borrowers” who lend them the “fayez” .. or to the “relaxed person “which has the ability to do anything less than a hundred thousand. to operate fair.

And with Corona .. and economic reforms .. and the recession that hit many countries .. and with the repercussions of the so-called Arab Spring .. the returnees from the Gulf .. or small investors did not find anyone to work with a safe way .. at the same time they can not work individually. Everyone knows what “micro-enterprises” mean, and everyone knows what “official approvals” mean for someone who wants to open a “store” or even a store that sells beans and falafel.

Few survived by going to the desert..and even this, most of them did not escape from the hands of the brokers and Arabs who sold the desert to them before the government accepted the legalization of their conditions..maw they bought the land twice. .but they are the best anyway, their money has turned into gardens and crops which are all good.It is little because working in the desert does not require the owners of “one hundred thousand and their like” .. but it need someone who owns millions.

Those with little savings .. split their lives for many years .. or those who got the “end of service” .. they went to buy and rent flats .. or buy cars and hand them over to transport companies and put them into operation. return for a monthly return .. and after the streets were filled with these taxis .. and the high prices of cars .. This case is no longer available .. So what are these little ones doing? .. Definitely go to those who were able to convince them on the basis of huge profits within a few days .. Add to that those who actually believe that “Al Rayyan” was right, and that the government was the one who was on his seized money and imprisoned him. Not far from that is what the sheiks broadcast to them daily about “the forbidden money of banks.” And now .. the case is not without merit .. The movement of the global economy is no longer stable, so what can guarantee him that his money will not go if he deposits it in the banks? And what guarantees it that the its market value will not decline in a turbulent economic situation in the whole world?

The simple people who have fallen into the trap of the tuk-tuk driver are not greedy, as some like to portray them..or naive..but they are victims of the market confusion..the labor market.. Victims of the lack of someone to explain to them, facilitate them and make them “ghtatah” employees big in the localities and institutions that grant Permits, i.e. licenses .. They are the boys of need .. whether they are livestock traders or just farmers who do nothing other than a cow does not own. Feed traders who are not held accountable or monitored have milked it. And traders of pesticides and seeds that have been ground before being milked by the “resting tuktuk”.

The case will not stop .. until such people find a market for their business and a refuge for their small savings .. The era of those who are comfortable just arresting them will not end – though this is of course good – but marketing banks for their business in a different way and changing the discourses of official religious institutions and their intermediaries is a very necessary matter, and most importantly it is all..is the search for an alternative to the “bourgeois economy in its old days.” Do not expect our people in Sohag, Qena, Aswan and the Delta to go to the stock exchange..They do not know and do not want to know at all..Review the work of the industrial zones in the governorates and the ways in which they work … and look for the “alternative”, otherwise the chaos continues..and the “relaxed” also continues.

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