Abdel Ghaffar: Egypt Distinguished Human Elements in Clinical Medical Research

Opened by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Minister of Higher Education and scientific research, and Drs. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, today, Saturday, at the MARC Center for Medical Services, Scientific Research and Clinical Studies, in the presence of dr. Tamer Essam, head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, dr. Riad Armanios, CEO of Eva Group, and dr. Samira Ezzat, head of clinical research at MARC, and a group of senior professors, scientists, researchers and public figures.

The two ministers inspected a research laboratory center equipped with the latest equipment, technologies and integrated scientific research services for researchers, units (genome, microbiology, immunity and cell culture, a unit related to metabolism and proteins, biological storage, and ‘ an information unit), and a bioequivalence and clinical research center.

The two ministers witnessed the announcement by the MARC management of the completion of the selection of 5 research projects that applied for a grant to support innovation and scientific research in key diseases for Egyptian society, including the fields of ( antibiotic bacteria, immunotherapy, cancer) research, and non-alcoholic fatty liver cirrhosis). It has been selected according to several scientific criteria, including the possibility of translating scientific research into pharmaceutical and therapeutic innovations in the coming period. Senior professors of scientific research in Egypt, to find solutions to the most prominent health problems facing citizens.

In his speech, dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said that the country that relies on an economy based on knowledge and research is one of the most powerful economies in the world. He congratulated the leading researchers who received the center’s awards, praised their research efforts and hoped that they research and ideas would represent a real strong addition to the medical research and technology system in Egypt.

Dr. it confirms. Abdel Ghaffar said that the existence of these grants largely reflects the capabilities that Egypt has, especially the human elements with exceptional capabilities in the field of medical research, who just need more care and the provision of the appropriate environment for them to do their research and achieve incredible results for major problems and challenges in the medical field.All academic, financial and business institutions give more care and attention to the human element who has the necessary training and is armed with science and knowledge, and emphasizes the importance of accepting ideas and research that will make breakthroughs in various fields.

For her part, dr. Rania Al-Mashat, that the Egyptian state puts interest in education and health on its priority list to achieve Egypt’s goals for sustainable development (Egypt Vision 2030), and emphasizes that the state encourages the private sector to invest, through the necessary support provide, and issue legislation that will support and encourage investment, noting that The Ministry of International Cooperation is an important partner in supporting scientific research and fostering cooperation, companies emphasize.

Dr. Tamer Essam, head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, emphasized the existence of integration and cooperation between all the various state institutions, and the issuance of legislation that would encourage investors to invest in Egypt, and emphasized that Egypt’s entry into the field of clinical trials for medicine and medical research will represent a major shift in the field of the pharmaceutical industry, adding that instead of simulating and transferring pharmaceutical technology from abroad, we will also carry it out as it is a major dream considered which will be realized in the coming period.

Dr. it confirms. Riyad Armanios, CEO of Eva Group, said the MARC Center for Medical Services and Scientific Research aims to become a leading center for biomedical research, accelerating innovation and scientific pharmacological discoveries, as well as basic research, pre-clinical and post-clinical studies and research. , according to the highest international standards of quality and safety, and notes that the center will work in 5 areas to support the different stages of scientific research related to the discovery of new and groundbreaking medicines and treatments.

Dr. reviewed. Samira Ezzat, director of the MARC Center for Medical Services and Scientific Research, discussed the capabilities of the center and its expected role, pointing out that the center’s provision of these grants reflects the interest in supporting Egyptian researchers to the level of scientific research in Egypt, and to find solutions to the most prominent health problems, with the emphasis on completing the winning research. Review it very carefully, to achieve the maximum possible scientific and research benefit, by taking advantage of the great capabilities enjoyed by the center, including research laboratories, equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, and integrated scientific research services for researchers, and note that the center will work to support scientific research by providing grants, organizing workshops, training courses, as well as online events, which will be announced in due course.

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