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Eventually the last arms of the phase of the late President Abdelaziz Bouteflika fell, thus folding one of the stages of Algeria’s political life, with the imprisonment of the former head of the largest trade union, Abdelmajid Sidi Al-Saeed, who remained the social . power that supports the government, especially during the Bouteflika era.He was the rich man who leads the organization of the working classes and a trade unionist attached to businessmen, and one of the supporters of the fifth presidential term that blew up the Algerian street has. February 2019.

The Algerian court has decided to refer the former head of the General Union of Algerian Workers to a temporary prison, pending the completion of the investigation into corruption cases, to be the last symbols of the Bouteflika era imprisoned since 2019 ended up, about which much doubt was raised about the protection he enjoyed during those years. During the period, after he stayed away from accountability, which increased the doubt of the Algerian street about what was called “settlement of accounts between the wings of the regime.”

Last Thursday night, Sidi Al-Saeed and his two sons were attached to the penitentiary in the suburb of El-Harrach to be with many of the symbols of the Bouteflika regime, similar to Prime Ministers Abdelmalek Sellal and Ahmed Ouyahia, and some businessmen and senior officials who until recently were their ally.

Billionaire accounts

Mr. Said bet on Bouteflika’s passage in the election and did not hesitate to provoke his opponents with several pronouncements

The first man in the union center until the year 2019 Abdel Majid Sidi Al-Saeed, is in fact one of the new rich in Algeria. Ordinary family home 20 years ago, for a billionaire or even one of the richest union members in the world, under the eyes of official supervisory and accountability bodies.

Information and documents circulated by Algerian newspapers and websites point to Sidi Al-Saeed’s direct links with private companies in the oil capital Hassi Messaoud and some Western and Arab capitals, as well as private companies owned by local businessmen, including most currently in jail.

The sources add that the man built up his great fortune mainly during the era of Bouteflika. First he received the first commissions from Khalifa Bank, and then started mediating with the ministers of Bouteflika’s successive governments and ministries from 2000 until the end of his tenure as head of the General Union of Algerian Workers under pressure from the popular movement protest. And the case has been more remarkable since the beginning of the era of the imprisoned Prime Minister Ouyahia, when his fortune increased dramatically to the point that he began to live in a way that had nothing to do with the life of a trade unionist who the hard-working workers do not defend.

◙ Sidi Al-Saeed represents the social power that supports the government, especially during the era of President Bouteflika.He was the rich man who led the toiling working classes and was associated with the money men.

A testimony given to local media by a leader of the General Union of Algerian Workers said that correspondence from Swiss banks regularly arrives at a mailbox for Sidi Said’s son in the capital. Sidi Al-Saeed was furious a year ago when one of the correspondences of the HSBC branch in the Swiss city of Zurich disappeared, especially because it changes the value of the deposits of Abdel-Majid Sidi Al-Saeed, one of his family members, revealed. and his son.

Another document reveals details of a financial transfer made in 2015 to the account of a private company near Sidi Said’s son, specializing in audiovisual production, the value of the transfer was about five million dollars, and a ratio with a company that specializes in the production of pasta for a businessman who is currently in jail.

An interested source said that the wealth of the veteran union member is estimated at about 40 million dollars, and that part of it is deposited in banks in Spain, France and Switzerland, and in Spain only the man and his son have much bank accounts, to be the richest trade unionist in the world, after taking advantage of driving the backs of the working classes with populist speeches that ended in mostly in favor of the programs of successive governments.

In one of the cases in which the finger of accusation is directed against Sidi Al-Saeed and a number of senior officials, the former minister and head of the Society for Peace Movement before 2011, Abu Jarra Soltani, was held before the Blida court judge. , who handled the Khalifa Complex case, responsible for the loss of large funds from eight social security funds held in Khalifa Bank, to the Secretary-General of the Central Syndicate, as the trustee of the funds.

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◙ Sidi Al-Saeed's attempt to reject the legacy of Bouteflika's stage, and his stay away from accountability for years, strengthened opponents' doubts about what they mentioned
Sidi Al-Saeed’s attempt to evade the legacy of the Bouteflika era, and his stay away from accountability for years, heightened opponents’ doubts about what they called “the new government’s selectivity to fight corruption.”

Mr. Al-Saeed continued in his statements to deny that he had received any official correspondence from the boards of social funds informing him to deposit their money in the bank, and that any decision had been notified to the minister within 15 days is, and the minister had a month to respond, but what happened is that the board of directors did not notify the ministry, and supervision is carried out by him. The fund manager is the one who warns the minister if he notes any shortcoming or who needs the fund. state support to achieve balance.

The man at the time did not hesitate to accuse the members of the Central Syndicate representing the boards of “greed” for the decision to deposit funds in a bank that does not meet the criteria of financial adequacy, as he put it , to defend. .

The General Union of Algerian Workers lost money described as “huge”, following the bankruptcy of the private bank owned by businessman Abdelmoumen Khalifa, at the beginning of the millennium, the money wasted due to corruption and mismanagement by the leaders of the historical trade union organization in the country.

Sidi Al-Said has been on the throne of the country’s largest union since 1997, succeeding the late Abdelhak bin Hamouda, who was assassinated by an unknown armed group at the time. Social power, it was not for loyalty and the management of interests. and balance within the authority, and changed into one of the rich of the Bouteflika regime.

Despite strong opposition to the Algerians’ fifth mandate project in 2019, the man was under betting on Bouteflika’s passage in the April 18 election, and he did not hesitate to provoke the rejecting groups with various statements and behaviors, as he appeared as a high-dancer in the city of Oran, defiance of those who rejected Bouteflika’s candidacy.

Sidi Al-Saeed called for what he called “recruitment for Bouteflika’s success in the presidential election, and said at the reception of Sellal, director of Bouteflika’s election campaign at the trade union headquarters in Oran, that” the General Union of Algerian “Workers have decided to support the candidate of the Algerians and the historical man who served Algeria during the revolution and after independence, and what he calls The working class must mobilize with the aim of winning Bouteflika with an overwhelming majority.”

He reminded a group of loyal participants of what he called “the achievements made in all areas during previous eras in various economic, political and social areas, thanks to the wise policies pursued by President Bouteflika, and to acknowledge the mercy “and not to deny it and work to continue it in the future, the Union has decided to support it in the elections.”

He did not miss the opportunity to praise Bouteflika’s role in achieving security and stability through the policy of peace and national reconciliation, as well as in strengthening national unity, and that the General Union of Algerian Workers will participate in the revival. of Bouteflika’s election campaign, when he launched the process of collecting signatures in his favor, “considering that Bouteflika’s candidacy for the mandate A new presidential election is widely welcomed by the Algerian people and internationally, without registering any fear or hesitation.Radical reforms that make the promotion possible.of the national economy without compromising the social aspects and the simple citizens, he said.

◙ Talks about reconciliation between the new regime and the symbols of the previous regime, but the prison of Sidi Al-Said inaugurates a new round of revelation of the secrets of corruption in Algeria

And because the man put all his eggs in one basket, he longed on the street to leave the union leadership, referring to accountability for the wealth he had accumulated at the expense of the honor of union work and labor sacrifices. , who forced him to throw in the towel at an exceptional trade union conference to save his head.

The start was when hundreds of workers and union members protested in front of the headquarters of the General Union of Algerian Workers to demand the departure of his secretary general, Abdelmajid Sidi Al-Saeed, who is accused of being loyal to the government for many years. was, and the protesters regarded him as a symbol of the Abdelaziz Bouteflika regime.

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Signs of anger were visible on the faces of those who viewed Sidi al-Said, who has led the trade union centralization since 1997, as a symbol of authority, who at the time had been asked by popular protesters to step down and for a radical to go. change of the political system in the country, and the slogan “20 years of blessings (enough)” was regularly on the Hearing the man in the central union building in the center of the capital.

As the protests wandered through the Algerian cities, the workers sang that their historical trade union movement fighting colonialism was the property of the workers and not the gang of the regime, and just as the country needed liberation, their trade union should be liberated.

Although he tried to evade the legacy of the Bouteflika era, and stayed away from accountability for years, which strengthened opponents’ doubts about what they called “the new government’s selectivity in the fight against corruption.” in El Harrach Prison.

Nevertheless, the captivity of the emperor of the Bouteflika regime remains an indication of the changes within the power brigades. While there is reconciliation between the regime and the symbols of the previous regime, including civilians and military, especially businessmen and businessmen who are likely to be released in exchange for relinquishing their wealth and property, Sidi Al-Saeed is captured, to start A new round of revelation of the secrets of corruption in Algeria, especially since the man as one of the regime’s ribs and in his possession many that affect other symbols.

◙ Documents point to Sidi Al-Saeed's association with private companies in the oil capital, Hassi Messaoud, and some western capitals
The documents point to Sidi Al-Saeed’s association with private companies in the oil capital, Hassi Messaoud, and some western capitals.

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