Activists over the fall of “Bouteflika’s Godfather”: Better late than never

There was renewed talk about the corruption of the symbols of the regime of the late President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and it hit the streets and attracted the attention of the pioneers of social networking sites and discussions of various media, after the captivity of the former Secretary-General of the General Union of Algerian Workers, Abdel Majid Sidi Al-Saeed, one of those close to Said Bouteflika, brother of Said Bouteflika. Former President.

Surprising news after calm

The news that Sidi Al-Said had been placed under temporary detention suddenly came to the attention of Algerian leaders who followed President Tebboune’s meetings with the political class in the framework of the “Unification” initiative, as well as the changes affecting the intelligence service. has. , especially because the anti-corruption campaign no longer aroused interest in the form it knew at the time of its launch.

The Algerian official news agency quoted a judicial source as saying that the investigating judge at the “Sidi Mohamed” court in Algiers had issued an order to place Al-Saeed under temporary detention, knowing that he had previously appeared before the public prosecutor of the same court appeared. , accompanied by his two sons, to be heard on corruption-related matters. The agency added that while the investigating judge decided to place one of Al-Saeed’s sons in temporary custody, the other one was placed under judicial supervision.

One of the godfathers of the fifth covenant

The man is one of the most prominent supporters of the late President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and one of the godfathers of the fifth term, with his control of the largest union and his employment in favor of the president’s survival project in power, and despite the numerous and major corruption charges he is pursuing, and his details have not been released so far, Al-Saeed has remained for the past three years awaiting his role in the judicial follow-up after the former high-ranking officials were dragged but the delay in succeeding him or announcing his fate, in the face of the storm of arrests, has led some to believe that the leader of the largest trade union rally in Algeria enjoys immunity from criminal prosecution.

The man’s name is associated with the brother of late President Said Bouteflika, given his closeness to him, who is the real ruler during the period of Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s illness, which makes Saeed’s trial interesting and follow-up to what it may reveal of new secrets, especially as the leader of the General Union of Algerian Workers is blamed for his prejudice On economic options that were clearly in the interests of businessmen at the expense of the working class, as he apparently supports all government austerity measures that have harmed citizens, whether workers, retirees or unemployed, after cessation of employment in public institutions and rising taxes and prices, in exchange for large tax facilities that benefited Including most of the businessmen currently in prison.

Outrageous corruption and outrageous wealth

In the same regard, the local media covered some details of the case, indicating that the accused had intervened in favor of his son Ramin, who is in France (the owner of a media agency) to obtain a “giant”. advertising agreement with a government agency, which benefits from his position as Secretary-General of the Algerian Workers’ Federation, and emphasizes that the project has not been completed despite the receipt of the money, which the security and judicial authorities consider a waste of public money.

The Algerian media have stated that Al-Saeed and his two sons are also being prosecuted in corruption cases related to the state oil company “Sonatrach”. The judicial police heard a number of accused and suspected officials as a number of them were in jail and others were placed under judicial supervision. He added that it was found that the family of the famous trade unionist owned real estate in France and Algeria, factories, companies, trade, caravans of luxury cars and bank balances.

great efforts

In this context, human rights defender Nabila Selimi said in a statement to “Independent Arabia” that Al-Saeed, like other ministers and senior officials in the state, as well as businessmen and businessmen, benefited from various benefits in the time of oudl. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, as he and other members of the “Central Trade Union” have always manipulated workers’ money on the one hand and exploited influence on the other. She said about three years ago, that is, since the movement, Al-Saeed’s name had been mentioned in corruption cases, especially the manipulation of social services funds and illegal enrichment.

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Salimi believes that Al-Saeed’s placement came into temporary custody after in-depth investigations that proved the man’s involvement in corruption cases, and if this indicates anything, it indicates the great efforts the state has made to fight corruption, And to all those involved in looting and wasting public money, and she concluded that “the lesson is not The number of years, but the result.

let decide

In turn, political activist Halim bin Baibish, in a statement to “The Independent Arabia”, believes that the temporary imprisonment of the former Secretary-General of the General Union of Algerian Workers applies to the old saying “to late coming is better than never. ” Therefore, despite the delay in the move, it is “a decision that blesses us and we sing in the hands of its owners,” he explained, explaining that Al-Saeed is one of the most corrupt in Algeria, and he is the one who sowed corruption in the General Union of Algerian Workers. He added, “We hope that behind the step there will be accountability for all the corrupt,” pointing out an important dynamic related to the layoffs and changes the country has seen in the recent period, and has concluded that “every step in the direction of fighting encourages corruption and stands by whoever it takes.”

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