At a cost of 300 million pounds .. the zoo is on the development map

Written by: Yasmine Abdel Hamid

Many memories that the Egyptians do not forget are linked to “Zoo“in GizaA special state of sadness that connects every place in the garden and its visitors, memories and a past life that passes before the eyes of everyone who crosses its walls.The Middle and Africa, opened in 1891, and already for 130 was established. year, and with a ticket that costs no more than a few pounds, you can accompany your family to spend hours in the midst of wildlife, and the recreational services added to it in recent years.

last hour“I toured the zoo and met with Major General Mohamed Ragai, head of the central department of zoos, who confirmed the state’s interest and attention. her head President Abdel Fattah El-SisiMostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and the various ministries involved in the development of heritage gardens in general, and the zoo in particular, pointing out that there is a project approved by the state to make 14 gardens at the level of the Republic, aimed at the return of the zoo to membership in the International Federation after it was cancellation of our membership in 2004 because the zoo does not meet international standards, points out that the zoo has returned to the membership of the African Union, and there is a plan to return it to the International Federation with the support of its African counterpart.

Ragaei said: “Developing the garden initially costs around £ 300 million to develop the garden, and we have been working for some time to pay more attention to the garden by increasing the efficiency of the garden itself and its workers, and pay more attention to the garden. neatness and appearance to improve visual vision, and to avoid many problems, such as The level of neatness has deteriorated, the lack of many kinds of animals, the lack of wooden seats for visitors, and a good number of toilets and seats are for visitors provide. , as well as the improvement of toilets A large number of archeological sites have been opened to the public, and recently the “Tea Island” area underwent development to suit the general shape of the garden, which indicated that the island by green plants have invaded. on an area of ​​4 hectares, explains that the island’s water was treated, the well it fed, repaired and birds were placed. Which gave the island a remarkable beauty. ”

development scheme

Regarding the new development plan, Ragaei said: It includes the development of the Sab ‘al-Bahr area and the development of its lake in preparation for the introduction of new animals, in addition to the breeding plan that is currently to be implemented, and it relies on three axes: “good nutrition” and “environmental enrichment” by providing an environment similar to that of the original animal that once lived in it, and “veterinary care”, in addition to a preventive vaccination plan to control diseases and epidemics avoid what could kill any herd, and we recently adopted a policy of replacement with other countries to avoid burdening the state with additional financial burdens.

The plan also includes, according to the head of the central administration of zoos, that development work will be carried out in partnership with many years of foreign experts who have extensive experience in the operation of zoos, especially with regard to management and operation for the purpose of development, emphasizing that the main objective of the development work is to maximize the use of zoos and upgrade them and improve the level of zoos The services provided to citizens, and these are represented in the services provided directly to the public , which is the “Al-Tafaf” train that travels for 10 minutes with passengers through various parts of the city at a price of 10 pounds for a ticket, an amusement park, electric cars and a cinema for children, and recently is the implementation of the river grant project started as a kind of Recreational activities based on the exploitation of water bodies, to eventually the garden is a suitable place for the family to picnic with all means of entertainment.

new breeds

Regarding the animals themselves, Ragaei said: Bringing new animals into the park and taking care of the wildlife inside the park is a major development axis, which shows the great interest that the management of the park gives to the animals inside , adding: “We are in the season of births and the public will see many births of Including the Egyptian deer in the coming period.” And regarding the receipt of new animals for the zoo, he said: “We do not currently have financial funds to bring in new animals, as it is very expensive, but we have made a real breeding plan where everything that can be multiplied from the animals at our disposal, such as the hippos, and African animals such as Abu Awq, and rare Arabian animals such as the water ram and the red kangaroo, and these animals are in great demand in international parks, and are currently being exported to them. It is characterized by tranquil nature and cheerful in its dealings with children.As for the negotiations with Zimbabwe to bring in an African elephant, it is characterized as more wild and needs a period of time to tame it.

Guardians’ stories

Hogan, Julia, Hussein Fahmy, Victoria, and other names of the 14 sevens in the lion house sitting side by side in the zoo and cared for for forty years by Yahya, the guard of the lion house, and his work in this place, which the most important and important destination for all visitors is, saying, “Lions are more precious to me than my children, and I love them exactly as they are.” They drink, bathe, go out for walks, and even multiply, and according to Uncle Yahya, the seven begin his day by cleaning his place well and then showering, and then he eats breakfast, which is a kilo of milk, and eats then lunch, ranging from 6 to 7 kilos of horse or donkey meat, And they have one day a week to eat beef.

carry life

“Bears are predators and pets, including carnivores and non-carnivores, including both types,” said Uncle Waheed, the guard of the bears’ home, which contains 4 bears of different colors between white, beige, black and brown, and the bears. eat 7 kilos of meat daily for 3 days, The rest of the week they eat fish, they also eat fruits, carrots, dates and rice with milk and molasses, and they drink iced tea.

“The chicken and the giraffe in one cage.” No one can imagine the scene unless he watched the chickens of different colors while playing and running under the feet of the giraffe “Sunsen”. The scene is a bit strange, and we were confused about the matter, so we asked the uncle of the guard of the giraffe’s house, who He assured us that the chickens with the giraffe are of an expensive kind, and the price of one of them reaches 600 pounds, and there are two types of these chickens, “Wadi chicken and Koshi chicken”, and its mission is to increase the morale of the giraffe, and the purpose of raising chickens with giraffes is to to preserve the health of the giraffe, the mission of the chicken Cleaning the house of the giraffe from insects, especially fleas, and the main species of chickens that eat on fleas are the valley chicken, and the giraffe allows the chicken to cleaning hair from his neck from insects, which maintains his health.

Mummies Museum

With a 10-pound ticket, you and your family can take a stroll in the Mummified Animals Museum and see all kinds of animals of all ages on three floors. Like a white deer that was present in Egypt 100 years ago, and an Egyptian tiger that used to live in the Sinai, and other birds, and there is also on the ground floor the largest and largest open display of wild animal skeletons such as the whale skeleton, elephant skeleton, giraffe skeleton, rhino skeleton, and a variety of other amazing structures It also contains a superb collection of wild animal heads and animal skulls with the date of mummification written on it. It was created in 1906 and moved to its current location in 1914. It was opened to the public in 1920, then renovated in 1962 and then closed in 1988, and the museum was developed. It reopened in August 2015.

Dr. Shaima Abu Bakr, Assistant Director of the Department of Museums at the Zoo, took us on a tour of the museum to get acquainted with his possessions, and indicated that the first floor includes a number of sections, each with a specific presentation scenario, and the floor contains 9 panoramas of the animals of the African environment, the wetland environment and includes the animals that They live in waters that are not more than 6 meters high, and these animals live between land and sea, the desert environment, and the panorama of the marine environment and includes animals such as the mermaid and seal, the Amazon forest environment, and the group of cephalopods, which includes a group of monkeys and monkeys that live below and above trees, and the panorama of evolution that monitors the evolution of animal forms over time, including the orangutan mummified in 2006, and the panorama of marsupials, that is, the animals that hold their fetus in a pouch outside their body, such as the kangaroo, and the panorama of carnivores. predators of hyenas, bears, lions, leopards and tigers.

The largest rhino and the elephant Naima are the last embalms included in the museum, and the rhino is displayed in the facade of the first floor of the museum, and is the largest animal in that hall.To not deprive visitors of her to see her again after her death, especially since she was the only elephant in the park, and worked on her mummification and maintenance of her body through a long and complex art process over months.

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