Authors and critics: Khalifa’s initiatives have cemented cognitive and cultural empowerment

A number of writers and critics have told Al Roya that the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, inherited from his father, the late Sheikh Zayed – may God rest his soul – the love of culture, and it was an integral part of its priorities, so the UAE became a model country in Balanced cultural and cognitive coexistence between the communities living on their land in a climate of openness to cultures, noting that the development sectors in the country achieved real empowerment, which allowed them to sustain and promote.

The authors and critics added that the initiatives launched by the late have contributed to the attainment of the desired wealth and knowledge and human empowerment. To build man before building construction, and that the establishment of man on science and knowledge is a major building block for the establishment of civilizations, and a pillar for every country seeking renaissance and development.

They reaffirmed that his great and tireless achievements and efforts in the field of development, construction and culture will not go away, as well as the cultural and humanitarian projects he has committed to his people, the Arab and Islamic nations and the people of the whole world. offered. , who will remain present at all times and places, noting that his cultural and cognitive status has had a commendable impact, and is full of tolerance. reflect.

future visions

Poet Mira Al Qassem explained that during the era of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and since he took over the reins of government, the culture in the Emirates has crystallized on a large scale locally and globally. Man, and the preservation of cultural gains, knowledge and sustainability, which are some of the most important requirements in the future. Cultural activities, arts, preservation of national identity, protection of creators, revival of heritage and language, and others have received much support in order to increase the level of awareness of the Emirati intellectual, and the latter devoted all potential to him. Improved culture to build a cultural strategy and enable everyone who belongs to this field to invest in showing a new, contemporary and expanded culture of the cultural. landscape.

exceptional case

Author Fahd Al Maamari, chair of the board of directors of the Emirates Library and Information Association, said the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan inherited the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan from his father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan has. Al Nahyan – may God rest his soul – the love of culture in all its aspects, and it was part of It is an integral part of his priorities, which he was eager to develop and care for, at the federal and local levels, and there were many achievements that made culture possible and supported cultural projects, including the Reading Act which he launched, and which aims to ensure the sustainability of all government efforts to consolidate reading in the UAE during the 10 years to come.

In addition to the balanced cultural and cognitive coexistence between communities and openness to human cultures in their contemporary and heritage dimensions, this exceptional Emirati cultural situation reflects the fertility and diversity of the Emirati cultural scene.

real empowerment

The author and critic, dr. Maryam Al Hashemi, confirmed that during the era of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, all development sectors in the country received real empowerment, and she continued: “I single out here the cultural development that has taken over. the leadership culture method, which is not easy in an attempt to build a culture. In a country, it has succeeded with distinction thanks to joint efforts in leadership practices, their direction and application, to attain the hallmark of dedication. It was the interest in cognitive structures that positively influenced the discovery, employment and development of latent aspects in the enrichment of emotional value and the attainment of the educated Emirati personality, intellectual, research and cognitive. ”

She pointed out that it has contributed to the attainment of the desired knowledge and human wealth, and the realization of the value of coexistence with yourself first and then with others, which the people of this country – with all who share it with our share – gave access. to that real knowledge of the value of life, time, and thought.To leave the trail, and we all perish, but we are immortalized by the legacy we leave behind, and there is no greater legacy than a person who has a decent had life that he could achieve only according to cognitive and cultural competence.

Supports the UAE Federation

Author Fatima Al Mazrouei added that they had said goodbye in the Emirates, their leader and father, the deceased of the homeland, the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who led the country for almost two decades, during which he was the father , the leader and the president, who was obsessed with his people and their service, and he is called, may God have mercy on him, He strengthened his rule in support of the UAE Federation, and the strengthening of bonds of love, understanding and peace.

She stated that – through this wise policy – the UAE has become unique in the region in important aspects related to peace, security, justice, compliance with rights and concerns about people, and notes that this is clear from a policy that by the state in several international files, and it was the strongest voice of the Emirates while calling on the world to join hands and work together in the face of global challenges that threaten people everywhere on our planet . These noble humanitarian policies and objectives give the UAE a cradle and a headquarters for human assembly, represented in the global initiatives launched with the aim of uniting people, rejecting hatred and racism and spreading the values ​​of love. .

And she continued: “We remember during the era of our late President Sheikh Khalifa, may God have mercy on him, many files to which he was eager, the first of which was care, attention and attention, and the main title of which was the Emirati man, caring for his health, education, culture and society, and many bodies and institutions were established during his reign whose purpose and mission is to work towards the attainment of the goals related to the citizen and resident in the Emirates.

cultural prosperity

The author Fatima Al-Maamari pointed out that they lived during the era of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, with complete tranquility and cultural and intellectual prosperity, and take them within firm steps to priority and universality, began with the interest in the educated man who supported his presence, value and generosity in many forums, To the institutional cultural work, where he established various cultural institutions entrusted with the management, nurturing and organization of the cultural sector in the country, which led to a large balance of creators and creative productions representing the Emirati person and his identity.

She explained that during the recent years of the reign of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, they have seen a significant increase in the presence of Emirati culture worldwide, and the rise of the names of Emirati intellectuals on the global cultural map. , who reflected positively on the ambition of Emirati creators and their responsibility towards the creative product that represents Emirati identity worldwide, and he was keen that intellectual and creative manufacturers maintain the Emirati identity, even as they reach various global platforms through the many programs and institutions concerned with preserving and promoting the heritage.

cultural prints

Hajar Al-Issa, founder and executive director of the Manar Al-Maarifa Center, confirmed that the late, the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was faithful to his covenant with God before and after accepting the presidency of the state . May God rest his soul – who from the beginning believed that the building of man is more important than building construction, and that the foundation of man on science and knowledge is the main building block for the establishment of civilizations, and the main pillar of every state that seeks renaissance and development, and the formation of a generation that is aware of its responsibilities, and is able to continue the path of giving and leadership of the nation to prosperity.

She said it was this approach that paved the way for the UAE to change into a center and beacon of arts and culture in a short period of time, compared to the age of countries and the magnitude of achievements. the region and the world, in addition to what it represents of a unique model of tolerance, coexistence and cultural and intellectual diversity, which explains that the cultural and arts sector in the UAE The United Arab Emirates, during the reign of the deceased , the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al. Nahyan, great leaps capable of reaching the UAE’s culture, heritage and art to global horizons, based on solid foundations established by Father Sheikh Zayed, may his soul rest in peace, to the many initiatives that support it of the movement formed, to complete. Cultural and artistic in the stage of establishment and construction.

A good successor to a good predecessor

Author Mohammed Hamdan bin Jerash said that the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was raised at the Zayed Humanitarian and Giving School, and was the best successor to the best predecessor. , where the focus was on the cultural development of this human being in thought and science; Because Sheikh Khalifa realized early on the importance of man and the importance of elevating him; Because man with his thinking, knowledge and culture can complete the sustainable development process. During the era of Sheikh Khalifa, we find cultural projects and cultural achievements in the preservation of human cultural heritage, the support of creators, the empowerment of youth culturally, and the awarding of many grants that support thinking, culture and literature.

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