Husband’s rights over his wife .. Advice for every married woman or about to get married

Published Sunday, May 15, 2022 | 16:01

The wife’s neglect of her husband kills the spirit of the marital relationship, leading to poor communication between them, creating a gap that widens as neglect increases, and the wife completely moves away from her husband’s environment.

Divorce is also one of the most important consequences of the wife’s neglect of her husband, especially with the wife’s lack of attention to it despite her husband’s constant skimming of her.

Undoubtedly, neglect kills love and puts it on the path of no return, and the wife must know that her interest in her husband and her concern for him is a definite sign of love that assures his heart of his worth in her, so she must preserve love with attention.

It is also one of the major damages the woman personally suffers as her sense of failure and remorse due to her husband’s neglect and because it is a cause of his misery and her misery and the failure of the marital life between them.

In many cases, the husband may fall into the pit of betrayal because of his wife’s neglect of him and his lack of tenderness, kindness, and emotional hardship, and betrayal is an automatic response.

It is never possible for the husband to be neglected without something going wrong with the special marital relationship, due to the loss of intimacy between the spouses and the wife’s contempt for the husband’s right over her on emotional and sexual satisfaction.

But if the husband is well off and can remarry, then the marriage to a second wife will be a stronger and shocking reaction to his wife’s neglect of him, which happens in some cases.

Advice for every married or about to get married:

You need to keep an eye on your husband and not neglect him.

You need to diversify the decorations for your husband and renew them in different ways

You must improve the art of grace and kindness

You need to talk to the man well and listen well

You must be clean and beautiful

You should stay away from harmful habits like mourning and leaving the decoration to the man during the mourning period.These are traits of ignorance

The neatness of the house, the neatness of the children, and everything that makes the atmosphere nice.

You must select a time for booking

You must choose the time to order

You need to consider your husband’s psychology

You should not divulge the secret of marriage to anyone regardless of their position

You have to start the pleasant surprise

You must consider the man’s rest periods

You have to cook well for the man, taking into account what he likes about cooking

You must stay away from appearance and love imitation, that is, be content

You have to stop wasting to maintain the economy

You need to prepare the atmosphere for the man when you return home

You must do good prayers for the man

You need to exercise and let go of obesity and remove the rumen to maintain a beautiful appearance like a deer.

You need to help your husband intellectually, culturally and economically

You need to maintain the stability of the marriage structure

You must stay away from anything that distorts God’s creation and preserves its natural appearance

You need to stay away from bad women who end up in others’ affairs to sabotage

You need to know the taste of your husband by using all kinds of perfumes that refresh men and revive dead veins in the man and that help him to give up medical remedies like Viagra and others.

You must listen to the man’s words in every big and small matter that pleases God and His Messenger.

You must ask the man’s permission to leave the house for any emergency

You must maintain physical neatness, that is, the man’s eyes do not fall ugly on the woman, and he does not smell of her except the best wind.

You must respect and honor the man’s mother and respect the man’s family

You must deny selfishness

There are many commandments concerning the woman, we have mentioned a few of them which apply to all married women, young and old, and who accept the nest of marriage.

I have an important commandment that many people are ignorant of

Namely, there are women who have advanced in age and are unable to perform their duties towards their husbands, therefore they should allow their husbands to remarry in a marriage characterized by all the characteristics of justice and equality .

Also, women suffering from chronic diseases that prevent them from fulfilling their duties towards their husbands should allow their husbands to take a second.

The third category are women, because of their laziness, who failed to serve their husbands and did not care for themselves, who made the man think about polygamy as they were unable to change their situation through their allow men to have polygamy.

Note that there are men who, with their age, still have the desire to practice their married life, and this is one of their rights.If the man does not get what he wants from the first wife because of the things we mentioned, he has to exercise his legal right to polygamy.

Neglect is a reprehensible trait that not everyone likes, as it leads to many problems in societies.

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