Investment increased by 107% during the first quarter

Amman – Tomorrow – The Ministry of Investment’s figures showed an increase in the volume of investment projects benefiting from the investment law in Jordan during the first quarter of this year by 107.4 percent, with a total investment of 193.5 million dinar amounts, compared to the same period last year, amounting to investment It has a total of 93.3 million dinars.
The number of projects benefiting from the Investment Act during the first quarter of 2022 totaled 93 investment projects, with an expected size of employment, as recorded by investors, about five thousand jobs.
The ministry said in a statement issued yesterday that “the volume of foreign investment increased by 826.7% during the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021, and the volume of investment increased by 97.3 million Jordanian dinars reached, while the growth rate in the volume of local investment reached 16.2%, with an investment volume of up to 96.2 million Jordanian dinars.
With regard to the key results achieved from October 2021 to March 2022, it was emphasized that local and foreign investment (new and expansion) was attracted to approximately 456 million Jordanian dinars, as the number of investment projects benefiting from the Investment Act reaches 161 has. investment projects, with an expected size of employment as well as Registered by investors nearly 8000 thousand jobs.
He states in the statement that 91.6% of the total volume of investments was outside the development areas, with an investment volume of 418 million dinars, while the volume of investment within the development areas was 8.9%, with an investment volume of 38 million Jordanian dinars.
Regarding the distribution of investments favored by the Investment Act to the various sectors during the first quarter of 2022, it was confirmed that the industry received the largest share and the investment rate in it reached about 73 percent of the total registered investments, with an investment volume of 141.8 million Jordanian dinars, and in the tourism sector 18 million JD, hospitals and medical centers 16.5 million, agriculture 14 million, information technology 1.6 million, technical production 1.1 million, services a half a million Jordanian dinars.
Regarding the role of the investment window in the Ministry of Investment, it was emphasized that the investment window is one of the most important means of enabling local and foreign investment by working around registration and licensing procedures and procedures for investment projects in various economics activities. Investors have submitted their investment projects for up to only three days to obtain all licenses and approvals. We are now working through collaboration with all bodies represented in the public sector to shorten this period on investor transactions to shorten time and effort and create an attractive and stimulating investment environment for investment projects.
With regard to the Ministry of Investment’s efforts to create an attractive and competitive business environment, it was noted that the Ministry is engaged in many projects involved in attracting local, Arab and foreign investments and enabling existing investments, the most important of which is the Investment Promotion Strategy. Project for the years (2023-2026), prepared by the Ministry of Investment Investment in collaboration with the World Bank Group.The strategy aims to attract foreign and local value-added investments, work to provide and provide more jobs contributes to the increase of national exports and the increase of economic growth rates.
It has been made clear that the strategy is a roadmap for the promotion of investment opportunities available in the Kingdom in high value-added sectors, the most important of which are manufacturing, information and communication technologies, healthcare, tourism, real estate development and mining. This includes identifying the main and subsidiary economic sectors in the Kingdom with priority, in addition to the targeted foreign markets and the main potential investors in these countries by following the method of direct targeting of potential investors.
Among the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Investment is also to work on the completion of a smart investment map Smart City Map, which is an interactive investment map that provides investment opportunities in various places of the Kingdom and provides information to investors regarding the comparative and competitive advantages of all governorships of the Kingdom.
Various promotional forums have also been held in partnership with the public and private sectors, in addition to participating in numerous local and international events, with the aim of attracting the attention of investors and attracting their investments to the Kingdom.
The Ministry of Investment has made it clear that it is involved in the follow-up of investment projects in all their stages by a unit that specializes in the follow-up of investor affairs. government may arise, to address. agency by a committee in the Ministry of Investment formed under the investor grievance system, which plays its role By following up the grievance and verifying its contents, since the establishment of the committee, 36 grievance requests have been received from investors, most of what has been processed, which constitutes real grievances.
The statement concluded that the Ministry of Investment seeks to increase the volumes of investments benefiting from the Investment Act during the current year by its plans to promote investment projects in priority and high value-added sectors, simplify procedures and investor to help make the investment decision within Jordan by providing them with information related to the investment environment and opportunities, and the investment sectors and the benefits and advantages arising from their investments in the Kingdom, in addition to reaching potential investors.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Investment was established in October 2021 to be concerned with all investment matters, to deal with local, Arab and foreign investor issues, and to draw up policies that encourage investment and the competitiveness of the major economic sectors in Jordan improve. , in addition to promoting investment in Jordan, and opening markets Externally to the local Jordanian product.

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