“Justice and Development” leaders attribute the “September 8 setback” to the “marriage of money and power”

A “resonant” fall from the Justice and Development Party, which placed itself in the first three places in the election race, before finishing eighth with 13 parliamentary seats. At a time when the party, which has been leading the government for two consecutive terms, is recovering from the repercussions of the “earthquake” that shook it on September 8, members of the “Pegidi” are urging linking this failure to government intervention and the use of funds.

Al-Masbah won 13 parliamentary seats.In the local and regional elections, it fell to late ranks, the result that forced members of the party’s general secretariat to submit their resignations immediately; Meanwhile, al-Bijidi will face an equally important test related to the renewal of its organizational structures, overcoming the repercussions of the election downturn and preparing for the next political entry.

The use of money and the interference of power

Mustafa Al-Ibrahimi, a member of the Justice and Development Party’s General Secretariat, links the party’s unprecedented election failure, as he put it, to several factors, the most important of which are “the use of money in a number of constituencies, where offices and neighborhoods were flooded with money in clear conflict with the free will of the people, “noting that” a certain party used the money in front of the authorities to influence the choices of citizens. “

And the former head of the Justice and Development Party team in Parliament said in a statement to Hespress electronic newspaper: “The election results shocked us all,” emphasizing that “the government’s interference in the elections directly in a group of rural and urban groups, as some of the government’s agents pressured people to vote for a party, or asked them not to take part in the vote to ensure the success of the well-known party, ”he said. stated.

Al-Ibrahimi also stressed that the “Ahrar Party”, which took the lead, was a participant in the government and an influential member in it, while there are those who say that “Al Baijidi” was subject to a punitive vote. because of his government result, adding: “Would not it have been better for the votes to go to the opposition? It is not reasonable for the free people participating in the government that the Moroccans punished for obtaining it.”

A member of the party’s general secretariat defended Al-Othmani’s government statement, saying it was “honorable” and “far from all previous governments,” adding: “The road to reform is difficult and we have a long way to go. necessary.” do not pass the election.

The party does not “exchange” with the country

Aziz Al-Rabbah, a member of the General Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party, points out that the “Al-Bijidi” position is great, adding: “We saw it in the election campaign, but the results are ‘ another matter which has no explanation, ”noting that the party“ came to serve the country from anywhere and whatever. ” The circumstances were, even if they acted with him in unacceptable and unexpected ways, “as he put it.

Al-Rabbah also said in a statement to the Hespress electronic newspaper that “the party does not trade with the homeland, but gives without limits. The homeland is first and foremost, and the fighters carry the message of political, social and economic reform for the sake of the fatherland. ” He believes that “what is important is that the homeland remains strong, united, secure and stable, the people are generous and attentive, and the party is efficient, militant and renewed; the internal and external challenges are no more and may be bigger than it was before, ”as he put it.

5 hypotheses explain the fall

Analyst and researcher in Islamic movements, Mustafa Bokeren, believes that there are five hypotheses that can be tested to determine the real cause of this election defeat.

The first hypothesis presented by the same analyst is “to flood the elections with money,” saying: “This hypothesis does not hold, because the forbidden money has been around for decades; But during the Benkirane era, the party won the election despite the use of money. “

As for the second hypothesis presented by the researcher, in a statement to Hespress, it is represented in the citizens’ punishment of the party, which made unpopular decisions and commented on them by saying: “But these decisions were during the era of Benkirane, and in spite of that he swept the elections, “adding:” Citizens have undergone transformations, especially after the party accepted the coup against the votes of one and a half million voters who voted for Benkirane in the 7 October 2016 elections, then the latter accepted a comfortable retirement. ”

The same researcher points to another reason that drove the party to “election failure”, which is “Othmani’s communicative weakness”, referring to his presentation of the third hypothesis: “The sharp division within the party, after El Othmani as Secretary-General was elected.in December 2017, by nearly 52 percent, influenced the enthusiasm of the militants, but after a while they rather asked for his resignation.

The speaker stated in his fourth hypothesis that “the authority on it was enforced by the Justice and Development Party in the context of the so-called Arab Spring, so it accepted Benkirane’s first term; But al-Bijidi’s victory on October 7, 2016, was surprising, so that Minister Hassad, when he wanted to pronounce the name of the winning party, fell into a slip, as he mentioned authenticity, then added: Justice and Development, and added : “Benkirane’s personality provoked the authority, who wanted to end AK experience, but not in a rough way; I begged for soft tools, including the acceptance of the election nominee. “

As for the fifth hypothesis, it is proposed in “Benkirane’s absence from the position of Secretary-General,” according to the same analyst, before adding: “But Benkirane was not absent, but was present. As Benkirane secretary-general “Will the party be first? I do not think so, because there are factors that prevent it.”

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