Morocco is preparing to census its population, relying on technology experts

King Mohammed VI, Commander-in-Chief and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, today, Saturday, issued the “Daily Order” of the Royal Armed Forces on the occasion of the sixty-sixth anniversary of its founding.

Here is the text of the daily order:

Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the messenger of God, his family and companions.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

In line with the good year, which we were eager for its continuity, and with great pride, we address you today on the occasion of the sixty-sixth anniversary of the founding of the Royal Armed Forces, to you all, with all your components, land, air, sea and the Royal Gendarmerie, our feelings of sympathy and satisfaction, for your great deeds, no matter what it costs you It’s a great sacrifice to the word of the fatherland to elevate its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

And here we are today and every year to commemorate this precious memory in the national memory, as a title for the values ​​of togetherness, sacrifice and self-denial, from which today our Royal Armed Forces and the entire Moroccan people derive the elements. of their immunity and determination in the confrontation with all the desperate attempts to undermine our territorial integrity and our fixed national constants.

The positive results of your valuable achievements over the past year make us proud of your readiness, discipline and spirit of commitment to serve the country. Here we would like to proudly praise our soldiers stationed in our southern and eastern provinces, or those responsible for guarding our land, air and sea borders, with vigilance and firmness, for what you do to unite the preserving homeland and the safety of citizens.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

Our firm belief in the importance of the major tasks you perform at the security and military level, and the experiences and gains you have gained in the field of risk and crisis management, make us realize the correctness of the approach we take for the development of our Royal Armed Forces in terms of structure and organization, as well as our zeal to provide ongoing support and assistance with the same determination and determination.To achieve for you the highest level of professionalism and readiness to meet all challenges , especially in the light of these delicate international circumstances, with their military, security and economic consequences.

In this context, we must commend the efficiency of the human component of our Royal Armed Forces, male and female, and the continuous development it achieves that reflects the quality of our military training, which we always strive to rehabilitate and enhance. grade, theoretically and in practice, in order to guarantee you the continuous and fruitful acquisition of all the necessary knowledge and expertise that will enable you to perform your tasks, multiple times, in the best conditions.

We also issued our lofty orders to establish a higher military committee to study the project to create a statute for non-commissioned officers, which defines the legal and organizational framework, as well as the management of the career path, according to a modern and comprehensive perspective for this category, which is one of the pillars of our Royal Armed Forces.

And as a personification of the exalted care we render to individuals and families of martyrs and the sponsors of the nation who have made great sacrifices in defense of the homeland and its territorial integrity, we have issued our orders to enable this category set up to benefit from housing in the cities of the Kingdom, free of charge and without additional expenses, in order to guarantee decent living conditions for them and their families.

One of the most prominent manifestations of our interest in the human element will remain what we strive for from the inclusion of our Moroccan youth in military service, with the entry of a new regiment this year, consisting of twenty thousand male and female conscripts. To preserve the benefits of this national experience, we must continue to support it by developing programs, modernizing structures, and providing material and human capabilities to make it successful, enabling our youth to volunteer voluntarily and in large numbers. the call responded, with sincerity and enthusiasm in the service of their country can get involved.

The group of officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

In order to improve our army’s defense capabilities, we will continue to give priority to advancing the plan to equip and develop the Royal Armed Forces according to integrated programs based in particular on the location of military industries and the development of scientific research, by concluding a series of partnerships and agreements with Moroccan research centers and universities in order to implement high-tech projects, from In order to develop self-equipment for our armed forces in various fields.

In parallel with this approach, we adopted the building of bridges of cooperation between our Royal Armed Forces and their counterparts from fraternal and friendly countries, which led to commendable results which increased the radiance of our army and its international presence, and thus your credibility increased. and enriching your knowledge balance to serve what we all believe in consolidating the values ​​of peace and security that should prevail among nations and peoples.

Based on this basic principle, and thanks to the experience gained by the Royal Armed Forces, Morocco has today become an effective and reliable partner in peacekeeping operations, through the participation of our units in various expeditions and our military frameworks within the structures of the UN. bodies This commitment will, if God wills, be strengthened by the establishment of a Moroccan Center for Peacekeeping. Interdisciplinary peace aimed at training and supporting national and foreign powers, particularly in the African continent, in partnership with the United Nations and some friendly countries, in order to promote the principles of international peace and security.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers,

On this glorious national remembrance and in the field of security, we also fail to express our deep satisfaction and appreciation to the Royal Gendarmerie, National Security, Auxiliaries, Civil Protection and Territorial Administration for what they do day and night in order to provide insurance to citizens and to protect their interests, and for their ongoing efforts to preserve Security and ensure the security of the homeland, with discipline, steadfastness and sincerity.

And as every year, on this day, we reverently and reverently commemorate the merits of the two deceased leaders, our late grandfather, His Majesty King Mohammed V and our blessed father, His Majesty King Hassan II, may God rest their souls , on the armed forces, pray to God Almighty to embrace them with the greatness of his mercy, and to dwell in their vast gardens.With the prophets, the upright, the martyrs and the righteous, and these are good companions.

We also ask Him, the Most High, to include our righteous martyrs who have fallen in the arena of honor in His grace and pleasure, so that Morocco can live in freedom and independence, and its children prosperity and dignity in peace and tranquility. enjoy.

So persevere, may God bless you, to comply with this approach we have set for you, loyal to the oath of the Green March and the defense of the unity and sanctity of the homeland, engaged behind your Commander-in-Chief and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, and cling to your immortal slogan:

God – the fatherland – the king.

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