Poet Fathi Abdel Samee: Poetry taught me meditation and love for life

a dialogue: Abdel Hady Abbas

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How to do I can overcome on Routine Function with a Howe qana and tamed Favor your creativity?

With poetry, accurate organization and sincerity, poetry has transformed me into a contemplative person and passionate about all the details of life, and it has helped me to live with the atmosphere of the courthouse in which I am most of the spent years of my life. A golden opportunity to come into contact with reality in its most intense and noisy areas, but the nature of the work was very hard on the poet because it took up most of my energy and time. for the seriousness of my discipline. , careful organization of time, and my strong faith in writing, I would have left poetry early.

disrespect Hair!

distance your version Seven collections perfect.. Do you Work on manuscript Diwan new?

I have a diwan that is already ready to be printed, but I still suffer like all poets from the difficulty of printing it, due to the lack of interest of publishing houses in poetic writings because they do not make a substantial profit, and there are large numbers of publishers who ask the poet to pay the price of printing in advance, what does it mean for the creator to pay The price of his work? It is a serious insult to poetry and a destruction of its value. We must desperately save poetry from the laws of the market. Poetry is basically a cry against material cruelty. How can we offer it as a sacrifice to the beast? We need a cultural project that the state adopts to sponsor poetry and other arts that carry a clear cognitive and aesthetic value, but it does not achieve material gain. It is a national and human duty. The spiritual must not be subject to the material, and state institutions must achieve balance.

there is chains in Ministry the culture Devoted for hair, why we need to me project new?

The chains of the Ministry of Culture are very weak in terms of influencing and contributing to the solution of the problem, and if we look at the number of books issued by them, we will find very few, and earlier we have ‘ a series like Aswat Literary B which was issued weekly by the Cultural Palaces Authority, and now it is not issued regularly, even once a month, The publishing project in the Ministry of Culture has decreased, and has become very slow, and it, in my estimation, is a danger to the creative movement.

in spite of that Hair no Like Share But you overcame on It’s amazing obstacle through your works cash.. How to do Balance between Monday?

The poet and the critic are two sides of the same coin, and the poet in language is the world A person who is reconciled with himself can write poetry and criticism, the problem is only related to the time we give to poetry and criticism, the more we focus on something, and the more time we give to it, the more we give into it.

Do you Go out Hair everyone your stock psychologist and creative.. And is it? you content on your journey with him?

I’m not happy with my production, and I feel that what I have was much greater than what I wrote, and that I have wronged the poet who inhabited me, because I wasted a lot of time that had to be given to poetry, and most of this time stolen from poetry was due to living conditions, the nature of work and social and family responsibilities, and some of it was Due to my involvement in social writing, others were the first, but it is the duty that drove me have around it, as is the case with the issue of revenge that has been bothering me daily for many years.

poets By accident

How to do See future Hair Arabi while distance a poem prose.. And is it? See It she was is able on characterization Reality?

The prose poem carries many great possibilities because of the great freedom it gives to the poet. Which makes him at the level of the responsibility he carries, because it is only coincidences that make poets, and it is their individual consciousness that controls their vision. , and reality gives them no help, but rather works fiercely to push them flat, and impoverish them on the external and internal level.

Why Bird the intellectual Arabi weak the sound cash comparison by product Sirius?

– This is really strange, because we are now seeing a huge expansion at the level of critical curricula, and we are seeing an unprecedented surge in the number of university professors specializing in literary criticism. However, we find the ongoing complaint about the weakness of monetary follow-up , and the reason is due to the scarcity of serious cash windows, and the poor financial return. Which belongs to the critic, and is not in line with the difficulty of critical work and his need for a long time to appear, and the most important in my estimation is the separation of most university professors from cultural reality, and their satisfaction with the postal aspect at the university.Their excessive laziness and rigidity lead to obstacles in the path of poetry, and the evidence for this is the misery of poetic awareness among students graduating from faculties of Arts and Philosophy.As for those who practice criticism, they are very few, and they work mostly voluntarily, and they can not pursue poetic creativity, no matter how hard they work.

problems historical

you south of Qena, I took over various Responsibilities in Ministry the culture.. Why no still voices creative The South low To now immediately?

The Southern Creator suffers from many historical problems, some of which are related to the power of his talent with the poor possibilities to refine it, and some of which are related to its geographical location far from the relations of the cultural center and its common interests Social. media has a golden opportunity to break its isolation and control the owners of media and cultural platforms, and there are many voices that have proven their brilliant presence on the map of the Arab cultural movement, and they are unfortunately suffering so far from the Ministry of Culture ignored, as is the case in the formation of committees of the High Council of Culture, and for me it was My choice as supervisor of the series of poetic creativity in the Book Authority on individual initiative of Dr. Haitham Al-Hajj Ali, and without that initiative I would not have accepted a post in the Ministry of Culture, and if it were not for my election by the authors themselves, I would not have held the position of Secretary-General of the Egyptian Writers’ Conference.

you Busy issues Social for boys Upper Egypt and for you studies a task on revenge.. What your book the new on It’s amazing issues?

I have more than one book awaiting publication, the first one is titled (The Blood Balance: Rituals of Revenge Killing) and it complements the other side of my book (Alternative Sacrifice: Rituals of Vengeful Reconciliation).

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