Sherine Abu Aqleh, who was wronged by everyone

At seven o’clock last Wednesday morning I read the news as usual, so the Al Jazeera website publishes urgent news .. (The martyrdom of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Aqleh) The city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank was devastated, just like millions of our Arab people.

Then the channel issued a statement lamenting the tireless journalist colleague who knew the Palestinians and Arabs before the Al-Jazeera screen knew her, which increased her spread and gave her more space to shine. was committed to the safety standards stipulated. in the journalistic codes during conflicts, and the videotapes that accompanied either the channel or the journalists who accompanied the murdered colleague showed that she and her colleagues were an acceptable distance from the activities in the camp.

Journalism is a profession that seeks trouble, and those problems increase if you are a field journalist. That camp is diffuse and pervasive in every corner of the world, for the owners of the banner of truth are being kidnapped in every valley and every square. well.

Therefore, the target of colleague Sherine Abu Aqleh is a crime that goes beyond violating the human right to life and depriving her family and loved ones of it. Rather, it deprives people of the right to know the truth that Sherine Abu Aqleh is conveying to the Arab world and the expatriates among them in the scattered parts of the world, so what has been committed against Abu Aqleh This is a transitional crime that amounts to crimes against humanity.

An affordable bus life

Sherine Abu Aqleh was born in January 1971 in Jerusalem. She studied at the Rosary Sisters School in Beit Hanina in the city of Jerusalem and graduated from there after obtaining a high school certificate, to join the University of Science and Technology in Jordan, where she initially studied architecture, before graduating from changed to study journalism, where she obtained a BA in Journalism and Media from Yarmouk University of Jordan, specializing in written journalism.

This shift in study has charted a transformation for her in the future, as fate has taken her from the path of fame that the press paves the way for those who are aware of her, to the path of glory she has for her. lined up with the traitorous bullet fired. by the treacherous Israeli soldier as his bullet, thinking he would end her life and silence her voice, but the fortunes that forced Sherine Abu to study journalism A true person wanted her to be immortal and her voice forever would remain and her words that conveyed the truth abstract, undoubtedly prejudiced against the truth and victorious for the oppressed.

Since 1997, the date of her transfer to Al-Jazeera, Abu Aqila has chosen the most difficult task, field coverage, so that she carried her simple weapons, a paper, a pen and a microphone, so that her colleagues had the camera for her could carry, the formation of an army she was in the lead, victorious for the truth. Genocide and forced displacement end with an entity collecting the anomalies of the earth on the corpses and ruins of the people of that civilization thousands of years ago.

Abu Aqleh was present in the field and monitored and conveyed every stray and incoming of the occupation in his comprehensive plan to exterminate the Palestinian people. case seen by the boys. of the case or those who claim to support it, to justify the legitimacy of their survival to their people.

Abu Aqleh and her colleagues have set a record that cannot be crossed for any historian who wants to monitor 25 years of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, stretching from the first Zionist footprints that landed on Arab and Muslim soil.Wankope between the one who strips the case and the one who wears the crown of dignity before his people.Shireen Abu Aqila has been for almost 30 years nothing more than a scale and a standard by which men can be made, and a thermometer with which the heat of the nation’s crucial issue.

Sherine Abu Aqleh, who was wronged by everyone

The clock undoubtedly did not stop at seven until a quarter of an hour on Wednesday, which corresponds to 11 May 2022, no doubt, but life went on, even though Sherine Abu Aqleh stopped at these scorpions. Earn a position, and sometimes earn money.

For the past few days, Shereen Abu Akleh has been the focus of attention and follow-up for the Arab nation, within the occupied entity, referred to as Lebanon, and even in the press and media circles and proponents of rights and freedoms in Europe and America. and under pressure from activists in politicians on both continents.

In our country, the famous “Social Media” and their half came out to give their opinion, and use “Trend” to follow the betrayed heroine, and that’s enough to put the name Abu Aqila in the first text platforms or visual search engines. , and we drifted in his present, to deviate from our case, and that Daylama remained the subject of discussion and the course of the conversation, and I mean, of course, the controversial issue of the admissibility of mercy over Shireen Abu Aqila, to turn away from the nuclear issue as a first goal, and to regulate the Arab mentality system through unverifiable parties, in The efforts between our enemies and our rulers have continued in the last hundred years, and Abu Aqila has once again been a victim of this moral assassination.

Then the third assassination was the rush of media channels and news and non-news sites to even address the issue from various aspects, sometimes moving away from professionalism and very close to populism, reaching the arts of low-key journalism and commercial films, just to fill the time and pages and grab attention, and to gather follow-ups and collection Traffic for Google’s eyes.

Then the fourth assassination took place with the entry of presidents and leaders of peoples, governments and organizations such as the European Union on the line of the assassination of Abu Akila.The rulers want to register a position by gaining legitimacy through the central cause of the nation, and to establish the idea that they are with rights and freedoms and are supporters of man, whoever and everywhere.

And organizations like the European Union, want to prove the idea that they are with the rights that our Arab and Islamic peoples have long been proclaiming and defending by issuing faint, flowing, tasteless and odorless statements, only to be cast in the eye, although hundreds of thousands of people represented by Shereen Abu Aqila did not move the organization except for them.She also moved to Shireen, only a condemnation in a loud statement after which we do not see flour.

Shereen Abu Aqleh, who for more than 25 years covered the transgressions of the Israeli occupation against trees, stones and people in Palestine, and was influential in her words and cameras that conveyed the truth. She exposed what the occupation and its supporters inside and who pushed with it from abroad with false agreements and false promises.

Shereen Abu Aqleh, the voice of truth silenced by the occupation and oppressed by all. People will not forget you as they have not forgotten. Everyone is biased towards their issues. One of the heroes of folk legends who found their place in the cradle of children is a story told by a mother who instills a love for the fatherland in her child.

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