The Al-Ahly player’s apartment fire is sounding the alarm. Homes are unprotected from fire fires

– Why are there no civil protection, fire extinguishers and an alarm system inside residential buildings?

In the recent period, the victims of fires in residential property have increased, requiring the alarm for all officials, to implement laws on the ground and end the state of “inaction” that controls the case so that we do not wake up until a new fire, and victims either lost their lives and the lives of their children or lost their homes and became homeless And that the competent authorities follow up the implementation of the security and safety measures that should be available in homes and apartments and that helps to reduce and prevent the occurrence of fatal fire accidents.

The last of these incidents was the tragic house fire of Al-Ahly swimmer Khaled Kamal Zaki, which led to his death and his two sons after he and his son fell from the balcony of the house, after trying to climb and escape got out of the fire to upset their balance and dropped two bodies while his 9-year-old daughter suffocated due to smoke.

The photos circulating of the apartment fire and the fall of the father and son on social media have aroused the sympathy of the pioneers of social networking sites, especially for the lack of protective equipment inside the building and the inability of the civil protection forces for the apartment to save the family.

According to investigations it was found that the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the living room of the apartment, then the fire spread successively to the rooms, and this fire was not the first of its kind, and days before the end of the holy month of Ramadan a fire broke out in an apartment in the Shubra area due to a short circuit also, jumped off to be picked up, saved him from death and extinguished the fires with the help of the people, in the absence of civil protection conditions within real estate and residential buildings, which opens the most dangerous file The text of a law that obliges property owners to design a fire-fighting system inside buildings during their design?

Statistics of apartment fires and their victims in Egypt

Burn accidents are the number 3 cause of death in Egypt, as the injured find it difficult to find places for treatment, especially since the burn victim needs prompt treatment 6 hours after the injury to save his life, and Egypt suffers, according to statistics, of the highest rate of deaths due to burns annually, which is 37% Fire Victims.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics announced that fire accidents in Egypt in 2020 amounted to 51 963 accidents, compared to 50 662 accidents in 2019, an increase of 2.6%.

The device revealed that the main causes of fire industrial fires were “cigarette butts – matches – flammable dust – sticks, etc …” at a rate of 56.8%, electric shorts or friction sparks at a rate of 20.3%, self-ignition with 12.2%, stoves, ovens and boilers with 5,%, gas fires with 5.4%, and lastly, petroleum and flammable liquids with 0.3% of the total causes of fire, while the empty soil “rubbish and rubbish” came to the fore for places where fires occur with 48.8%, followed by residential buildings with 28.6%, and in the last rank recorded Police installations 0.1%.

According to the criminal case, negligence ranked first for fire accidents with 26,182 incidents, or 50.4%, followed by accidental fires with 24,857 incidents, or 47.8%, and arson with 924 incidents, or 1.8%, during 2020.

Cairo Governor comes to the fore with regard to fire accidents, with 6887 incidents, or 13.3%, followed by Giza Governor with 3836 incidents, or 7.4%, and North Sinai Governor with 75 incidents, or 0 , 2% of the total fire accidents, and May month recorded the first place for fire accidents with a rate of 11.3%, followed by June with 9.7%, and finally December with 6.3%, which is the lowest on the monthly level of the total fire accidents.

Experts call for home security and protection

Nader Noaman, the former Assistant Minister of the Interior for Civil Defense, confirmed that the rate of fire accidents in Egypt is very high, and this is due to a lack of awareness, wrong human behavior and failure to comply with security measures. Egypt ranks sixth. at the global level, and first at the Arab level in the rate of fires, pointing out that he pointed out that the Civil Defense Department in Egypt receives more than 50,000 fire reports during the year, and pointed out that the excessive height of the buildings and the multiplicity of floors represents an obstacle in the fight against fires, and the fire can be controlled within the first three minutes and then the trouble begins, in addition to the absence of Supervision and the failure to apply the necessary procedures and instructions, as well as security and safety requirements, is the reason behind most of the fires lately.

Dr. Tamer Abdullah, an occupational safety consultant, in turn said that the common and major factor in most of the fires that Egypt has seen is the absence of occupational security and safety requirements, as well as the human element or the owner of the facility, and the negligence in security procedures behind it is a factor that has failed in its duties, and more than that the number of institutions does not apply it. Conditions or not appoint a technical officer who is aware of the importance of these requirements.

Abdullah stressed that the requirements of occupational security and safety are no longer a luxury and should be provided in all residential, industrial and commercial enterprises to reduce the rate of fires, in addition to the need to provide fire extinguishers in buildings and apartments and to educate citizens. about how to use it, as well as the need to provide protection factors and fire alarm networks.It comes without warning and can be controlled at the beginning of the inflammation, which explains that children should be given courses in schools on how to deal with fires when they break out in homes, and try to protect themselves and act quickly by calling the Civil Protection and the family should put the numbers of organizations that specialize in putting out fires on phones and teach Children how to deal with fire extinguishers and the need to provide it in homes, not just businesses.

Major General Yasser Abul-Majd, a civil protection expert, believes that the ventilation of the place, such as the factory, shop, store or house, is one of the basic principles of civil protection, and that ventilation is not less than one-sixth of the place, to be able to repair the case in the face of any fire. The penalty for violating industrial security is very weak, no more than a thousand pounds, and store owners neglect these requirements, in addition to the use of wires and connections that do not meet specifications, and this is a major disaster for stores and houses.

Abul-Magd indicated that one of the available prevention methods to ensure safety inside the house is that the owners of housing units should install fire alarms and use the means of extinguishing inside each housing unit, explaining that the fire extinguisher is a lifeline around the fire extinguisher to extinguish. burn and save lives and property, especially with the presence of gas connections.This is normal in homes and the large number of electrical appliances that cause a large load and pressure on the electrical wires.The apartment dwellers need the safety of electrical wires and periodic maintenance, and in the case of residential towers (6 storeys or more), the owner of the property is responsible for securing the tower completely.

Civil protection factors within homes

House fires are one of the things that can be avoided and their consequences mitigated by following the safety requirements that civil defense organizations recommend to provide at home, as the General Directorate of Civil Defense is working to not grant a permit to connect electric current to any building. or facility before all the protection and safety requirements are met. Explain this from the beginning to those in charge of these projects to provide engineering maps, and the danger lies especially in villas and houses, where there is no supervision over them, which requires the provision of fire alarms such as smoke detectors, which at low prices in the markets are available and accessible to all.

The Civil Protection Authority explained the need to provide these devices as it gives a sense of safety and confidence when a fire breaks out, as it acts as a first warning device in the event of a fire in the home, especially in the night and when the family sleeps, and that the alarm sounds emitted by smoke alarms will be enough to The first warning line to notify those in the house of a fire, whether it be mornings, naps or nights.

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