The author Issam Al-Gafaf gives important advice to young people

Author Issam Al-Qafaf provides important advice to young people.

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My friend, time passes quickly when you reach your twenties, your feeling is often self-confidence and the desire to live and go … as if you are a mermaid seeking liberation from her gloomy cocoon (school and university education) , and indent. the sea of ​​life and to experience the experience alone ..

The period of adolescence and youth in the twenties is the basis from which it all begins. It determines whether you are going to lead another, good life full of opportunities and challenges, or a boring traditional life like the one lived by millions of you and be lived. age..

The years pass quickly, and you will discover that your facial features have become more mature, and that you are on the verge of thirty .. this strange age that leaves you in the middle zone between the youth of your twenties full of opportunities, and the age of thirty thirty full of caution and caution before making decisions ..

If you are a young man in your twenties, or a teenager who has just come out of the heyday of childhood and woke up early from the joy of being different, I recommend seven quick commandments that you should take seriously before the age of thirty is near. to you!
My advice to young people first is to never think about smoking!

I know that the stage of adolescence and youth in the twenties is the stage of irritability … the stage of starting, experimenting and preparing to make mistakes – and sometimes even to want to do so – under the name (Let’s make mistakes , because we are still young people, and we have a whole life ahead of us).

Tips for young people – do not smoke

This is true .. but try as much as possible to make sure that your human adventures do not include smoking among them, whether persistent heavy smoking, or even seasonal smoking on occasions.

Smoking is very bad .. very harmful .. the bill is very expensive for your health, your appearance, your stature, your balance, and your material and psychological life .. it will make you appear at the age of thirty, as if you were in your early forties .. and you will definitely suffer a lot to get rid of this plague after Many years of addiction.

Do not get caught up in the usual idea: everyone smokes and looks funnier and more attractive. Maybe you are right in the scene where you see them, but you are not with them when they have waves of shortness of breath, or painful chest gases, or sudden heart broken..

You can also see him sitting near you at the cafe releasing a cloud of thick smoke, and he seems to be having a good time. At a time when you do not know – and neither does he – that there is a small cancerous tumor which has already begun to form between his lungs or his throat!

Live your adolescence and your twenties, go through wrong experiences, make mistakes and learn from them .. but – believe me – do not make the decline in smoking under these mistakes, even as a matter of experience.

You will be very sorry later!

The second commandment: Draw a plan for yourself and follow it, and set a goal in your head that you will achieve no matter what the circumstances of life cost you.
Make a plan .. act .. start a company .. come up with a brilliant idea that will make you rich .. start using one of your self skills you know you are distinguished by .. take ‘ a path that no one has. taken before you, and you know it’s full of treasures and money .. fail very often. Get up again, fail again, get up again …


At the age of twenty you have nothing but health, youth, will and time .. Make sure everyone past the age of thirty envies you for these elements you possess, and wish time could go back in time to own them and make better use of them ..

Again, try not to reach the age of thirty unless your bank account contains an amount of one million financial units from your country’s currency.

And if it’s a million dollars, it’s even better!

The third commandment: Of course, marriage is important … But!
In adolescence and youth (twenties) you have a tremendous energy that will inevitably be drained in the path you draw for yourself .. Marriage If you are able to get married and have money, get married and continue to achieve your goal . you see that the marriage is difficult for you due to your financial situation, first try to achieve your goal and then get married

My fourth tip: Get addicted to reading
Do not leave anything written if you do not read it .. you are completely free from reading (certain topics) that are socially and humanly forced on you, such as just reading in traditional religious books, or reading in human development, etc.

Whatever your business and lack of time, read about everything .. read about philosophy, world literature, medicine, science and physics .. read by Chekhov, Tolstoy and Dickens .. read cultural, human and development articles ..

In your twenties, do not leave a book without reading it .. nor a serious article without learning from it .. nor a serious novel full of ideas, meanings and diversity without living out its events and not to imagine his heroes ..

Reading is the basis for opening your consciousness, and this is what will make you a sophisticated, civilized person when you reach the age of thirty. You have a clear methodology for thinking, pondering, living and dealing with others.
I spoke to a person a while ago who was a bloody mass of extremism, convulsions, violence and rejection of others. When I asked him about his age, I was very surprised when he told me that he was 18 years old. is old! He is only 18 years old and his mind is full of extremism and hatred towards others and maybe the willingness to kill himself to the detriment of others, so what if he reaches the age of thirty!
Do not limit yourself to one area of ​​reading, and read for everyone..even for those with whom you disagree or hate..You will definitely come up with at least one useful idea!

My Fifth Commandment: Success is easier in the midst of idiots
My advice to young people is to work on yourself, learn for yourself, and develop your skills quickly. Then start your project / idea / work / work with will, determination and will find the success you are looking for very quickly reach. .
Migration abroad may be one of the solutions, but it is not the only solution!
My Sixth Commandment: Define (Why) You do what you do?

Tips for young people – set a goal

In the prime of your life, when your veins boil with enthusiasm, determination and willingness to work and toil in a way you will not see for the rest of your life, you need to determine three essential things:

What do you want to do? .. How do you achieve what you want? .. Why do you want this thing specifically?

Many determine what they want to do .. their number decreases when it comes to the mechanism or how they can achieve this goal .. but the leading ones – only the elite – who specify exactly:

Why do we want to achieve this goal specifically? .. And if we achieve that, what will we do after that?

Often you will not feel that this commandment is as important as you think it is when you are in the prime of your life .. but you will only feel its importance when you are on the verge of thirty, and you know still not the reason behind everything you’ve done in your life!

My seventh tip: Do not pay attention to others

The biggest catastrophic mistake you can make while in your youth is to pay attention to your mates during the start of the race, and decide to follow in their footsteps.

Tips for young people – do not pay attention to others

Do not, and then, do not make this mistake .. you are graduating from your university, and you see this friend of yours has joined a management position in a company .. and your other friend has a job in such a company got .. so you decide: I have to imitate my friends, join a job in a company, and the road takes Everyone’s job …

If you walk this path, you have – literally – gone the path of loss .. the path of traditionalism, stupidity and stereotypes .. you have changed into another young man in Arab society, who wants nothing from life not, except for a salary at the end of the month, a good apartment, a beautiful bride, marriage .. Then children, and education .. Then you grow old and gray. Then you leave it all to die!

If you do not come from these commandments except with this commandment, then it is quite enough for me. Take it as a practical and proven advice, and please do not hesitate to implement it, or even think about it. .

Do not follow a traditional, stereotypical way of life like everyone else (work – traditional work – saving – marriage – etc.) because this is the comfortable path that ends with all misery .. and take the difficult path (business – start a company) – exploit a talent – a new idea – a prestigious academic certificate – etc.) at the end of it is happiness, pride and unprecedented success.

Of course, you can start on this traditional path as a passing step and not an end goal. If you follow this path just to be told that you work like others do, live like others live, and toil like others toil. then you too will die as they die, and you will have nothing at all Impact on this life!

Finally, here are some quick tips, which may be important to know at your age, beginning your true journey on this planet:
My advice to young people
No one is completely happy .. Others are always less happy than they seem, even if they are kings or princes .. Everyone around you is miserable and if it seems different to you, do not give in to the idea that circumstances are against you. alone!
If you have determined that your goal in life is to achieve big money, you will definitely achieve it .. But money – in reality – has absolutely nothing to do with happiness .. It will only give you a little self-entertainment .. It will only give you the opportunity to be miserable and luxurious, not happy. This is not the usual empty preaching, but rather a solid truth like physical constants that cannot be discussed.
There is no flat line in life .. life goes either up or down..every day that passes by you is a graph that you fill in yourself, or a straight line up, or a straight line down .. or a curve that goes up and down a bit ..
Immoral ways to achieve success in life may cause you to quickly jump into the air, without a ladder under you that can carry you .. you will inevitably fall one day and your neck will be broken .. shorten yourself and take the path of moral success, even if it is a little long ..
Often you read these rules and there is a political / sectarian / civil / war crisis in your homeland .. Maybe planes fly over your head every five minutes until you get used to it .. This is not a reason for despair and frustration , but rather a greater motivation for steadfastness, defiance and to achieve miracles .. Be the miracle worker that everyone will talk about with surprise after a few years, despite the bad conditions of your country ..
Do not argue at all on two topics specifically (politics and religion). Keep your political opinion to yourself and only discuss it with your good friends, and distance yourself from participating in any political struggle from which you will achieve nothing in your life or after your death..and practice your religion or your doctrine.On your own without engaging in conflicts, debates or investigations with people of other faiths and sects .. everyone has their own religion and opinion .. Never confuse your mind . in general issues that distract your attention more than you might think!
Life is a puzzle game..every puzzle has a solution, and all doors have keys..but you are always determined to use the wrong keys ..
Perhaps we will have a second part of this article, which addresses more commandments to young people and adolescents, precisely because it is – without exaggeration – the only hope for us to get out of the collective swamp in which most of the Arab peoples have recently fallen, to come.

Only his young youth will push this country a step forward, in whose veins the blood of work, construction, challenge and the desire for renewal and development still runs.

If you have any commandments or tips that you have gained from your experience in life – at any age – post them in the comments, and benefit everyone.

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