The emergency receives cases due to dust

Specialized doctors have warned against direct exposure to the mass of dust that the country has been seeing for almost a week, due to its dangerous impact on the health of individuals in general, and on patients with respiratory system and asthma in particular, because the characteristics of dust particles irritate the respiratory system and increase allergy symptoms The nose, and the narrowing of the bronchi that affect breathing in general.
Doctors in statements to Al-Sharq revealed an increase in the number of cases reviewing respiratory clinics, ear, nose and throat clinics and eye clinics, in addition to an increase in cases of allergic rhinitis and asthma in emergencies after more than double. the need to avoid going out, except for extreme necessity, especially for those with diseases In the respiratory system such as asthma patients and allergic nose and eyes, in addition to making sure to use protective face masks while leaving the house during the dust wave , closing doors and windows to prevent dust from entering buildings and houses, cleaning houses well from the effects of dust, especially bedrooms, covers and mattresses, Use a wet towel or gauze during sandstorms if the person outside the built or when necessary, follow the doctor’s instructions carefully and use medication to avoid asthma attacks according to the doctor’s instructions, be careful by those ne who have recently had eye or nose surgery, to prevent you from going out in such an atmosphere.
The doctors refuted rumors about what some were promoting about the use of incense to purify the house of viruses and microbes, especially for respiratory patients, and stressed in their statements to “Al-Sharq” that everything that is said about the benefits of incense incense is not true as it is considered as smoke, and the fumes have a negative impact on the body The health of individuals in general and respiratory patients in particular, therefore it is important to be careful under these conditions so that people can protect themselves from the damage associated with the dust mass that the country is witnessing.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Bajirmi: Dust is a Danger to the Health of Individuals

Dr. Muhammad Al-Bajirmi – Senior Consultant, Ear, Nose and Throat – confirmed that dust and sandstorms pose a threat to the health of individuals in general, especially those suffering from respiratory diseases and asthma, because dust particles irritate the respiratory system and increases the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, as prevention is better than treatment.Especially in such cases where the respiratory, ENT and emergency clinics see double numbers of patients who either suffer from shortness of breath due to an asthma crisis, or allergies in the nose, and the reason is exposure to a wave of dust and dust.
Dr. Al-Bajirmi stressed that it is necessary not to go out, except for the extreme necessity, especially for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis and eyes, in addition to making sure to use protective face masks while at home left during the dust. wave, close doors and windows to prevent dust from entering buildings and houses, cleaning Houses are well protected from the effects of dust, especially bedrooms, lids and mattresses, with a wet towel or gauze during sandstorms as the individual outside the building is or when necessary, strict adherence to the doctor’s instructions and the use of medication to avoid asthma attacks according to the doctor’s instructions, be careful by those who have been treated Recent eye or nose surgeries, to avoid getting into such an atmosphere to go out.

Nigella sativa is an antioxidant
Dr. Muhammad Al-Bajirmi advised patients with popular asthma to use nigella for its richness of antioxidants as it is considered as one of the best alternative treatments for the respiratory system and especially popular asthma, where it is possible to take a spoonful of soil take nigella and put it in boiling water and cover to keep the volatile oils and soak for half an hour and then take as a drink as research has proven. The effectiveness of Nigella sativa “black seed” for the treatment of asthma, as for patients with infections and sinuses, they should be eager for the sea solution or the saline solution brought home as a wash or inhalation in a horizontal direction inside the nose to prevent and remove any secretions and is used 4-5 times a day, without exposure Dust and dirt as much as possible.
Dr. Al-Bajirmi concluded his speech by calling for the use of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, as it is capable of pulling dust and dust that is stuck in narrow areas of the house, as well as cleaning air conditioner filters to remove stuck fabric. it does not spread inside the house stone.

Dr. Hassan Al-Sawaf: Incense incense doubles the incidence of allergies

Dr. Hassan Al-Sawaf, consultant in respiratory and intensive care diseases, advised against direct exposure to dust and dust waves, announcing an increase in the number of visitors to emergency departments and respiratory clinics due to shortness of breath due to direct exposure to dust and dust waves , in addition to an increase in the number of patients with asthma and allergic rhinitis during the four The past few days, where about forty cases were in one shift, and the doctor advised these groups not to leave the house, with the need to ensure that they obtain preventative medicines such as asthma inhalers or medicines taken by respiratory patients.
Dr. Hassan Al-Sawaf has warned asthma patients, respiratory patients or allergic rhinitis against the use of incense, which has become popular among most people because it works to purify the atmosphere inside homes, emphasizing that there are no scientific studies on its validity. of this to prove. sayings, but rather its use can double cases of allergies and shortness of breath.Therefore, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions.

Dr. Rashad Lashin: Keep children away from playing in open spaces

Dr. Rashad Lashin, a pediatrician and adolescent doctor, called on parents to spare their children and children suffering from respiratory diseases and asthma to go out or play in open spaces because the wave of dust and dust in the country carries microbial infection which by substance, as well as allergens, taking into account that does not come out of the house is in the highest priority to prevent asthma, shortness of breath or allergic rhinitis that affects many children this time of year, with the need for fluids such as drinking water and natural juices that contain vitamin (C), and foods that contain vitamin (D), such as fish and chicken eggs, which emphasize that vitamin D contributes to strengthening immunity and has a positive and effective effect on calming respiratory diseases , especially since 97% of individuals in the Gulf region suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D, so it must be obtained from its main sources Or a dietary supplement under medical supervision.
Dr Rashad Lashin believes that incense is just as effective on health as cigarette smoke, as inhaling incense is equivalent to 20 cigarettes, as it doubles the problems of allergies, and it is also important to use perfume, incense and any source of smoke. to avoid, as e.g. cigarettes, therefore our parents advise not to smoke at home, even if the place where smoking is One of the parents away from the children’s room, but it does not protect them, especially since the air flow in the house is one, so the children will inhale the smell of smoke and it poses a danger to them, especially those with allergic diseases, asthma or respiratory diseases.

Dr. Muhammad Gharib: Stay at home and use face masks..prevention

Dr. Muhammad Gharib – an emergency doctor – said: “The emergency department in which I work during the last ten days, in one shift, out of 30 sick cases, 25 cases of patients with a history of upper respiratory or lower respiratory tract infections, therefore we always emphasize the groups that She has a history of respiratory illness or asthma by holding on at home and using protective face masks when going out for necessity, as the protective face masks help reduce inhalation of dust that provokes. the nose, which causes narrowing of the trachea and therefore shortness of breath.It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions, and it is also important to avoid smoking spots or exposure to smoke, or perfume, as these are all allergens and , together with dust, it contributes to an increase in allergies and shortness of breath. ”

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