The Money, Power and Ideology trilogy | The Middle East

Not the beginning of contemporary times, but the threefold relationship between money, power and ideology manifested in its clearest form during the Middle Ages in Europe, between the fifth and fifteenth centuries, especially in the first two thirds of it. The papal ruler, and the absolute role of the Church in subduing the people to sanctify the ruler chosen by the Lord, is a successful formula for controlling and strengthening the grip on their minds. In other words, man robs of his ability to think independently, referring to the pure dependence on the spiritual. To control one’s faith means to take possession of the mind, and the impossibility of any opportunity for production, critique or self-reflection.
Despite the decline in the role of the Church in Western countries with the emergence of secularism, we still hear of sexual scandals, financial corruption and extortion by monks and churchmen of all categories, as if it were continuous evidence and an affirmative indication. is of a lack of idea and behavior. In fact, the transition from the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment in Europe did not take place in a rapid leap, but through brutal and bloody conflicts that lasted for centuries between the clergy, the owners of money, power and influence, and the philosophers. which threatens their authority for a thousand years. Therefore, the third third of the Dark Ages was a mixture of Bible literature and Aristotle’s writings; Philosophy was the way to cross from darkness to light, an entry point for discoveries and inventions, and the liberation of the mind from the grasp of ideology.
The same is true in Islam, as many Islamic centers, organizations, and mosques have become centers of financial gain, building influence, and establishing a system in parallel with the original systems. But the difference in which we live in the present era is that the decline of the church’s role has diminished the importance of its negative influence, and the deviant practices of its men, but in Islamic countries and others, Islam with its different sects still greatly influences people’s lives, and its high values ​​and principles are exploited to achieve wealth and build political leadership. In parallel, try to be indirectly a state within the mother state. For example, the International Union of Muslim Scholars established and chaired by Yusuf al-Qaradawi; The Mufti of suicide operations, until last year, acts as a religious reference to build moderate Islamic thinking, and the reality is exactly the opposite. This body apparently has lofty goals to serve Islam around the world, while only ‘ a hollow is to pass the religious agendas of the Muslim Brotherhood to serve the politician who pays his money to his workers. Iran has also invaded Central Asia with religious institutions and schools, not only to spread Shiism, but to mobilize and recruit individuals for the benefit of the religious authority in Tehran.
Recently, Eritrea, which had just reconciled with its neighbor Ethiopia after two decades of rivalry mediated by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, complained that Turkey had established the “Eritrean Muslim League” with Qatari money, aimed at defeating the to destabilize reconciliation. and incite the opposition. It also happened in Libya; The building of Islamic organizations and shura councils, with Qatari and Turkish support, in an attempt to consolidate the rule of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Libya, after its blatant failure in Egypt and the Gulf. The question here: Why do countries like Turkey and Qatar, whose ruling regime has nothing to do with religion, and whose service Islam or its application is not known, use religious ideology? And why did she manage to mobilize her followers? The answer to the first question can be recalled from the Dark Ages; Religion is an easy way to control people’s minds, by exploiting their mystical tendency, and the tendency to believe in promises of heaven and hell, regardless of religion or denomination. Why do they find “attentive ears”? Because there are ears that benefit from money and power because of its dependence, like some politicians in parliaments, decision-making circles and the media. It is interesting that a man like the son of US President Donald Trump declares that the analysts and commentators in the most famous media channel (CNN), some of whom are non-Muslims, are connected to the regime in Qatar, with the aim of distortion of the image of Islamic countries; That is, to buy the media with money, the method known to the Jews. The other ear, which may not be useful, is simple and naive, the main thing that distinguishes him from other living beings, which is the mind, is disrupted.This has led to the left path: dependence.
Today, Libya is witnessing fatal battles against militias that have risen up and spread for eight years under the pretext of Islamic rule (Brotherhood), fueled by Qatar and Turkey, with money and weapons. How did the regime in Qatar decide to cut thousands of kilometers to central North Africa to stick its nose in among the Libyans, and impose political, military and religious leaders on them? How can the Turkish “Justice and Development” Party, as we know from the rift and divisions, send cargo ships, one after the other, packed with weapons and ammunition, to a country like Libya that hopes for peace and stability after decades of authoritarian rule? What does a rich country like Qatar or a big country like Turkey want in terms of support for war and a threat to peace and reconciliation? The goal we see is to achieve the highest degrees of influence in the region. Influenced by using money to spread a religious ideology that makes of them papal kings who control the necks of the people.
Where Europe came from, we still live: the dark tunnel; Tunnel of religious hypocrisy for the sake of power and expansion. Western countries are not ignorant of what is happening to us, but are fully aware and aware of it because it is part of their history. We are behind with enlightenment because religious ideology, which is very much inclined towards extremism, can not be combined with the implementation of reason, creativity and scientific thinking, because the means differ and the goals differ. The comparison is clear and the road is open, for whoever chooses to leave.
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