This month’s choice for the best device equipped with leading HUAWEI XD Optics Technology

Sunday 15 May 2022 09:00

Do you know what everyone is talking about? If you say phone HUAWEI P50 Pro what is currently available in Egypt, you are right; At least when it comes to smartphones. The phone is called the best camera smartphone with an aesthetic design; It has everything you want in a flagship smartphone of 2022: an amazing camera system, stylish design, long battery life, exceptional charging speed, and more. And since it’s the long-awaited flagship phone from Huawei, you may have a lot of questions about it. This article will answer all your questions about this phone!

This phone introduces the first dual camera array system – Dual Matrix Camera Design And some crazy shooting techniques that violate the rules of physics. with phone HUAWEI P50 Pro The photographic capabilities are such that this phone can suffice for most of your photography needs, whether it is for social media or to share photos with your friends and family. But let’s dive into it and look at all the ways you take great photos with a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro.

Excellent image quality with great color fidelity

The main camera array consists of a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro Powerful main camera array and super zoom array SuperZoom Matrix. The gear is combined with an ultra-high resolution image processing engine, resulting in brighter, more detailed images.

The phone supports completely innovative technology that first appeared with the phone HUAWEI P50 Pro inclusive HUAWEI XD Optics Which improves image quality in several ways. A telephone was providedHUAWEI P50 Pro Also with feature XD Fusion Prowhich is an enhanced solution that includes a system Super color filter new and row True-chroma image and technique Super HDR Dramatically improves detail, color and dynamic range.

Thanks to it all, it offers a mobile phone HUAWEI P50 Pro Exceptional improvement in color, image quality, focus speed and image stabilization. In short, every aspect of mobile photography has been enhanced so that you can capture beautiful photos and videos without any hassle. In group photos, each subject looks clear, with noise reduction, even when zoomed in. In low light conditions, cameras can still take pictures with fine detail as your subjects look well lit.

A large part of photography is about capturing accurate colors and creating images that reflect what the human eye sees. Huawei has changed more than 2,000 colors across the wide color spectrum and as a result, the phone can HUAWEI P50 Pro Well-deserved color reproduction and choice of subtle differences in shades. Take red lipstick as an example; There are many different shades of red lipstick. The differences between shades in lipstick can be subtle, but the results that a phone delivers HUAWEI P50 Pro Not so, as the phone can accurately spot the nuances between different shades of the same color and reproduce the differences perfectly on the screen.

Target the stars with super zoom 200x

with stability

It also supports an unprecedented 200x zoom lens magnification range, which helps users capture anything, regardless of distance. Therefore, instead of getting closer to your subjects, you can bring them closer by using a zoom lens. This is a very useful feature when trying to photograph wildlife or sporting events. When it comes to remote still photography, the camera system is on HUAWEI P50 Pro Features the next generation of technology AIS Image Stabilization Technology OISSignificantly improves the zoom stability. Hardware and software solutions work together to give you great stability so you can easily take still photos with the devices in your hand even when zooming in all the way.

Say goodbye to blurry photos

If you take pictures of moving subjects like children, pets or even basketball players on the court, their images may look blurry. This happens when the focus is not fast enough to catch up with those athletes pushing or children chasing. But given it a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro With high-speed autofocus, no latency shutter, smart metering, reduced motion blur and more, you do not have to worry about missing any important moment in your life.

Ultra-wide selfie camera

So far we have only talked about the rear camera system of the phone HUAWEI P50 Pro. But the front camera of the phone is impressive. In front of the phone is a 100-degree ultra-wide angle camera Urtla-wide True-Chroma Selfie Camera,

Which works well for selfies, large group of selfies and photos with beautiful landscapes. The color engine accurately captures high-impact makeup, AI distortion reduction algorithms can effectively prevent distortion issues for your friends trapped in the edges of a group selfie, and AI system to enhance low-light selfies .

AI Cinemagraph

use a phone HUAWEI P50 Pro Artificial intelligence is doing well with a new feature called AI Cinemagraph . With this feature you can create a movie image of a flying bird that shows the movements and trajectory of the bird in detail. It can also focus on the flowing hair of a person in the wind to add an extra artistic flair to the image. When eating out with friends, you can use an AI movie to capture the steam of the food to give more life to the picture.

That’s why the phone HUAWEI P50 Pro On cameras that make better use of hardware and software features to produce beautiful images that can compete with dedicated consumer cameras. But if you want more reasons to own this smartphone, it is also a beautifully designed phone with a dual array camera system design. Dual Matrix Camera Design It has a large 4360mAh battery that also supports 66W wired charging and gives you all the convenience of the futuristic super device features.

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