What happened to Mohamed Salah in the second half of the season?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The ground shook under the feet of Egyptian superstar Mohamed Salah, with a tangible decrease in the pace of his goals, compared to the pace he was at until the beginning of the new year, when he tweeted alone on the list of top scorers in the English Premier League with 22 goals, before the situation changed The past few weeks the difference of four goals with the executioner of the executioner, Cristiano Ronaldo, was completed by the march of South Korean Heung Min Son, who reached his 21st goal the night Arsenal fell to north-back Tottenham by a humiliating try in the postponed derby of the 22nd round, to contend for the top scorer award. to set fire to. The competition remains open to all possibilities in the last few meters.

rocket starts

It’s no secret to anyone that Salah started the season in a way that almost mimics the glamorous version in which he was in his legendary first season at “Anfield”, which he sealed with 44 goals in various competitions, including 32 goals on the level. of the English Premier League, in a record that the Premier League scorers did not achieve.With his new name and system, and he explained this by his massive scoring and its impact on the team’s results, especially in the weekend confrontations, he even needed just nine games to score the first ten goals in the league, including the historic hat-trick against Manchester United in the ninth week of Clasico, but after that he started to decline, to the point that he scored twice as much. needed matches to score ten more goals, stopping at his 22nd goal since his double against his favorite victim, Manchester United on the nineteenth of last April, and opening the door wide in front of Samson Spurs, to slowly win the “Golden Boat “until it turned into a real nightmare, by standing one goal away from the leader of the Pharaohs, not only that, but realistically Son had a golden opportunity to increase his score. verh eye in the last two outings ahead of Burnley and the relegated Norwich City, unlike Abu Sala H, who may be paying the price for the coach’s thinking in the quartet, by sitting on the bench against Southampton or Wolverhampton, to increase his physical stock and save energy for the Champions League final against Real Madrid, scheduled for Saturday 28 May.

pitfalls and stress

If we look at the reasons that contributed to the recent decline in Salah’s numbers somehow, compared to what he was until the beginning of the last month of love, we will find that she is losing the African Nations Cup began to mourn with his country, a tournament on which he relied heavily, to fight Karim Benzema. Sadio Mane and the rest won the award for best player in the world, explaining the impact of the shock defeat against the Senegalese team in the Cannes final, by passing the first period of a quick score, scoring just 5 goals sign, 4 in the league and fifth in the net against Inter in the first leg of the 16th round of the Champions League, and more To make matters worse, he was defeated by the same opponent in the Qatar World Cup 2022 play-off match, and on the same way he fell in the final of the penalty goal, so that the consequences come, with one of the longest periods of his absence from the opponents’ net, with the exception of his double in the “Red Devils” net, and his contribution to two goals against Villarreal by one goal In the “Anfield” and another in the complex “Madrigal” Test. And between that and that, Salah was exhausted on long journeys from northern England to the jungles of Mama Africa, in addition to the dilemma of playing this huge number of matches for 120 minutes, in all of Egypt’s qualifiers in the Cannes, in the Teranga Lions. play-off match and in the League Cup final against Chelsea. In other words, by collecting the extra minutes he has played in recent months, he will equal his efforts in other matches, not to mention the pressure and criticism he has been subjected to with his team, due to the weak performance of the Pharaohs at the start of the African Championship led by former coach Carlos Queiroz, and we remember how he reacted to this systematic campaign With his statements that brought the ranks back together, and other difficult situations and moments that much of his mental and physical stock, this difference occurred between his numbers at the end of the season and his amazing stats and records in the first months of the season.

thorny file

Another reason that can be difficult to overlook is the possibility of his obsession with the file to secure his future in the red part of the city of the Merseyside River, given the great ambiguity of the latest developments in the negotiations to renew his contract. and rather since the conversation stopped when his request was rejected, to obtain a weekly salary estimated at half a million pounds, other than The holding of victory and his contribution to victories and the rewards of individual prizes, which the by wide opened and still open. to speculate on his fate and future next season, amid reports suggesting the scenario of offering him Mercato for sale in the summer, as the US administration did not want to lose him for free after the expiration of his contract in mid-2023 , And other sources do not exclude the appearance of an agreement in time, except for the updates that do not cease to link his name to the giants of Europe and Spain, it’s all in the balance, and what his agent Rami Abbas does is in the balance, with his insistence always, to incite controversy and gossip about the future of his client, to show the distances distance With the administration at the negotiating table, perhaps the last of which was his interaction via “Twitter” about news related to Bayern Munich’s interest and desire to include Sadio Mane, and the latter’s welcome of the whole idea, and was preceded by many quarrels and gray messages to the Reds administration in d ie means to place. He has thrown the audience’s fire, and it is natural for Salah and his agent to become more and more preoccupied with the file of his new contract, the closer the countdown to his final season, without reaching an agreement with officials achieved, as a possible reason. for the decrease in the percentage of his goals and the accuracy of his touch before the goal in recent weeks.

last message

Critics and followers were surprised, with the different tone of Mohamed Salah’s speech, after beating Villarreal 3 to 2 at the “La Ceramica” stadium, which deliberately provoked Real Madrid, with retaliatory remarks for his desire for the old debt in the 2018 final. match, during which he cried after sustaining a dislocated shoulder. After a violent engagement with former royal leader Sergio Ramos in the first half hour, and he did not stop there, but took the seriousness of the threat and intimidation in a tweet, waving what he described as “old bills”, revealing a different version of the one he drew for himself, as a world star with the maximum diplomacy. He speaks in front of the screens and lets everyone talk about his creations and records, and does not boast that he is “the best in the world in numbers, and I do not look at what is said about me,” as he said in his conversation with Rio Ferdinand and Peter Crouch after facing the yellow submarines, which some had explained. As a “gimmick” of the Egyptian star, not only to cover up the decline in his goals, but also to create a state of excitement, to top the headlines of newspapers, sports websites and social media, and accordingly ‘ a dose of confidence and optimism ahead of the last stations of his season, to return to the pursuit of his favorite hobby, By celebrating by shaking opponents’ nets, to win the “Golden Boot” award for the third time in his career, and also to preserve the team’s chances of removing Manchester City from the top of the Premier League, and most importantly, to believe in his promise to Karim Benzema and the rest of his teammates in the “Saint -Denis ”final, and the end is not sad, That his fiery messages bounce back, and is a reason to arouse the enthusiasm of Carlo Ancelotti’s men, or a motive to him with the utmost seriousness and cruelty by defenders and deal with midfielders, and the question now : Will Salah end the season with the same strength he started with … Or will he continue his current situation? This is what we will know at the end of the month.

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