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Dealing with negative people is very annoying, as the negative person is always depressed and tense, and transmits his negativity to others around him, so it affects close people in all respects, whether in the house routine among family members, or at work among colleagues , and this effect is largely This is clear between spouses, so we will discuss in our article the effect of the man’s negativity on his partner and ways of dealing with him.

negative spouse traits
The energy that your negative husband reflects is negativity. Most of the time he is tense and angry, which leads to hatred and isolation from each other and can achieve what is known as psychological divorce, causing the man’s negativity ‘ a drain on you emotionally and physically, as he tries to spread negativity about any situation or discussion between you. It can be said that the negative pair has the following characteristics:

Has difficulty communicating: Communication in a marital relationship is the basis of a healthy and positive relationship, and the lack of correct and effective communication can exacerbate problems, and the negative man usually rejects the effective communication style because he has a negative pre- adopt communication attitude. .
He enjoys nothing: Even when you are both in the same room or in bed, the passive spouse cannot find the pleasant details in his daily life.
He does not feel happy: the negative man always feels uncomfortable in the relationship, so you turn into a pendant on which the cause of his tragedies in life hangs, and he can not understand or achieve happiness.
Have uncertainty: You feel that your negative husband does not belong to this relationship or this family that you started together, and he has a feeling of constant anxiety and family insecurity, and a basket of negative expectations about the future of the relationship.
He argues all the time: This is an essential characteristic of the passive man, as he argues with his wife and the argument is more about the position on the topic being raised than the topic itself, and the aim is to score more points than to achieve a result that satisfies both parties.
He does not trust the woman: he is suspicious of her words and actions, and he turns to turning the facts around and changing them, and not bearing the blame of his wife for his actions.
The negative man always complains: he always complains to friends and family about his relationship with you, and complains about the simplest things, because he can not face natural problems with a positive attitude, but rather tends to the role of the victim to play.
Conclusion: Due to his insecurity, your passive spouse may stop opening up with you and not share important details of the marital relationship with you, such as financial planning or vacations.
He does not exchange sexual desire: A negative man can remember the marital relationship for long periods of time, not only because of the many problems between you, but also because of his negative attitude towards himself and the relationship and his fears about the results of the intimate relationship every time.
The distance between you: he even shares his news with others of his family and friends and not with you, such as getting a salary increase or promotion at work.
Lack of interest in children: This is one of the characteristics that affects your marriage the most, so that his interest in children may be completely absent!
Addictive behavior: The negative man usually turns to various forms of addiction, and thinks that he is thus escaping from the real problem. He may become addicted to a mobile game, watch movies, or even more dangerous types of addiction such as gambling, alcohol and drugs.
How do you deal with your husband’s negativity to stay positive?
It is difficult to deal with a negative man most of the time as you can experience many complications in dealing with him so that it reflects his negativity and spreads its negative impact on others, of which the first you are. these tips:

Stick to Positivity: Not only does it attract more good things, but it will be easier for you to deal with stressful situations such as your husband’s negativity or anger, and when you have a positive attitude and feel good, you will ‘ a much better position to help your negative husband and yourself.
Avoid using negativity to communicate: When you share your husband’s negative feelings in contrast to his condition on you or agree with the intention to communicate with him, it causes a doubling of the impact of negativity on the relationship, and the bad results that can result from it, and therefore you will be less effective in getting him out of the negative psychological or emotional state, while conversely you can express the opposite type of positive thoughts and feelings, not with the aim of provoking him , but to lift his spirits. and changes his negative mood.
Your husband’s negativity is his nature and not your responsibility: no matter how much you love and care for your husband, you are not responsible for his happiness, but for yourself and your relationship with him but not over him , and the best way to help Him is to keep your spirits high and encourage Him to enjoy this positivity with you.
Abandon the role of arbitrator or wise man who knows the man’s interest: your husband’s negativity and weak character can sometimes pressure you because of negativity; To play the role of the counselor, the savior and the universal expert of the most suitable solutions! If you do not want his energy to reflect on you, let him make his own choices and stick to his opinions, because focusing on his negativity and what you think he is doing wrong puts you in the same negative feeling, so keep up to try to convince him that you know what is best for him or judge.
Do not interact with your husband’s negativity: because if you react to him, he will attract your attention and you will become negative and aggressive like him. You can simply keep up with your husband’s negativity with silence and choose not to react and interaction with the drama he creates just for your attention.
How do you change your husband’s negativity?
It will not be easy, you are not responsible for making him feel better, but here are some things you can do to help your partner be more positive:

Do not take your husband’s negativity personally: try to understand him and understand what he is going through, and that all these negative feelings have nothing to do with something you said or did to upset him.
Do not put too much pressure on him: If he rejects your offers of help, do not push him too hard so that you can give him some space and time to think about what you are trying to do for him.
Spend time with positive people: The more you surround yourself with positive people, the more ability you have to endure your husband’s negativity, and who knows, maybe some positive infection will pass to him.
Invite your partner for a walk: or do some fun activities with you at least once a week.
Acknowledge his accomplishments: You can always be grateful to him for any effort, no matter how small, to try to change his negative attitude.
Encourage him to try new things: take an expedition, change his job or start his own business.
Set Healthy Boundaries: Do not make your efforts to please your husband a concern, but pay attention to your life, work, children, friends and family.
Seek professional help: You can always turn to specialists and relationship counselors and ask for help.
Tips For Dealing With A Negative Man
You should be tired of dealing with a man’s negativity, but the following tips can help you focus on your positivity to help your husband and partner let go of his negativity:

Be sure and discover what is happening before you judge him: There must be a simple or fundamental reason for your husband to suddenly become negative, it may just require you to discover his internal problem and help him overcome it, especially if your man is not honest with you. .
Try to listen carefully and help him in several ways: a negative man usually does not like to say exactly what is going on, but may give some tips, try to find out what is going on with him.
To see the positive side: by trying to remember the positive of your husband, and it may be difficult to remember the happy times now, but in this way try to remember many happy details that have been suppressed by his negativity. Also remind your husband of all the happy moments together.
Set Appropriate Boundaries: How willing are you to tolerate your husband’s negativity? When should you set a limit and demonstrate your tolerance for it? Pity also has its limits. Can you endure life with your husband if he has been a narcissistic and negative person since the beginning of your acquaintance?
Do not let your husband do you his misery: just because he is your husband does not give him the right to cast negativity on you, and your misery because of him will not be the solution, let him try his solve internal problems, and be supportive in return.
Your husband must realize that he is the cause of his negativity: do not let him evade responsibility for his actions, he is most likely the root of his problems, he must realize that he is the one who holds the key to his happiness.
The effect of the man’s negativity on the relationship
Positivity is the basis of a healthy marital relationship, and it is the main component of a prosperous life. However, there is no perfect relationship, but when there is a man who is constantly angry or negative, your fate can be frustration and a be felt. of permanent despair One of the most negative effects of the man’s negativity on the relationship is:

Damage security and confidence: Your husband’s negativity can lower your confidence, and may make you feel like it’s your job to make your husband happy with a full time job!
Fear of expressing love and receiving love: You have to walk anxiously on eggshells to take into account your marital problems and negative mood.
Fear of being harmed: either you or the children because your husband constantly shows negativity, makes you feel unappreciated, or suffers from self-esteem issues, which may reflect verbal or physical violence on you and the children.
The man gets distant: he does not care for you or the children and even leaves you to take care of the whole house.
Sadness, loneliness and anxiety: because living with a negative person constantly shows anger and negativity; It can affect your quality of life.
Increase sexual temptations: Your passive husband may betray you at the first opportunity he gets because he is still looking at the relationship that brings you together in a negative way that makes him look for alternatives.
Noise several times over the same things: the same situations and the same problems that do not get a radical solution are repeated, leading the relationship to a dead end.
In the end .. “Never underestimate your ability to change yourself, and never exaggerate your ability to change others.” Remember this phrase, ma’am, if you ever thought you were able to remove your husband’s negativity from its roots, even if he was previously a positive person before life and for some circumstance. Turn into a negative person. Here you are able to help him change his negativity. As for the narcissistic man who has been negative from the beginning, changing him is something that may be difficult or even impossible.

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