Evening – a confession of authentic Algerian femininity

Newspaper actress participated Eveningjournalist Ahlam Mohieldin, at the symposium organized by the Cultural Association Our heritage is our islandentitled to an intervention The media woman … the pen in the right hand, and the craftsmanship of the hands shoneDuring which she traveled between times, coinciding with the revival of the month of heritage, in which she highlighted the prominent role of the Algerian journalist, who strives to reconcile her profession and her own world in which she excelled, similar to to adjust her creativity in the pen.

Intervention touched 3 Serial axes, which I started by mentioning the efforts of the grandmothers to preserve the cultural and social heritage for years and decades, and then the details of the Creativity and the inheritance of art between generationsAndRecycling .. Art that creates an economic budgeteventually The Algerian media, from the glow of the pen to the field of creativity. It stated the following:: Algerian women have long been known for their brilliance in the world of traditional craftsmanship. in orange, lemon and orange trees, as well as cherries and delicious strawberries that adorn Hospitality Seats, which is the gift of food in this blessed land, as well as the magic of embroidery with the calculation stitch, the thread and the Majboud, which are the dresses of women meals decorated, in various aspects of our beautiful islands..

On the preservation of cultural heritage in proper nutrition, it says:: In the heart of the house, in the corner of the beautiful woman … In the kitchen is the anchor of a healthy body and a graceful body. The secret of the quality of wheat, barley and oak kernels twisted by Algerian fingers , is still unique and beloved. The taste of Algerian olive oil is delicious. Whoever entered Algeria asked for couscous of different kinds, and his daughter and his delicious taste did not leave his memory. And it is also one of the treasures that the silk inherited. As for Jeddah. , and the house’s furniture and decorations, the Algerian carpet and the Hanbal still tell a story of admiration that tells the details of creative divisions, and colors chosen with mixed emotions, reflecting the psychological state of the weaver … Flowers or sadness that threatens the soul remain its details.It is immortal in the magic of colors, drawings and symbols that embrace life and fascinate its scenes..

Recycling is an art that creates an economic budget

Algerian women strive in many fields, despite their brilliance in the world of finance, business and entrepreneurship, technology and modern careers, but they still preserve the heritage of their ancestors in traditional crafts, and innovate in presenting the new marches for their time and the needs of their family and environment, where through various works that pressed their creativity, they were able to connect the past with the present in a harmonious mosaic, to create different beautiful pieces in any field you entered for love or as a way of change, or to achieve the economic balance through which you can recover the lost and also make money, as the jeans became a beautiful handbag as the gold fingers were decorated Baghraj The pride of coffee in a not too distant time, with bright drawings and colors, made it take its place on the shelves to mimic the present with reverence, as well as scented candles that added warmth to the homes, and overflowed with the scent of old and jasmine, especially since there are lovers of this art that reflect the high creative spirit, as we have seen in many. The creative fairs and salons, where we stopped, show how beauty comes from simplicity and turns the used things into masterpieces that the eye loves, so they become a decoration in the house or an accessory that decorates the goods or hands, or a joyful embroidered robe worn by women at weddings, or a warm fabric that stands in the face of the freezing cold with colors alive.

The Algerian media, from the glow of the pen to the field of creativity

The last part of the intervention dealt with the problems of the profession: The media is still a profession of trouble … That misery we enjoy with love and longing never ceases … It is the love of the profession that lives in us … With each new day’s clarity, the signs of a scientific, medical or economic forum or forum appear … Science and thinking Creativity in the different cultural, arts and sports fields that see the eye and whose details are told with credibility by the pen or microphone, because what the listener, reader or viewer will receive is a trust … Journalists, men and women, also strive to provide a high-end media service that elevates society and preserves its heritage … And because the love for an appeal trouble is rooted in the soul and the body .. the details of a happy day in which creativity was a title will remain firmly established and the same thing, but with a strong psychological impact that the owner of the cover like a hurricane hits … if it gets attached to the problems and sadness of others, because we are merely people who feel and suffer, and the pain takes a great depth in the souls, especially when it is linked to a field trip in the dark winter, which accompanies the Directorate of Social Activities, to to gather people without shelter … When the eye sees families lying on the cardboard or an old man packing his pants Balkadana For fear of rape … Photos of mothers in nursing homes are still the bloody picture the pen stands for and cry and complain to God Almighty. We strive to change and promote society, which must work hard.

And so that there could be a space for self-ventilation, the idea of ​​creativity came up, and about that I called an actress evening”: And because the creation of an exhaust valve is more than a necessity to escape to other worlds, in which the dream becomes a reality touched by the hands, and the places bloom with beautiful pieces made by the creative fingers of the pen, in moments that reflect the purity of the soul and the abundance of the worlds of beauty and imagination, so creativity is born, which are the technical details we see today from the production Female journalists, especially organizations in a group, similar to (Journalists of every finger are crafts)which left a deep positive impact on the women of the profession of trouble, especially during a crisis crown Health, where the page formed a beautiful outlet, in which creativity appeared in cooking, traditional and modern delicacies, as well as various arts, which today have become a reality whose details reflect the rooms and foyer of Al-Riyas Palace , where beauty has emerged in embroidery, sewing and beautiful comfortable designs, mimicking the breadth required by the soul To feel happiness and get out of need, in addition to the beds that contain the details of a story of creativity that by colors told from the inspiration of ancestors.

The journalist looks at her nicely today, and between the men she places pearls of tiles … I can build my house with my own hands … The pen is my pen, and the books are outstretched, mimicking the dream and the truth, and craftsmanship is the key to goodness in my hand.. The last speech held all the meanings of appreciation, seriousness and zeal for a strong Algeria with its men and women. Newspaper journalist EveningAhlam Mohieldin, honored by the Cultural Association Our heritage is our islandFemale media figures from various media offices also took part in the meeting, in which they acknowledged the Algerian journalist’s gift in the world of the pen.

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