Ismail Sharif: Golf Courses Contribute to Property Development in the Emirate of Dubai

Khaled Ismail Sharif, director of the Jumeirah Golf Estate Club, currently did not know that the visit he made to the Emirates Golf Club in 1992 would turn into a love and close connection with the game, as Sharif is now on an empire balance of achievements in golf, a credit added to his current position as director of the specialized club In the game at Jumeirah.

According to Ismail Sharif’s talk with Al-Rou’a, his relationship with golf began in 1992 following an invitation from a Japanese friend, before he found a passion in golf, and they stormed out of the widest doors as he later became the first Emirati. professional golfer in 2004, and then he became One of the most prominent Emirati players in the history of the game, as well as one of the most prominent coaches and administrators at the level of the Asian continent and the Arabian Gulf region.

Sharif has had several successes, as a player, manager and coach, and she continues to do so to this day, as several initiatives have contributed to the development of the game of golf in the Emirates and the increase of its popularity, the most of which recent was the initiative. (How to Enter the World of Golf), launched in 2019 by the Jumeirah Golf Estate Club in association with Emirates Club and Dubai Creek Golf Club, as the initiative lies in offering a subscription package at a symbolic price (495 dirhams) , per person for a month, provided he has not practiced golf before, but the main purpose of the initiative is to attract people from outside the golf community, to be a part of it.

The initiative launched by Ismail Sharif has been widely accepted, considering that the value of the monthly subscription set for beginners is equal to the price of one training session for professionals under the supervision of a coach. An invitation to UAE women to join the Jumeirah. Golf Estates Club, play the game and enjoy its wonderful atmosphere, which reveals that 89,000 people will be playing golf during 2021 on the two courses (Earth and Fire) at the Jumeirah Golf Estates Club.

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A start and a challenge

Regarding the secrets of his start in the world of golf, Sharif told Al-Roya: “My start in golf came in 1992, as it was the first time I attended the Emirates Golf Club with a friend of mine from Japan. nationality, and if you work, the Japanese are interested in golf. My friend took me to the golf course for the first time, and for the first time also gave me a putter, but I was not comfortable because they gave me a right-handed putter and I was left, then noticed me friend on that I was left handed and went to the reception and asked to borrow equipment that suits me, I then knew nothing about golf, the lady asked me At the reception what is my tea time, and I have no advance had knowledge of what tea time was so I told her I just want the stick, what happened next she said “I can not use the attachments”, I tried to explain to her that I came with club members. She did not want me to hit the ball, and in turn I argued with her to deprive me of playing .. I explained to her that this was my first visit and my first experience in the world of golf, but she refused, after that i told her i will learn this game and i promise i will come a lot totd that you get bored to see my face. ”

He added: “In 1995, with the help of Mohamed Al-Abbar, President of the Emirates Golf Federation, we formed the first association for the game, then we formed a team representing the Emirates in golf, and I start the country In the individual and team gold with Brigadier Saeed Khalfan Al-Marri, where we took second place.

I continued my career in the game at the level of training and management until I joined the Jumeirah Golf Estates Club in 2017, which was founded in 2008, by the Jumeirah Golf Estates Championship, which in 2009 became one of the most prominent golf tournaments have changed. , as it starts every year in November, which is the round The final round of the European Golf Championship, note that it is considered one of the biggest rounds in the calendar of European Championships.

real estate development

On the link between the economic viability of investing in golf and property development related to golf activities, Sharif explained: “Golf courses around the world, not just the Emirates alone, cannot cover the cost of their establishment, especially as one golf course requires a very large area of ​​land. It contains 18 holes, and requires an area between 65-80 hectares, in addition to the cost of equipment for preparing the course and other facilities, its financial cost is very expensive, so it offers investors in the field of golf to invest the land located in the vicinity of the course and convert it into residential villas that are exhibited At high prices to buy to cover the high expenses paid to establish golf courses, especially that housing in golf communities is one of the characteristic residential environments, as it is a completely enclosed area in addition to other services provided within the residential complex, including schools, shopping malls and other high quality services.

And he added: “Therefore, we find the link between investing in golf and real estate development is strong and the relationship is intertwined. When you want to build a golf course, you choose the cheapest land and far from the city center, but once you start to build the track, the value of the land will increase rapidly, and it will become one of the most expensive residential areas.In the city in which it is located, and this is what happened in Dubai, as it is now considered the most expensive residential area, which is located in the golf complexes. ”

He continued: “Regarding real estate investment related to golf in the Emirates, specifically the Emirate of Dubai, the first project that combined golf and real estate development was Emirates Hills, which was founded by Emaar as I worked with them at the time in the management of the Emirates Golf Club, and together we managed to market the project, which was the starting point for the idea of ​​luxury residential complexes around golf courses, and we were able to create an ideal model for luxury housing in the area of the golf course, knowing that the prices of villas in Emirates Hills are the most expensive among all the residential areas located in the free zones. ”

to support the economy

Commenting on the role of golf in supporting the local economy of the Emirate of Dubai, the director of the Jumeirah Golf Estates Club said: “There is no doubt that there is a major role for golf in supporting the local economy in Dubai, especially that there are 12 golf courses in Dubai, and these courses are integrated residential complexes that create thousands of golf courses. Jobs and many financial resources to support the economy, especially that the class living in golf complexes are rich and high-income people, and we in Jumeirah Golf Estates have about 1,150 villas around the course, which house 4,220 people, and currently all the villas are occupied and there are new facilities being worked on in The next phase, in addition to the tourists visiting the country to attend the international golf tournaments held throughout the year in the UAE, the Jumeirah Golf Estate Club has two courses, (Earth and Fire), which presents the conclusion of the DP world tour. “

care and support

Ismail Sharif revealed that Jumeirah Golf Estates paid more than 180 million dirhams for the former European Tour (currently the Dubai Ports Golf Tour), from 2009 to 2021, as one of the sponsors and partners in the European Tour Championships, as it is the country accommodate. course in the Real Estate Club Jumeirah Golf Club The end of the tour in order.

Sharif has indicated that changing the name of the European Tour of Golf to become the Dubai Ports Tour is the biggest promotion of the name of Dubai and the UAE in the world, given the great reputation of the European Tour and the follow-up you find worldwide, as it includes 47 tournaments held in 27 countries around the world, all held under the name DP World, and it achieves huge profits for Dubai ports, as investing in golf is a financial return and not if some believe that there are no returns and financial benefits accruing to those who invest in this field, especially that the DP golf tour opens the way for DP World to reach traders around the world, and it is a promotion for DP World, as it enables them through partnerships with large companies within the DB Wolder golf tour, in addition to the high viewership of the tour, as it is watched on TV screens by more than 600 million people annually.

future plan

Regarding the development plan of the Jumeirah Golf Estate, Sharif noted that the future plan is to build two new courses (the third and fourth) that will be added to the two existing ones (Fire and Earth), noting that the club currently has a academy includes specialized in training young people and juniors and the basics of the game of golf, in addition to special training for professionals and the elderly, In addition to the club’s facilities, including restaurants, cafes and swimming pools, available for use, whether for people who in the residential complex or from outside it comes, according to a specific signing mechanism; We give a special discount to subscribers from within the complex, and there are special offers for companies, institutions and others for individuals based on the club’s price list.

Sharif has concluded that the golf courses of Jumeirah Golf Estates will host the World Cup Amateur Golf Championship on the fire course in October next year, 2023, as the largest tournament in the world in which thousands of fans and lovers of the game participate around the world. .

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