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#Mohammed_bin_Zayed makes citizens happy with “housing” #Gulf_Newspaper #Gulf_Fifty Years

Attention to citizens and the upgrading of the services provided to them in various fields was the focus of attention of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, who believes in the need to ensure that all the people of the country and its regions enjoy the benefits of the path of goodness, progress and development that the state continues, so he was eager to put all his abilities and resources. The grand plan is to promote and develop the civic housing sector and to create the appropriate environment for the development of society in all its aspects and the building of a modern and sustainable housing system, in particular that the UAE vision is based on improvement of stability and social security for civic families by utilizing all the available capabilities and ingredients to achieve their aspirations and meet their needs, including anticipating their future needs and work to provide

The housing sector and the provision of adequate housing for citizens have received great care and support from His Highness, following the approach of his father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, in order for stability and stability to preserve. well-being of the people of the nation, and in the belief that man is the center of development, and that the Emirati citizen is the cornerstone and most important as in the progress of the country and its stability in all spheres of life

His Highness emphasized the importance of paying attention to the development of a housing system that elevates citizens in various statements, including when His Highness said: “The well-being, happiness and comfort of the citizen are a top priority within the vision of Khalifa, and with the help of God Almighty, we will not stop making more efforts to develop a modern and sustainable housing system, ”as well as saying:“ We propose The Happiness of an Emirati Man is one of the most important considerations. The development renaissance that our country has witnessed is based on man, and our future vision is to achieve the best housing and urban systems that promote the nation and the citizen. ”

Over the years he has given to the sons of the Emirates, His Highness’s gifts have shown His generosity, His zeal for the happiness of the people of the land, and encouraged all the citizens of the land to make the most precious for the favor. to give back. to the country, which extends its white hands in support of the citizen and his stability, and to provide prosperity and prosperity in his life.

Citizens’ housing grants and projects have contributed to creating a stimulating environment for citizens that will accelerate the pace of sustainable development, prosperity and development.

His vision in the housing sector and the provision of the best dignified existence for the people of the Emirates has been manifested in various forms. Fujairah directed, to the division of land and the dismissal of defaulters’ debts to the beneficiaries.

Mohammed bin Zayed City

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Residential City, located in the Al Hail area of ​​the Emirate of Fujairah, is a testament to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, which focuses on the needs of citizens, achieving family stability for them, following up on their affairs and improving their quality of life This is also a good example. On the excellence of planning in the housing sector and the ability to excel in performance, construction and implementation

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Residential City was established using the latest modern methods of urban planning and sustainability standards, to be a modern integrated city serving its residents and visitors, worthy of the name it bears, and the cost of founding of which it amounted to one billion. and 900 million dirhams.

The city, which is three kilometers south of Fujairah Airport, has included residential property, roads, service grounds and green spaces, in addition to essential facilities such as schools, mosques, health clinics, parks and shops, in addition to a cultural community. center, a men’s board and an amusement park.

The city aimed to provide adequate housing for 7,000 citizens and is located on an area of ​​approximately 2.2 square kilometers. It includes 1,100 residential villas equipped with advanced amenities, including 583 five-bedroom villas, 417 four-bedroom villas and 100 3 The city has three main power stations, 19 branch power stations and a fire-fighting pumping station, in addition to a sewage pumping station

family ties

During the distribution process of housing to the citizens who benefit from it, community cohesion and family kinship of the beneficiaries were taken into account so that the houses of widows and divorced women are located close to the houses of their parents and family, and the houses. of brothers, relatives or in-laws are close to each other, in order to preserve the bonds of family relationships

Riyadh city

In 2017, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan adopted a set of updates on citizens’ housing policies. The new policies include the introduction of a package of new housing products for the beneficiaries of citizens.

His Highness ordered the launch of the name “Riyadh” on the latest and largest housing project in Abu Dhabi, formerly known in the South Al Shamkha area and the North Al Wathba area, to include residential neighborhoods with densities studied in accordance with the needs and requirements of citizens, residents and workers in the region, in addition to an integrated set of public facilities. Such as parks, schools, shops, mosques, medical centers and community centers that meet the highest international standards in the field of sustainability

The total area of ​​the “Riyadh City” project is about 8,000 hectares, equivalent to 85% of the area of ​​Abu Dhabi Island, which makes up about 45% of the total residential land in Abu Dhabi, and it is 30 km away of the city center, and the destination capacity reaches more than 200 thousand people

His Highness also at the time led the establishment of the “Modon Real Estate” company that specialized in the development of housing projects, infrastructure and necessary community facilities, provided the company works to develop the city of Riyadh to a modern, integrated and sustainable society to offer.

Al Mughaira project

In May last year …

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