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After the whole world was exposed to a financial and economic crisis after the spread of the Corona virus, the issue of investing and trading among people began to spread abnormally, and people began to wonder if they knew how to invest in strong stocks. , and the answer came from specialists in the field of economics, and investing in technology stocks was best at the beginning of investment.

The most distinctive feature of investing in technology stock companies is that they enjoy leading prices in the industry, and the technology sector is full of stocks that have exorbitant prices, but there are many reasons that justify this rise, the most prominent of which is the high evaluation of the strong growth prospects of these shares.

Through the following rules, we will mention the major technology companies that investing in them is one of the best ways to trade stocks in the world of technology, so we follow.

Best technology stocks to buy

  1. Axonics Modulation Arrow

A medical company, headquartered in Irvine, California, provides patients with a neuro-sacral modulation system for people with urinary and fecal dysfunction.

This system, offered by this company, has been approved by the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada, as this system is summed up by providing a system of light electrical impulses to the nerve in which there is a deficiency in the urinary or fecal routes, in order to restore the natural connection to and from the brain, in order to reduce the symptoms associated with these diseases.

This information is about the shares of this company

  • The stock of this company is considered to be one of the stocks with a small market capital, with a capital of about $ 2.5 billion, and it is considered a good liquidity at a moderate rate with an average daily volume of about $ 33 million.
  • The shares of this company are considered useless shares to this day, but it has been noticed in the recent period that the ownership of funds is starting to rise in the last quarters of the year, as it has been observed that an increase in the ownership of funds occurred among many winners in the stock market.
  1. shopify company stock

It is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, and it is an e-commerce platform that has many online stores in addition to a retail system.

This company is considered one of the largest companies with large global platforms, helping small and medium-sized companies to promote and market their products electronically, and through large electronic records.

Company information

  • Shopify closed its lowest level on February 17, after the company was earlier than the profit rate it achieved, saying it expects to achieve a strong growth rate in its revenue for 2021, adding that this rate will grow more slowly than it was in 2020.
  • Shopfiy achieved a profit rate of $ 2.9 billion in 2021, with a growth rate of 86% over 2019.
  • Shopfiy’s share made a big profit in 2020, and the reason for this is that the stock has risen by 300%, compared to the profit of the Nasdaq Composite Index, which is estimated at 44%.
  • The spread of the Corona pandemic has had a huge impact on e-commerce companies, and the reason for this is that many new e-services and business have been added to this company, in addition to a large development in small companies, and a large part of them have moved from small companies to digital companies.
  • The company, with a market capitalization of US $ 160 billion, offers an e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Shopfiy achieved a 267% increase in the profit margin during the fourth quarter of the year, in addition to an increase in sales of an estimated 94%, bringing the profit to an average of $ 977.7 million. stand bring.
  • The value of sales on Shoppie reached about 41.1 billion US dollars, which means an increase of 99%, but this increase occurred in the case of a slowdown in growth, as the growth rate was about 109% in the third quarter, after the growth rate in the second quarter was estimated at 119%.
  1. Pay Pal stock

It is a US company that provides an online payment system in most countries of the world, and is especially available in those countries that support the online payment feature. This company is considered as one of the companies that offers alternatives to paper cash transactions like checks and money transfers.

The company has recently provided many services, such as the ability to buy and sell certain digital currencies such as bitcoin and litocoin directly through the Paypal digital wallet.

The company maintained strong sales and profits, with a market capitalization of $ 250 billion.

Company information

  • The company expects an increase in its profit throughout the year, during 2021, which amounted to 18%, and during 2022, by 26%.
  • The company announced its expected earnings for the fourth quarter of the year on February 3 by achieving a 30% profit rate, bringing the value of the stock to $ 1.08 per share.
  • Revenue rose 23%, generating a profit of $ 6.1 billion.
  • There was an increase in the total volume of payments, amounting to 277 billion US dollars, by an increase of 39%, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world, which led to an increase in financial transactions through the Internet.
  • The company ended the year 2020 with 377 million users, and the company expects to increase the number of users of this service in 2021 by 50 million users.
  1. Dynatrance stock

It is a US technology information company, which manufactures a software intelligence platform that relies on artificial intelligence, in order to monitor the improvement of performance of applications as well as their development and development of information technology infrastructure, in addition to the improvement of the user experience, and government agencies in various countries of the world.

The shares of this company are among the few remaining shares in the institution’s program group, which works to continue to maintain medium and moving support for a period of 50 days.

Previously, we have presented to you the best technology stocks that can be bought and invested in by mentioning the names of some of the companies and the profits they have recently made.

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