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Tina Al-Momani is grateful for that blue bird, who posted tweets about Abdullah, Fairuz and others about the martyr Abu Aqila for us, in which they raised important questions about the source of intellectual pollution among Arabs, and how the Banu Libral spread indulgences, and to what God wants about her and him and their grace all .. I say: The Palestinian issue is a political issue. To turn it into a religious issue, the Israelites serve to divert the course of events. If the Al-Aqsa Mosque gives religious symbolism to the issue, we can not forget the symbolism of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher under the Arab presence fighting those who robbed the country with all its stubbornness. That desperation in general will carry him to what he said. Al-Roumi: I am yours, so do not give me back, and today it is similar to the thirteenth century when the various religious struggles were the cause of murder, wars and distance from divine love.

One week separated the news of Abu Aqila’s martyrdom and the news that an Arab country was allowing the marriage of a madman or a madman. The latter revealed the atrophy of the Arab mind, and the former revealed the reason

While the world in the fifth dimension is concerned with the issue of cosmic purification, that country allows the marriage of a madman or a madman, almost because our Arabs do not bring dementia from outside, and because it seems that the probability that An Arab will be an insane partner within 100 healthy people is 70%, talk in the Arab world rationally about a Triad (religion, sex, politics) is considered taboo, because who mixes religion and gender with a complex chemical equation , will get a distorted policy out of it, and it serves those who even want to bring us down from the third and fifth dimension to the second where animals live From an Arab / Israeli conflict to an Arab / Arab conflict using religion, and how we are a mentality that can be easily mobilized, mobilized and involved in any conflict

In the religion .. in Surat Al-Nisa, the Almighty said: And they made a solemn covenant with you, and in Surat Al-Room, and he placed affection and mercy among you. Verily, there are signs in it for a people that reflect. And the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said: Whoever among you may marry, let him marry on the assumption that I understand that I say that the foundation in the institution of marriage is love. Unconditionally through worldly interests, money, sex, social appearance, it is supposed to be a soul-to-soul relationship, and on the contrary, it becomes a nasty relationship. Or control, dependence or narcissism inherited from one of them, and many incurable problems filled the universe with toxic cards, leading to problems greater than divorce and homelessness of children to the spread of crime, lack of awareness and awareness, lack to education and the total collapse of societies

So what do we expect from an officially insane or crazy person? How will he understand and respect the heavy covenant?

This country, which has put Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov on the list of key countries in building the new global financial system, with legislation that apparently has nothing to do with politics or with other countries, as if it exists of destructive generations born of toxic relationships, while the Arabs and the world, according to Pushkov’s analyzes – cling to her good intentions. O God

History tells us, for example, of Khedive Ismail how he made his decisions of his four wives in bed and of his mother, not because the decisions are in accordance with reason or because he loves them.The French company, and if you more deepening in the Khedive’s relationship with his father and mother, his love for Eugenie and the obsession of women who influenced his life in power, control and luxury, you will realize why one of them goes after his instincts, for example, and how that will threaten national security when the person is a key official. History tells us of the difference between awareness and action between Nelson Mandela and his saying I will never lose and Cleopatra’s saying “I will not be defeated” and between Ahmed Abu Hashima’s martyrdom based on Mandela’s statement in the context of his marriage. on the exchange of money for beauty The purification and development of the universe .. as well as the woman, for the family is the first cornerstone in building societies and then the whole universe

The present reveals to us the atrophy of the Arab mind, and the ease of mobilizing and mobilizing it and dragging it into any conflict, because it is disturbed by religious, political and social identity.

Let’s leave the humor and come to the grandfather, or rather distinguish it, where my shoulder rests, there was a crazy man, with all due respect to all the crazy people and their families, he was handsome and looked like Italians, calm you will not feel the chaos in him unless you touch his hand because he will rotate you 360 degrees around yourself from the speed he is defying it, or he will throw you above a cloud as he raises his hand to the sky because he was long and graceful, his daily work was to walk arrogantly back and forth a long way, he reminded me of models as long as we see them with those specifications without diving into the depths of their minds, and I thought to myself what if his madness was controlled and the rest of the body and effort was invested in something useful For society and for this madman, what is easier to control a healthy or a crazy man? As long as most of the healthy people in our Arab societies are somehow canned and controlled?

Or is it better for this crazy man and the universe to allow him to start a family? How will attendance decrease? By lifting the hands behind the ears and hanging the tongue from below at a speed of 10 degrees on the Richter scale, which will put the bride instead of the internal gears in her device, or will it be according to the details of the partner’s insanity report, what if they have children? Will he scream in his child’s ear instead of hurting her, deafening and content the child to see the parent’s absence from every place and the role he has to play, then we read peace about peace and about our issues and about decision makers and future youth because their inner child has been deliberately distorted and monitored

If I am the devil, then I am the band of the bag as my people were hit in the context of one whose misery, recklessness and problems were abundant, so that he became like the devil, and that we put him in a bag can grieve with him and his evil with him.He mourns and cries for a mind that wonders about the religion and faith of the heroic journalist, and you see how much Satan is intellectually polluted, we will have if the Arab families continue to principle of superficial attraction between man and woman in them.- By tying the bag to Satan in every way or appropriate, and to silence the voice of falsehood .. The crisis is a crisis of the mind, not a crisis of religion, a crisis of mobilizing ignorance because consciousness worries them

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