1.1 billion pounds account to qualify 200,000 young people to work in information technology

The Start-up Day activities held at the Digital Egypt Creativity Center, in collaboration with the celebrations of the International Day of Creativity and Innovation, saw how dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, doubled the training budget 22 times in three years. increases from training 4,000 pupils with a budget of £ 50 million to a target Training of 200,000 pupils with a budget of £ 1.1 billion during the current financial year, noting that the Our Digital Future initiative launched, aimed at enabling young people from diverse academic backgrounds to acquire leading-edge information technology jobs, with $ 13 million invested to train 80,000. In the first version of the initiative, 20,000 graduates succeeded in implementing independent projects worth $ 130 million in one year, that the initiative aims to provide generations who are capable of a digital Egypt building, helping emerging companies find the skills they need, as well as attracting international companies to establish centers that outsource her to Egypt.

During the Minister’s meeting with more than 69 young entrepreneurs and founders of start-up companies working in the field of information and communication technology, the success stories achieved by entrepreneurs were reviewed, with an emphasis on the challenges they face, and the key mechanisms needed to overcome it. them, as well as the discussion of the most prominent proposals for the promotion of the corporate sector.Erising technology and innovation-based entrepreneurship.

Talaat explained that this meeting comes within the framework of multiple meetings aimed at communicating with promising companies and entrepreneurs, especially that this meeting brings together 60 companies that have managed to attract investments worth $ 240 million over the past year, reviewing the efforts of the Ministry of Communications. and Information Technology and its affiliates to support innovation Technology and digital capacity building.

“Talaat” emphasized that the ministry aims to prepare generations of trained cadres capable of competing in the regional and global markets, by providing specialized training, starting with the development of digital skills for school students through the Digital Misr Initiative and the Digital Egypt Builders Initiative, which demonstrates that a strategy is being implemented Technical training includes a large number of initiatives in partnership with international companies and prestigious academic bodies, to pass on global experiences to Egyptian youth carry … with a focus on the disciplines that are most in demand in the present and future. labor market, and diversity in education mechanisms to include hybrid education, combining traditional methods and digital learning.

During the meeting, the minister reviewed the ministry’s most prominent achievements in terms of supporting technological innovation and entrepreneurship, as eight digital Egypt innovation centers have been established in the governorates, and work is currently underway to establish 14 others, and note He explained that the centers aim to provide technical training, develop digital and soft skills, and provide incubators for projects. to implement a training program for entrepreneurs and promising companies for a period of 3 months, to work on accelerating the growth of Entrepreneurship sector in Egypt. Point out the launch of a special start-up strategy in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting Company, and the launch of Egypt’s digital outsourcing strategy, and note the growth in volume of investments in start-ups in Egypt from $ 190 million with 117 transactions in 2020, to $ 491 million with 147 transactions during 2021

Talaat explained that more than two billion dollars have been invested over three years to develop the information infrastructure, which has contributed to the advancement of Egypt’s ranking to become the first in Africa in the average fixed internet speed, and work is being done on mobile networks strengthen, by offering frequencies for companies and increasing the number of numbers, with reference to the efforts made within the framework of the preparation of legislation supporting the growth of the information and communication technology industry, and the simplification of procedures, as a protocol has been concluded with the Financial Supervisory Authority. and the Investment Authority, to support and support emerging companies in Egypt, and to facilitate investor procedures.

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