Ignoring and starving Iraqis is a crime against humanity | Dr. Majid Al-Samarrai

Twenty years earlier, and months after Paul Bremer acknowledged that the United States had brought down those who sat before him from the streets to govern Iraq, critics and national opponents of the rule of this backward and corrupt group that played the role of the puppet mastered. The opposition’s art accused them of “Ba’athists and Sunnis who lost power and trying to regain it”.

This deception was accepted by some of the simple people with good intentions in the central and southern governorates, who believed that the release of freedom from sectarian feelings and rituals was a historical gain, such as water and bread, that they missed during the time of the previous regime that codified it and tried to keep it away from external politicization. Those who have been deceived, the few among some writers and those who happen to enter politics, have not refused to turn the story of the historical falsification of Islamic rule into a political game, even though its place is books and jurisprudence.

The leaders of the Iranian regime have, since the first few years, after 2003, invested the acumen of the game of doctrine out of the rule of their clients, a state of collective spiritual dissociation from reality for many of the simple boys of the center and the south, similar to hypnosis to pass on the political agendas of the heresy of Shiite Islamic rule in Baghdad with American permission, some may say It is not meant, but it is. It is known that a hypnotist may not feel real pain, like that crazy man who is subjected to hard blows from a dervish stick to get the devil out of his head.

The main Iranian gain, which lasted for several years, for those agendas in Iraq was to prevent the Iraqi popular opposition from revolting against the new “Shiite political” regime, following the false American slogans that the country democracy after Saddam’s regime will make Iraq the crown of freedom, progress, democracy and prosperity in Iraq have been expelled.The region is for its sons who will forget the decades of wars and sieges and enjoy the great wealth of their country .

Here comes the effect of the great political game, after the end of the orchestrated hypnosis effect and until 2019 the date of the Iraqi revolution of consciousness, which says that criticism and confrontation of the “Shiite” rulers is a “Ba’athist” conspiracy and then it became an American-Israeli. There is no objection or opposition to murderers and thieves, even in the face of the state of hunger, deprivation and poverty, because according to the deception, which has been suffocated today, it is limited to the “signs of the return of the Expected Mahdi. ” Despite all the hardships that have befallen the Shiites, they tell them that “the reason for your hardship is our siege and prevention, because we are the sons of Hussein.” What is required is the continuation of the rule of the tyrants of the century. and the theft of the country’s wealth that dominates its fate and the continuation of their children and families.

The masters of these stupid and ignorant people do not know that the project of ignorance and famine against the people of Iraq to keep them under the category of despair and surrender for as long as possible, despite its cruelty, has severe consequences for the leaders of the parties involved in the guidance and their implementation tools

Those who have taken power in Iraq over the last twenty years are idiots who have nothing to do with politics, or even Islamic and Shiite principles who call for justice, truth and human rights, because they implement foreign policies aimed at to plunder country’s wealth. If these minimum levels of awareness, political intelligence and patriotism were available, it would provide its people with the simplest necessities of a decent life in terms of life, health and education, and it would have become a justification for their survival. to power.

My memory at the time of writing these rules was the death of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, son of the founder of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The world’s first in human life and construction. These leaders deserve the loyalty, love and dedication of their people, and of their Arab brothers the support and pride.

The news I am witnessing is that in 1974, during one of the meetings of the Information Office in Baghdad, Information Minister Tariq Aziz proposed to the then Vice President Saddam Hussein to help the Emirati brothers who were independent of their new state to their agriculture, for example. Immediately during the meeting, Saddam Hussein ordered that tens of thousands of top-quality palm trees be sent by Iraqi planes. It is noteworthy that the Emirati not only planted date shoots in their country, but were able to build fields for propagation according to the latest scientific methods, so that the UAE became one of the first countries in the region to have the best dates after the world. As for Iraq, which has a global advantage, the hackers and corrupt people killed and destroyed its ten million palm orchards in the 1970s, and it became an importer of dates from Iran after producing three-quarters of the world’s product.

The tragic series of Iraq’s destruction continues, they looted everything that could form a basis for rebuilding, demolished its factories and presented it as “rubbish” to the harmful neighbor. They have hindered every executive step that can aid development and self-sufficiency in agriculture and industry because, in their estimation, it deprives greedy Iran of booty. They each shared according to their position in the gang’s doctrine, stole oil before and after marketing, and spread illiteracy after it was zero in the era of the previous regime, to now include more than 40 percent of Iraqis, and drug use. spread by almost the same rate.

The price was high, the members of the Sunni Arab community paid for quite a few years, in light of the hard period of hypnosis for the simple Shiites, before the shock of awareness was achieved by the young generation who set the goals of which revealed great. political deception in the use of the sectarian and democratic slogans, despite their conflict, in the target of all groups of the people and its denominations except for wage earners and clients.

This important development in the Iraqi case, with the advice of their guardians, warned the authorities to implement new paths that move from continuing the generalization of the ignorance project to activating the theory of famine and slow mass killings, despite the difficulty of implementing it destructive context in a rich country like Iraq.

A simple example of this, Jamal Koder, a member of the Finance Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, revealed in a statistical report a few days ago that “more than a quarter of a million people receive two salaries a month, and others receive 6, 5, 4 and 3 salaries.The government costs 18 billion and 900 million dollars annually, 99 percent The hundred of them are politicians, parties and Rafha, ”while the Wali who dominate the facilities of the post-2003 governments prevent or hinder, for example, pension transactions for employees who have served the Iraqi state despite the absence of legal barriers against them.

The tragic series of Iraq’s destruction continues, they looted everything that could form a basis for rebuilding, demolished its factories and presented it as “rubbish” to the harmful neighbor. They prevented every executive step that could aid development and self-sufficiency

There are many reports circulating, some of which may seem exaggerated, about the extent of the looting, but a documented report recently revealed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has agreed to 14,000 fighters from Lebanese Hezbollah pension salaries to be granted under the title “Lebanese Workers”. worked in Iraq. ” The author of the report asked an official source in the Cabinet Secretariat about the reason, to which he replied: “This is the same law that authorized the permission of 80,000 Egyptians who worked in Iraq during the siege period.” but he did not provide an answer about the lack of care for five million Iraqis who have left Iraq.

A few days ago, the Iraqi Ministry of Culture announced its approval to allocate 12 billion Iraqi dinars, equivalent to $ 821 million, to a memorial to the late Muhammad al-Sadr, Muqtada’s father. to rig. These days, the news industry seems confusing, but if the news had not been true, it would have been denied by Al-Sadr’s office. Muqtada accepts this and he is the defender of the poor and the needy.

The ruling class has not surrendered and is not expected to surrender. It has money and weapons in its hand. It does not allow anyone to oppose it. It is the “legal, divine representative on earth” despite the loss of its national legitimacy, 80 percent boycotting the last election cycle, and the loss of its functional legitimacy because it did not deliver a real achievement for the people. And most importantly, their lack of love for Iraq and its people.

The corrupt government in Baghdad did not like the report of the United Nations World Food Program, which recently announced that nearly three million Iraqi citizens have been exposed to a serious food consumption crisis, despite the official announcement of a financial surplus that 16 billion is estimated. dollars due to the increase in oil imports.

A few days ago, the interim prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, circulated the report of the US intelligence group, which was declassified by US President Joe Biden, and the report indicated the seriousness of climate change and its relationship to national security until 2040. . Iraq is the only country in the region that faces this danger and threatens tensions that could threaten US national security.

The cruelest slow human extermination is the creation of the great famine that accompanies the program of ignorance in a rich country like Iraq.

A third of Iraqis are hungry because there is a class of new rich people who have found the way before them to invest the golden opportunity and seize most of the country’s money, with the support and coverage of the successive heads of government involved. human crime It has the character of bribery and corruption after being socially normalized and culturally accepted and religiously transmitted by cheap fatwas.

Countless examples of painful manifestations of the myth perpetrated by social media within Iraq reveal the escalation of the Iranian campaign of ignorance related to the public loyalty to the regime of Wali al-Faqih and the reverence of its founding leader. A few days ago, I was watching a painful film posted on social media of three Iraqi people standing on a small well in the Savan area near the city of Basra. They say it is “sacred because it is the place where Khomeini ablution. before his departure from Iraq. It must be perpetuated and a landmark built on it. ”

The masters of these stupid and ignorant people do not know that the project of ignorance and famine against the people of Iraq to keep them under the category of despair and surrender for as long as possible, despite its cruelty, has severe consequences for the leaders of the parties involved in the guidance and their implementation tools.

The Iraqis are ignorant of their despair and surrender to the will of the leaders of the hired and corrupt parties, as well as to deliberately starve them by stealing their money and wealth. be subject to a statute of limitations, and sooner or later the people will be held accountable to those involved in its implementation, all without exception.

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