Minister of Petroleum: The state is interested in investing in energy efficiency development

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, inaugurated the third conference and exhibition for energy efficiency in the petroleum sector, EPEEC 2022, in the presence of heads of bodies, holding companies and Egyptian and foreign petroleum companies.

El Molla announced in his opening speech that the ministry is adopting an energy efficiency policy in the petroleum sector’s activities with specific annual objectives to save energy and rationalize its use.
Al Mulla added that the conference, in its third edition, is an important opportunity to exchange views and review best practices that have succeeded in increasing energy efficiency, especially in light of the successive challenges facing the world in and that the conference aims to develop a roadmap with specific objectives in this area over the next few years.
Al-Mulla explained that the challenges of the Corona pandemic have affected several business fields and put it to difficult tests, which represents a warning sign of what could happen if the challenges of climate change are not given enough attention, especially that significant increases in temperature can lead to epidemics and greater damage to all sectors.
Al Mulla stressed that the ministry has worked continuously for years to confront climate change and reduce emissions on many climates, the most important of which is the diversification of the energy mix consumed and the increase in rates of using natural gas as the cleanest fossil fuel.
He explained that achieving energy efficiency is one of the key areas of the sector development and modernization project, implemented in 2016, where a work program was awarded to improve energy efficiency in the sector as an important element in efforts to build . a strong and sustainable sector, as it is the best solution to reduce costs and improve profitability in addition to reducing emissions. Many successes have been achieved in the light of the implementation of this program which is represented in the achievement of significant savings due to the increase of energy efficiency rates, in addition to the implementation of a large number of training and capacity building programs for workers in the field of energy efficiency until it has become part of the sector’s culture.
The Minister thanked the foreign partners in the petroleum sector for their significant contribution in recent years in projects related to energy efficiency and for helping the sector to achieve its objectives.
Al-Mulla emphasized the sector’s intention to continue investing in energy efficiency opportunities in a way that increases the sector’s readiness to meet any challenges and move towards a sustainable future on the environmental side. and adapting resource efficiency in the light of the global trend towards a low-carbon future, emphasizing that countries that will be interested in investing in improving energy efficiency and transforming the energy mix will have greater flexibility in the future at the economic level and in the field of energy and climate. There is also a need for companies, as pillars of economic activity, to adopt more sustainable practices to pave the way for a green future for Egypt and the region.
In turn, Christian Berger, the Ambassador of the European Union to Egypt, emphasized the importance of this conference, which sheds light on the field of improving energy efficiency in the light of the global interest in tackling climate change, and pointed out that European Union countries are working to implement programs and initiatives to improve energy efficiency and that there is co-operation between the European Union and the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum in this area, pointing out that the European Union’s sector projects technical and financial support in the field of gas supply to homes, the Suez refinery and training programs in the field of improving energy efficiency, and the application of energy efficiency policies in all headquarters and sector projects, emphasizing the Union’s desire for Partnership and Cooperation to strengthen with Egypt in the field of the v reducing emissions and promoting the use of hydrogen, in the context of preparations to sign an agreement in the Mediterranean region to expand in the field of hydrogen.
The Minister of Petroleum presents the Awards for Excellence in Energy Efficiency
After the opening, Eng Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, presented the Excellence Awards in Energy Efficiency to the heads of the winning companies, which are MOPCO Company in the first place, Rashid Petroleum Company in the second place, then Abu Qir Petroleum. Company and Badr El Din Petroleum Company, as well as awards of excellence to cadres of the Middle Management training program for their efforts to improve energy efficiency.
Honor and appreciation
The minister also thanked the conference organizing committee and engineer Ahmed Abd Rabbo, the ministry’s energy and climate efficiency supervisor, for their efforts in organizing this conference and honoring him during the opening ceremony.
Opening of the accompanying exhibition
Following the opening session of the conference, the Minister inaugurated the accompanying exhibition and inspected the participating pavilions, which include 18 pavilions for Egyptian and international companies and institutions to review the latest technologies and services in the field of improving energy efficiency.

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