On the sixty-sixth anniversary of its founding. Here is the history of national security

This year’s anniversary comes in a context characterized by the easing of precautionary and preventive measures approved by the country, like the rest of the world, due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which was an opportunity during which the national security elements their high patriotic sense, as they were connected on the public street throughout the period of the health emergency, and still are. In order to protect the safety of citizens, preserve property, strengthen a sense of security, and counteract false news, thus contributing to the success of the public effort to manage the pandemic and its repercussions soften.

In addition to its comprehensive mobilization and extreme vigilance, the General Directorate of National Security has become involved in a communication policy as a mechanism and an essential pillar for the establishment of good security management. In this context, it has launched a new online portal, available to the public, aimed at communication between citizens and national security interests regarding behaviors and actions that violate the procedures of the state of health emergency.

The launch of this new portal falls within the framework of the General Directorate of National Security’s effort to provide interactive mechanisms for immediate communication with citizens, with the aim of involving users of modern communication media in the public effort to launch the Covid-19- reduce pandemic.

From this perspective, the national security interests worked to strengthen the institutional framework for communication and security openness, the diversification of its mechanisms and levels, as well as the development and improvement of communicative content and its adaptation to the qualitative boom in information and communication technology. . At the institutional level, the central communication cell was strengthened and state, regional and regional cells affiliated with it were created at the decentralized level, in order to facilitate coordination and communication with the press and local websites and to respond to their related requests. keep up with security media.

The General Directorate of National Security, in line with the rapid developments taking place in the digital space and alternative media, was also eager to ensure its presence on social media platforms as official National Security accounts launched on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is.

Committed to its nature as a national institution that has demonstrated its vigilance and high professionalism, which is praised worldwide, in maintaining the stability of the country and supporting the security of citizens, the General Directorate of National Security has qualitative work and proactive strikes continued. in combating terrorist conspiracies, either by dismantling terrorist cells or by continuing security coordination at both levels. many countries around the world.

On the other hand, in recent years the General Directorate of National Security has given an important place to workshops to rehabilitate the human element. It is a profound and comprehensive reform that has expanded to include all career paths for the security man, without strengthening the process of establishing and consolidating good governance in the various technical and logistical work mechanisms that support human resources for national security. was through the female component, so that women, along with men, accepted responsibilities in which they demonstrated clear abilities and high competencies.

On the other hand, the General Directorate of National Security was involved in the launch of several structured security projects, including the opening of the new headquarters of the National Laboratory for Scientific and Technical Police, the National Judicial Police Division, and the inauguration of equestrian sports . National Security Club in Quneitra.

The new headquarters of the National Science and Technical Police Laboratory is built on a total area of ​​8,600 square meters, consisting of six upper floors and a basement floor, and five technical platforms, equipped to house the Forensic Biology Department, the Chemistry Department , the Forensic Drugs and Poison Department, and the Forensic Evidence Department. And the Department of Genetic Fingerprint Diagnostics, the Administrative Department, Personnel Management and the Logistics Division, the seizure of seizures and evidence, the measurement of quality and security, and the security of information systems.

The department in charge of DNA or genetic fingerprints is equipped with very advanced and accurate mechanisms, which are the first of their kind on the African continent in the field of DNA extraction operations, and will allow these mechanisms to increase the yield and improve quality. by careful treatment in a short period of time of the largest possible number of samples Laboratory withdrawn from crime scenes, with an average of 300 samples in a time of not more than three hours.

In response to several emerging crimes, the laboratory has been equipped with new technical mechanisms to determine the nature of the ink used in forged documents, and another to work to increase the volume of the material treated to more than 300 000 times its true size to inflate.

As for the new headquarters of the National Judicial Police Brigade, it is designed and equipped to house the specialized offices of the National Judicial Police Brigade, both in the field of combating terrorist crime and violent extremism, and forms of transnational organized crime, especially drugs. . and psychotropic drugs, illegal immigration and human trafficking, economic and financial crime and money laundering and crimes related to modern technology.

Through the construction of this new facility, the General Directorate of National Security strives to provide an integrated workspace for judicial police officers, enabling them to receive and implement international judicial delegations our country receives from abroad, and to develop mechanisms for international cooperation in the field of security, as well as to ensure specialization and efficiency in research.And the investigation of major crimes that threaten the security of Morocco and Moroccans.

This integrated headquarters was equipped with advanced spaces and equipment in accordance with the guarantees established by law during the pre-trial investigation procedures, in particular a hall to ensure contact with the lawyer, places to keep people in conflict with the law, identification offices according to the state-of-the-art technologies, and a laboratory for the analysis of digital footprints, as well as an Amphitheater for holding press conferences, meeting rooms, a place for prayer, as well as facilities for the convenience of employees.

Consecrated to the Equestrian Club of the General Directorate of National Security, inaugurated along the Maamoura Forest near the Royal Police Institute in Kenitra, it covers an extensive area of ​​about ten hectares, covered by a group of integrated facilities that provides police training services in the field of equestrian, entertainment and sports competition in the field of equestrian art.

This new facility houses a “training unit”, which provides specialized and continuous training services for the benefit of police officers working in mounted teams of various specializations and performing various security-related tasks.

Thus, if the efforts of the General Directorate of National Security aim to, through all of the above, increase the police system to the level of the aspirations of citizens, and also to bring about the rapid developments brought about by the criminal phenomenon in the transnational dimension of it, the commemoration of the founding of the security family The National Assembly, on 16 May 1956, remains a historic moment commemorated every year to learn about the achievements of this family, and to the future in the face of the great security challenges who beheld the world.

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