Prescription of the “Sheikhs” deputies to create a climate of creativity and entrepreneurship

During the plenary session, today, Monday, the House of Representatives, chaired by Adviser Abdel Wahab Abdel Razek, made several remarks during the discussion of the request submitted by Representative Alaa Mustafa and twenty members on the Government’s explanation. policies on “the system of innovation, technological innovation and entrepreneurship to meet the various challenges facing Innovators, entrepreneurs and all parties involved, in line with developments and rapid technological change.

The following is a list of the top 5 observations by members of the Senate, which have served as a precondition for the promotion of this sector:

MP criticizes legislative shortcomings in creating a climate for creativity and entrepreneurship

In turn, Representative Suha Saeed, Undersecretary of the Senate Culture and Information Committee, called for coordination between ministries in the files of entrepreneurship and technological innovation centers.

The deputy said there has been a legislative shortcoming in recent years regarding the creation of a climate of creativity and entrepreneurship, and we need to pay close attention to this issue, and address it as soon as possible.

The Deputy praised the achievement of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, which is working on projects working with digitization and electronic games, and appealed to the Ministry of Communications to follow suit by adopting this file.

Saeed pointed out that electronic games are the awareness of children, and the ministries involved must work together to establish places for electronic games to free young people from targeting through Babji games, and so on.

Parliamentary: It is necessary to liaise and coordinate between the authorities involved in the telecommunications file and the centers of technological innovation and creativity

Representative Akmal Nagati, Secretary of the Senate Committee on Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment for the Coordination of Young Parties and Politicians, stressed that investment in communication is the future, and criticized the lack of linking and coordination between the parties involved in the communication file and the centers of innovation and technological innovation.

Nagati, for example, during his speech at the Senate plenary session today, Monday, added that his programs are unfortunately not currently linked to the market.

Nagati asked, “Where is the government in embracing young people who have technological innovations?”

He said: “Unfortunately, the failure to embrace creative youth has led to the migration of entrepreneurs and creative people abroad.”

The secretary of the Senate’s Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment Committee for the Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians has questioned the Ministry of Communications’ plan in the field of artificial intelligence.

He continued: “If the ministry wanted to answer my questions, it would be in numbers.”

Ahmed El Knawy: We have not seen any development in technology center programs in the last 10 years

Meanwhile, Representative Ahmed El-Kenawy, a senator coordinating the youth of parties and politicians, said he considers himself the son of the information technology sector and the world of entrepreneurship.

In his speech at the Senate plenary session, El-Kenawy added that over the years, many of us have followed the important role played by the technological innovation centers and research centers of the Ministry of Communications, which have kept pace to some extent. with the development that took place in the world at that time, but over the years.The past ten years there has been no renewal or development of the programs of these centers, despite the great leaps that this sector has made worldwide, and from which several new sciences have been born, the applications of which are available all around us.

Al-Kenawi emphasized that it was necessary to keep in mind that many of the goods that we considered luxurious or luxurious in recent times have become important, essential and perhaps strategic today, and this means that we have a national security issue speaks.

He said: “Worldwide, 80% of start-up companies can not continue within their first year, and half of the remaining 20% ​​stumble within 5 years, which means that one company out of every 10 companies can continue, reflecting stiff competition. in the world market. ” “

He continued: “As far as local tariffs are concerned, there are no official statistics, but it is clear that they are significantly lower than global tariffs.

What does the Ministry of Communications offer in support of these companies, to ensure a smooth transition from the stage of incubation provided by the ministry and some development companies, to some extent, to the stage of mature companies operating solely in the market can compete? “

El-Kenawy stressed: “Any company needs industrial input, and we have very difficult procedures for importing electronic components, and companies also need financing, despite its global availability in this sector, but the procedures for its entry and stability within Egypt and its exit from it is very difficult, and companies need skilled labor in In this sector, it is very difficult for them to attract engineers and developers from abroad. “

He continued: “Companies need markets to sell their products and services, and the government is not helping externally or even internally. The state is rather not involving the leading companies in its ambitious projects in the New Administrative Capital and other giant national projects.

He asked: “What is the role of the government in providing a safe and attractive investment climate in Egypt for these companies, in the presence of very tough competition for regional countries that are better than us in this field, such as the UAE, Israel , Turkey and more recently Saudi Arabia? ”

Senator Legal Advocate: Entrepreneurship can only thrive in a climate of economic freedom

In turn, Representative Mohamed Farid, Undersecretary of the Senate Human Rights Committee for the Coordination of Young Parties and Politicians, said that entrepreneurship can only flourish in an atmosphere of economic freedom, and look at Egypt’s position in indicators of economic freedom. we find it very low.

Farid added in his speech at the Senate plenary session today that given Egypt’s position in the Global Innovation Index, we would find it 114, while in the internal indicator of the regulatory environment it is 124, which is a reflection of the complexity of the organizational structure and its transformation from regulation to compliance,

In addition, there are many inactive laws that lead to disruption of entrepreneurship, the most important of which is the Personal Data Protection Act, the executive regulations of which have not been enacted since 2020, and the Information Technology Crimes Act, which is having difficulty drafting , poor intellectual property rights, and Egypt’s failure to sign its agreements.

He continued: “The presence of various regulatory and supervisory bodies differing in their subordination increases the limitation and complexity of entrepreneurs

In terms of infrastructure, Egypt ranks 74th in the internet inclusion index, 83rd in internet speed and 92nd in the quality of technological infrastructure. We are not alone in the world. If we want to be an attractive country, we have to work on solving it. these problems. solve these problems. ”

Mahmoud Turki calls for a plan to take care of innovators … and the sustainability of technological projects

Representative Mahmoud Turk, a senator from the Coordination of Youth Parties, said that Egypt should put in place a comprehensive development plan in the areas of communication, technological innovation and sponsoring innovators.

Turk added: “We face many major challenges, and therefore we all need to hear from the Ministry of Communications its vision and the development of an integrated strategy for the coming period.”
Turk pointed out that there are major challenges facing young people who come to implement projects.

He said: “The goal is not to implement projects, but the goal is the success, continuity and sustainability of projects. Therefore, we need the Ministry of Communications to explain its full vision to us so that everyone, especially the youth, can face all challenges and problems and overcome all obstacles. “

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