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Cairo Once again, the phenomenon of fraudulent Egyptians has returned in the name of investment money, the most recent of which was the fall of a scammer in the middle of Edfu in the southern governor of Aswan, after he stole hundreds of millions of pounds from the people under the pretext around them to employ in the livestock trade.

A state of rage has dominated the towns and hamlets of the Aswan governor for the past few days, after the people fell victim to a scam operation led by a “tuk-tuk” driver named “Mustafa Al-Bank” , known to the media as “Mestreeh Aswan”.

The new “restorer”, a 35-year-old who has previously been in prison in various criminal cases, has managed to seize large funds amounting to between 500 million and two billion pounds, according to the people’s accounts, and 200 million pounds, according to a statement by the Home Office.

The name “Al-Mustareeh” is due to the case of the fraudster Ahmed Mustafa and his fame as “Ahmed Al-Mustareeh”, which seized millions of pounds from civilians, was arrested in mid-2015 and up to 15 years jail sentence.

Since then, the media has been calling “relaxed” to those who defraud citizens under the pretext of investing and operating their money in exchange for large monthly profits.

Greed and sadness

“It’s all gone, it’s all gone,” repeated one of the Aswan victims with a clear sigh, after losing his money and livestock, which he willingly gave to Mustafa the bank, hoping for the imaginary profits that he promised him.

Mustafa Al-Badri, known as “Mustafa the Bank,” became known among the people because he bought livestock at double prices using the “promise” system, which means that the price doubled after 21 days.

Many videos of the quorum circulating claiming to be distributing profits to the people, which motivated many to trust him and hand over their money to invest, before he stopped paying and suddenly disappeared, and the victims started in front of his house gathered to claim their money. money that has evaporated.

Reports surfaced against the quorum, so security authorities began moving him and arresting him last Thursday after a chase that ended with the deaths of two police brigades in a traffic accident during their return.

The fall of the Aswan “resting place” was the beginning of the fall of another series of rests that slandered the people in the same way, including Taher Al-Hassawi, who is also from Edfu in Aswan, and seized about 100 million pounds of the citizens, under the pretext of employing them in the car and cattle trade with fantastic profits and returning the money in just 15 days.

After the people gathered and riots and violence took place in the village, the security forces on Saturday managed to seize Al-Hassawi in the Giza governor with 16 gold bars weighing 10.5 kilograms and amounts of money.

And the Egyptian media reported the arrest of 4 scammers in recent days and the search for 4 others, who deceived the people of Aswan in the same way.

The phenomenon of rest

And if the name “relaxing” dates back to 2015, then The phenomenon of money placement dates back to an earlier time, specifically in the eighties and nineties of the last century, when money placement companies spread, the most famous of which were the companies of Al Rayyan, Al Saad and Al Huda.

These companies were able to raise billions of pounds from citizens at the time for the purpose of investing it, and the depositors actually made good profits under the government’s audience and under the banner of the media. To the citizens, who took many years, sometimes cash and sometimes goods at exorbitant prices, which caused great losses for depositors.

The controversy continues to this day over these companies, between those who say they are defrauding citizens and paying profits from the money of new depositors, and those who say that the government has intervened against them to protect the banks that have complained about customers withdrawing from them in favor of recruitment companies.

The magic mixture

And between the quorum’s intelligence, the victim’s greed, and the bad economic conditions, lies the magical “relaxing” mix, where the quorum begins to weave its nets intelligently around victims by promoting its work in a lucrative activity or trade and deceive people into paying very high profit rates, which are profits that cannot be obtained by trading methods normally.

The relaxed earns the trust of his victims by giving them the first profits so that everyone who got the profit starts propagandizing the scams and attracts new victims from his family and friends to invest their money.

Soon the citizens would sell their property of land, real estate and gold works, to willingly throw it to the comforter, hoping for the astronomical profits he had promised them.

Within a few months, the quorum reaches astronomical amounts, and the journey of escape and disappearance begins, and at that moment, the victims realize that their money has gone to waste.

comfortable for every province

Despite the spread of the phenomenon in many Egyptian governorates and the repeated announcement of the fall of the rest, and despite the great similarity in the methods and methods of monument, the matter is still repeated regularly, whether in towns or cities .

The extent of the phenomenon’s spread is revealed by the large numbers collected by these people. We cite a few examples from the local media in Egypt:

  • The toilet of Minya (Hussain.M), known as mr. Hussein, seized more than one and a half billion pounds of the people of Minya, claiming that it was invested in the trade and export of marble to China.
  • Mustarih al-Sharqiya (Hosni St.) deceived the people of his village and was able to raise sums of money of one billion pounds, claiming that he employs them in commercial projects in exchange for a profit of up to 50%.
  • Comfortable Menoufia “MAA” managed to seize more than 200 million pounds from the people of Menoufia in exchange for renting it, before he was arrested, to end his life by committing suicide in his prison in February 2021 commit.
  • Another relaxed man in Menoufia, known as “Draz”, has raised half a billion pounds from his 1,300 victims and claims they were invested in advertising companies in the city of Shebin El-Kom.
  • Mushtari al-Gharbia, a doctor who has managed to raise 400 million pounds of civilians for employment in a surgical and endoscopic center he is building in the city of Kafr El-Zayat, in the Gharbia governor, north of Cairo, erected, and was arrested in February 2021. .
  • As for the toilet in Tanta, it has managed to seize £ 600 million, claiming to be used in property and cars in early 2019.
  • Buhaira toilet received nearly half a billion pounds from citizens after he misled them into using it to import equipment for large electricity companies.

The previous models are simple examples of this phenomenon. It is enough to go to the search engine “Google” and type in the word “relaxed” to show dozens of similar cases and billions of stolen pounds.

Greed or helplessness?

The question of why citizens use this method to invest their money instead of legal methods has been the subject of controversy and widespread discussion on social media. While some see it as just greed, others say the victims have no vision to invest their money. in private projects, and citizens do not trust in The existing banking system is the cause of the phenomenon.

While some argue that this phenomenon indicates that the Egyptians possess large sums of money, others say that poor economic conditions force the citizen to sell his property and borrow to invest it in this way, in order to obtain an existence that the rising needs in light of the high prices.


Some denounced the lack of early intervention by the authorities in these cases, and the failure to take any action against the quorum until people submitted reports when the quorum stopped paying and it was discovered that he had escaped with the money he raised. .

Some argue that the authorities do not interfere before submitting reports so as not to be accused of fighting businessmen, while other influential figures in the security authorities and the executive accuse them of helping and protecting the rest, and some claim that the rest often a front for important figures.

Others point out that Aswan’s resting place built its barns on state land without being subjected to any liability, despite his reputation in Aswan and neighboring governorates months ago!

Source : Egyptian media + Al Jazeera + Social media

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