The safe haven .. How to invest your money in the face of the economic crisis?

Investment certificates, gold or real estate? .. a question that comes to the minds of many people at the moment, as most citizens turn to the search for an additional source of income in addition to their work, and the search for the best method for healthy and safe investment always takes at the same time then, some believe that savings certificates The most suitable investment, especially after the interest rate has risen to 18%, and others dare to buy gold and consider it a safe investment, especially after the gram price exceeds 1200. Of the consequences which can affect financial savings, although safe investing is very difficult at this time, but there are areas that are highly insured and easy to trade and make profits without any effort.

Individual investors want to invest their money with a large material return, and at the same time safely without risking this money, which leads to them buying bank certificates or gold as a safe haven in a time of political and economic crises. “Al-Akhbar” spoke to economists and real estate experts to find out what are the best ways to invest safely at present.

At the beginning, dr. Mustafa Badra, an economist, that the idea of ​​investment is a confusing question for citizens due to the lack of agreement in income and financial surplus. Every individual measures the ability to invest in “the convergence of private savings” and this is due to the source of basic income. There are some citizens who make financial sacrifices in exchange for managing funds for investment, The money is just spend as needed, thus saving an amount of money at the end of the month.

He added that there are several alternatives to investing and that the choice between them depends on the amount of risk that the citizen can bear, starting with a savings certificate.These certificates are the most important way to achieve a stable income or invest by metals for sale. , gold or pound.

Gold is considered a safe haven as it is known to be a popular investment among people, where anyone can buy gold at any time without being bound by any laws or specific dates for sale or purchase. It can be easily invested and retained its value in the long run The third investment is Egyptian treasury bills for the secondary market, It is considered as one of the safe and available investment methods for everyone, and it is also guaranteed as one of the ways to save and to invest.

Property is a great opportunity to make a profit and keep money at home, a huge loss

He pointed out that the fourth investment is the purchase of treasury bonds offered by the Central Bank, which is also one of the safe and secure investment mechanisms. The fifth investment is the purchase of real estate and land, especially available at the state, which will be one of the important alternatives for investment.

And to get income from it, but you may need a large amount of money to buy real estate units. The sixth and final choice for the economist is the possibility of investing in the money market. There was a risk, there was a opportunity.

He explained that keeping money in homes causes a loss to its owner because its value decreases due to inflation, and it is required to direct it to banks and invest it in any available form.

Bank Certificate
Rania Yaqoub, a member of the Capital Markets Advisory Committee, says there is a difference between the safe haven, which is the asset that holds the value of the money, and the investment that achieves a substantial return. This is one of the things that individuals and investors seek by investing their money in assets with large financial returns.

Among these assets are gold and savings certificates. The price of gold has risen excessively due to expectations and currency depreciation. The purchase of gold poses a major risk in investment, and the recommended advice remains for individual savers of small amounts to invest their money in a year represented in the purchase of savings certificates in banks.

He added it comes with the aim of obtaining a regular and guaranteed return, and also of keeping these funds at any risk, especially if he is dependent on the return of these amounts or a portion thereof for his existence.
Save 18% with a large substantial return, as it is one of the investment options offered by Banque Misr and the National Bank of Egypt, following the Central Bank of Egypt’s decision to raise interest rates, to a large segment of individuals to attract for the purpose of making a profit from the purchase of certificates, but these certificates are for a limited period, which is only one year. The substantial return on the certificate will be for a period of only one year, but it is distinguished as an opportunity for individuals who want to obtain a guaranteed and fixed return each month.

Yaqoub explained that all investment has a risk, so it is necessary to look for a safe investment that gives a return to the citizen. As for small projects, she emphasized that the capital cycle in it is fast and suits young people more. , and young people always tend to consumer projects and restaurants, but Egypt needs special productive projects in light of the circumstances and endowment. Imports from abroad, alternative products must be provided, and the smart investor who owns the capital starts looking for the missing goods affected by not importing from abroad and starts thinking about production methods in raw materials.

real estate investment
Engineer Ahmed Al-Attal, a real estate developer, confirmed that real estate investing is one of the most profitable types of investments, given that it is low risk and has a steady cash flow, especially with the increase in population and the offer rate is 50% less than required.Real estate prices will rise over time, real estate is a guaranteed non-loss-making investment as it is saved money that increases in value over time, allowing a high investment return to be achieved, and the present time is the most suitable time to buy a property.

He explained that investing in real estate is also characterized by long-term payment systems, which have offered many the opportunity to pay a sum of money over long periods of time.

Al-Attal added that the alternative investment of savings certificates was linked to an increase in interest rates. .

Buy a pound or ingot
Ehab Wasfi, head of the Golden Chamber of Industry in the Federation of Industries, stated that the investment decision depends on two main items, the first is the amount to be invested, and the second is the time available to invest savings in and to what extent it can be dispensed with.

He added that expectations of rising world price levels, such as interest rates, real estate, gold and other metals, should be taken into account by the investor, knowing that the investment aspects currently available in Egypt are limited to small investors.

He explained that gold is the best investment and a safe haven, and prevented the value of currencies from collapsing, during times of political and economic crises, following the recent record highs recorded with the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war. investment buys gold and pounds.

Note that there are some countries that trade in gold and it has become their main bond, the price of the yellow metal rises annually between 22% to 36%, which represents a good number for investors.

My description went on to say that it is appropriate to invest in gold at all times, and if the price falls after that, people are not worried, because the price is rising again, that the yellow metal is always one of the good investment instruments.

Nadi Naguib, a member of the Gold Division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, says: We have always seen our parents and grandparents buy gold. Investing in gold is one of the most important safe havens in case of crisis, but it does not require small amounts. What is meant by investing in gold is to hold an ounce or a pound.

It is not gold that is sold in goldsmith shops, especially since the world is on the brink of an inflationary wave of stagnation of unknown duration. in its prices, or at least the return on investment in it will be much lower.

He added that maintaining a cash portion is very important to seize opportunities in many aspects of investing, especially in the face of successive global crises. It is necessary to diversify investments at any time and under any circumstances in order to diversify risk. avoid.

Najeeb explained that the other investment is to buy a bank certificate, but one of its shortcomings is not to dispose of the certificate or withdraw the money before six months have elapsed from the date of purchase of the certificate.

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