DUX Healthcare raises $ 1.5 million in seed financing round

Egyptian healthcare startup Doxx Doux raised $ 1.5 million in an initial funding round, with the aim of expanding to ensure the provision of services that meet all patients’ needs, as well as providing an electronic application which satisfies doctors and patients.

Doxx unveils the launch of the first integrated digital platform of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa, aimed at connecting workers in the medical professions and healthcare institutions, including pharmacies, laboratories, radiology centers and insurance companies .

The company said in a statement issued today, Wednesday, that it is working to provide an integrated service to patients during their treatment journey, in addition to helping to increase the level of accuracy of medical examinations and the improving the quality of service provided as a whole, in addition to reducing the cost of healthcare for the patient.

The company and application are led by a group of doctors and other health professionals and pharmacists.

The Doxx application focuses on the patient, and aims to enable him to easily manage his medical records, lead a healthy lifestyle and facilitate his access to the medical care services he needs through an integrated network of health care providers.

Sheriff Brody, Founder and CEO of Doxx, said: “Our commitment to bridging the gap between patients and the healthcare community and increasing the quality of care provided has prompted us to develop this comprehensive, integrated platform that empowers patients needs in the center of their attention, while providing benefits that satisfy all stakeholders in the field of healthcare.

We have designed Doxx to be a reliable and user-friendly application for patients and doctors, providing them with everything they need on a single platform. We look forward to helping patients take full control of their treatment journey and meet their medical needs, in addition to simply booking appointments or providing prescriptions, all through one easy-to-use platform that will be their constant companion word. ”

Over the past four months, Doxx has managed to contract with 2,600 physicians, 18 comprehensive clinics, 52 pharmacies, 26 laboratories and 10 radiology centers. Doxx operates in its Cairo office and aims to increase the volume of value-added services, which currently include in-home nursing services, arranging outpatient visits, home visits and clinic examinations.

Heba Saher Hashem, a consultant neurosurgeon and investor at Doxx, said: “As healthcare providers and doctors themselves, we have always strived to track a patient’s medical history and medical records, to make the correct diagnosis and to prescribe appropriate treatment .. Doxx offers unprecedented features and puts patients in the center of attention.Doxx allows you to easily access patient records as well as prescriptions and appointments of doctors in various specialties, so Doxx is supported by Egyptian doctors who truly believe that with the right tools, Egypt will be able to change the status of its healthcare system. ”

Along with the above services, Doxx allows both patients and physicians to upload and keep their medical records and prescriptions to the application, to identify each user’s health needs, and to recommend a physician of the appropriate specialty. Doxx also provides the service of drug delivery and other services through the application, and the application is scheduled to expand over the next few months to cover many governors outside Greater Cairo.

Ash Rovel, founder and general partner of Openner, said: “We believe Doxx has developed a much better technology than any other solution available today. Patient-centered technology with added value for all other parties in healthcare. The team’s comprehensive knowledge of the nature of the market and their commitment to the task of improving the services provided to patients during the treatment journey by building a sustainable company was a primary motive for our decision to take advantage of Doxx to create a strong launch in the market and achieves sustainable growth. ”

Doxx has developed several clear initiatives aimed directly at serving elderly patients who require 24-hour telemedicine consultations, home nursing services, doctor’s visits and care for chronically ill patients.

The application also works to provide the best prices for medicines by relying on a wide network of pharmacy partners.

Dr. Tarek Moharram, CEO of Elevate PE Group and Elevate Healthcare, commented on the funding round: “Elevate’s investment in Doxx expresses our commitment to facilitate access to quality healthcare services in Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa. This investment is the first in a series of upcoming investments in healthcare start-ups as part of Elevate’s healthcare-focused venture capital platform vision. We are therefore looking at our investment in Doxx as a starting point. ”

He added: “We, at Elevate, believe that the benefits of technological innovation, creativity and agility owned by healthcare start-ups, coupled with the current wide market gap between supply and demand for high-quality healthcare services, will contribute to Egypt.” “A regional center for healthcare services. It serves the rest of the African continent. We want to be the driving force behind this growth, and are very excited to see what Doxx can do as part of this vision.”

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