The governor of Fayoum instructed to review the main roads in the centers of Itsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq before the paving work

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Dr. Ahay Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum, followed the executive position of the projects of the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life” in the villages of the centers of Itsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq as a first phase to determine the progress. of work in it and the percentages of performance, and the measures taken with regard to the interactions between sectors, and the response rates by the companies carrying out the projects to avoid The observations of Dar Al-Handasah officials, which focus on the inevitable priorities and the optimal use of all capabilities to preserve public money.

This happened during the meeting, which was held in the General Court of Fayoum Governor, in the presence of dr. Mohamed Imad, Deputy Governor, Major-General Abdel Fattah Tammam, Secretary-General of Fayoum Governor, Ing. Ayman Ezzat, Assistant Secretary-General, Eng Mohamed Abdel Jalil, President of Fayoum Drinking Water and Sanitation Company, and Eng. Ayman Nader, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Eng Ruby Mahmoud El-Sayed, Chief of the Executive Authority for Projects of the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Fayoum, Accountant Kamal Salloma, Head of Youssef El-Seddik Center and city, Khaled Farraj, head of Itsa center and city, Eng. Greater Cairo, officials of utility and utility companies, representatives of service directorates, bodies and devices, engineers of the Dar Al-Handasah company, officials of engineering offices and companies carrying out the projects of the presidential initiative “Dignified Life” in the villages of central Itsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq export.

The meeting was about a review of the percentages and rates of implementation of the projects of the presidential initiative “a decent life” implemented in the central villages of Itsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq, and the response rates by the companies that the implementation of the projects to the observations monitored by the officials of Dar Al-Handasah on the works, and work on the development of mechanisms to overcome obstacles Execution To expedite the implementation of projects according to timetables, as well as the compilation of positive mechanisms to strengthen employment, and dismantle entanglements in coordination between all sectors, especially in the implementation of a number of bridges.

The meeting also dealt with the follow-up of the latest procedures and proposed solutions, to dismantle the entanglements and start work on a number of bridges, especially in the villages of the Itsa Center, after investigating the nature. had, by the committee recommended by the Governor of Fayoum at the previous meeting, which included: representatives of irrigation, electricity, drinking water and drainage Sanitary, roads and bridges, Dar Al-Handasah engineers, representatives of the implementing companies, and city council officials , which included the Hawd Al -Gharb Bridge in the village of Minya Al-Hayt, the Al-Shahat Bank Bridge in the Matwil Village, and the Al-Hajar Bank Bridge in the Al-Hajar Village, to quickly develop positive solutions to replace and renew these bridges to serve the citizens living around her.

During the meeting, the governor gave a quick overview of all the main roads connecting the centers of Atsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq on the one hand and the city of Fayoum on the other, as well as the main roads between the mother villages in the two centers to remove any overlaps in preparation for the pavement, in order to facilitate the movement of citizens, through a committee formed by road officials, And city councils, and representatives of utility networks, to complete the infrastructure for all utilities ensure, “sewage, drinking water, communications and gas,” emphasizes the head of the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Fayoum, by determining the executive position of the authority’s work that overlaps with all the main roads within the scope of The Centers is located. of Itsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq and their villages, and the Governor instructed the Assistant Secretary-General of the Governor to hold a meeting with all officials of the facilities and co-ordinate among themselves, to prioritize the paving roads determine, after ensuring the completion of the work of the utility networks therein, and work towards the speedy completion of the survey of the Fayoum Road / Itsa.

The governor of Fayoum also stressed the companies implementing the projects of the presidential initiative “Dignified Life”, by taking into account the observations of the Dar Al-Handasah company and working to quickly avoid it first-hand, and to reckless exclude contractors and replace them with more serious contractors, to complete the implementation of projects on their scheduled dates, aimed at reviewing implementation rates Business-based companies, focusing on priorities and working on the principle of imperative, and optimizing the use of all available capabilities during project implementation processes 50%.

The governor has ordered the formation of a committee made up of city council officials, the Health Directorate, representatives of Dar Al-Handasah, consulting offices and implementation companies to begin work tomorrow on the administrative delivery of all health units whose work is completed. is, with observations on the construction work in those units By the officials of Dar Al-Handasah to avoid it before the initial reception, be ready on the scheduled dates to provide services to citizens, and the governor of Fayoum pointed out that the middle of next June has been set as a date, to complete all the work of service and agricultural complexes and youth centers, and the work of the rehabilitation of health units except for the new ones, as indicated. The governor, the officials of the Fayoum Education Buildings Government Branch, quickly provided materials and equipped the walls of a number of schools in the villages of the presidential initiative “Decent Life” in the Itsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq centers, in preparation for the implementation of graduation projects for students of the Faculty of Specific Education at Fayoum University on those walls.

During the meeting, sector officials examined the barriers and interventions in the sectors: drinking water and sewage, roads and bridges, irrigation, educational buildings, service and agricultural complexes, youth and sport, health, ambulance, natural gas, communications, industrial complexes and social solidarity. A decent life unit in the General Court of Fayoum Governor, the pace of project implementation and a degree of intertwining in each of the sectors separately, in addition to the review of Dar Al-Handasah officials for their observations on the projects, and the response rates of the implementing companies on them.

In this regard, Governor Dar Al-Handasah assured officials to prepare a dated statement of response rates to avoid observations by companies carrying out the projects of the presidential initiative “Dignified Life” in the villages of the centers of Itsa and Youssef Al-Siddiq exports.





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