The Minister of Irrigation follows up the procedures for holding the fifth Cairo Water Week, next October

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, held a meeting with Dr. Eman Sayed, Head of the Planning Sector, to present the current arrangements for the holding of the Fifth Cairo Water Week, which is scheduled for the period 16-19 next October.

Abdel-Aty said the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is keen to hold this important event annually from 2018 until now, within the framework of the state’s great interest in the issue of water and to put it as one at the top of the political agenda to place. of the key requirements for sustainable social and economic development, and the culmination of Egypt’s leading regional role Whether in the Arab or African region.

He pointed out that Cairo Water Week has become an international platform for dialogue, pointing to the growing interest of water stakeholders around the world to participate in the week’s activities as the number of actual participants in Cairo Water Week increases has from (750) participants during the first Cairo Water Week in 2018 to reach (9,500) participants during The Fifth Cairo Water Week in 2021, with a total of 18.45 thousand participants during the four weeks, and the number of hydrologists attending the Cairo Weeks participated increased from (40) experts in 2018 to (300) experts in 2021.

The number of regional and international organizations participating in the Cairo Water Weeks has increased from (30) organizations in 2018 to (75) organizations in 2021, such as the League of Arab States, the World Water Board, the European Union, the World Bank, FAO , the German Development Bank and the United Nations Development Program The Stockholm International Water Institute, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA), the Institute for Integrated Water Management, and others.

He added that Cairo Water Week offered many important events and activities as 15 high-level events were held during the four Cairo Water Weeks, including (5) events during the fourth Cairo week, two events during the third Cairo week and ( 5)) events during a week The second Cairo and (3) events during the first Cairo Water Week such as “The fourth session of the Islamic Conference of Ministers Concerned about Water”, “The Egyptian-Dutch Expert Dialogue on Coastal Zone Management”, “The Meeting of the High Level Joint Technical Committee on Water and Agriculture in the Arab Region “,” The Framework and the approach taken to support decisions and actions between relevant partners to ensure the resilience of water systems in the short and long term.

Also, (46) public sessions, an event and a workshop were held during the four Cairo Water Weeks, including (13) events during the fourth Cairo Water Week, (10) events during the third Cairo Water Week and (15) events during the second Cairo Water Week and (8) events during the first Cairo Water Week such as “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Under Water Stress Conditions”, “Cooperation for Water Security”, “Innovation in Water Sciences”, “Water and Global Change”, “Investing in Water Forum “Water”, “Sustainable Agriculture for Social and Economic Development”, “Water and Society”, “Joint Cooperation Program in Applied Research between Egypt and the Netherlands in the Waterfield”, “Funding of Water Projects: Challenges and Opportunities”, “Strengthening Cooperation between the European Union and Africa ”In the field of water: opportunities and challenges”, “Raising water conservation in rural areas through modern methods of water use resource management ”, and others.

A number of (164) different technical sessions were also held, such as the “technology, water security and development” session, “Determining the evaporation values ​​of plants using remote sensing techniques”, “Improving the interrelationship between science and policies” in order to improve integrated water management ”,“ Coastal management and protection ”,“ Application of water billing systems ”, and others.

The Cairo Water Week Permanent Secretariat continues its efforts to prepare for the fifth issue of the week, entitled “Water at the Heart of Climate Action” under the banner of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, and organized by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in collaboration with partners of regional and international organizations, institutions and local ministries.

The week is expected to witness a wide participation of ministers, official delegations, senior officials in the water sector and other related sectors from different countries of the world, in addition to scientists, parliamentarians, international organizations and institutes, civil society organizations and many groups such as women, farmers and lawyers from different countries of the world.

The week’s activities include holding various high – level meetings, regional workshops and technical sessions, presentations and participation by prominent international speakers, and scientific research by experts, professors, students, university graduates and school students. An exhibition of modern irrigation technology, smart irrigation and methods of reuse will also be held on the sidelines of the week. Water and water treatment technologies. A number of competitions will also be held during the event, including the best graduation project competition, the competition for the presentation of master’s and doctoral thesis research within three minutes, and the national competition for rationalization of the use of water (Keep it Together), which for the fifth consecutive year among farmers is held by Cairo Water Week, and the “Young Innovators in Water” competition, with the participation of students from outstanding schools across the Republic.

During the week, messages that will be finalized during the Fifth Cairo Water Week will be prepared within the framework of “policy dialogue in countries suffering from water scarcity to achieve the sustainable development goals”, as these sessions represent signs on the way to prepare for the United Nations Conference on Medium Revision The comprehensive term of the employment agreement in the water field, which will be held during the month of March 2023 in New York.

The door to submit summaries of research papers has also been opened, as the Scientific Committee for the week received summaries of research papers related to the five axes of the week.

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