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The art of the novel is one of the fine literary arts through which the author can convey his messages and directions, and broadcast his ideas in which he believes. “Madam,” she met the writer and author Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud; To talk about the art of the novel.
The author and author Muhammad Abdul-Maqsoud says to “My Lady”: The novel is one of the most famous genres and patterns of Arabic literature; As the novel, as an art, occupied a prominent place in our Arabic literature in the present era, as this creative literary system, which was updated for a short period, was able to reach a high stage of development, and our Arabic library is rich in many wonderful novels; The means of printing and translation methods aided the emergence of this kind of literary art and its spread in the Arab world.

The concept of the art of the novel

The novel is one of the most famous genres and styles of Arabic literature

Abdel-Maqsoud claims that the novel is a modern literary prose art based on the proposal of various moral and social issues. In order to address it or try to research it, point out that some novels insist on reform and change, and some of them provide different information that has some strangeness, and some of them present the novel work with a sense of humor to, and it is distinguished from others by imagination written in prose language and a narrative character, though many critics may not find a comprehensive definition of the novel; Being a literary art capable of development and continuity, the novel sheds light on what is happening on the ground, and therefore it begins to wander the horizons of imagination and transcend its boundaries; To guide the reader to the truth through the events told between the sides and passages of the scenes of the novel.

Types of novels

He says: Novel has many types. Some of them are literary, social, historical, police, fantasy, speculative, romantic, political, classic, realistic, commercial, science fiction and biographical, requiring a narrator to tell the events.

The romance novel:

A romantic novel dominated by stories of love and worship

It is the novel dominated by stories of love and worship, and it talks about the self, the worries of the individual and his problems away from reality and the problems of life; It is a novel that draws its attention to social relationships between men and women. Emotions and feelings take up a large space for them. Romantic novels have a major impact on any society; Therefore, the language used in this novel must be a strong language, and its words express intense emotion.

Historical novel:

It is a novel from which the events and characters are derived from history. It conveys and chronicles the events of the past, and because it tells of great events and personalities that played a major role in changing the course of history; The author must be knowledgeable and accurate in information, so the historical novel presents real news and stories, and among these novels is “A Thousand and One Nights.”
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Police novel:

Or the crime novel, which is an interesting and exciting novel, and the plot is in the form of a puzzle that works, and Agatha Christie is the pioneer of this type of novel.

Realistic novel:

This novel aims to provide a service to the community; The author places the good qualities in the character of the hero; Which causes the reader to adopt these qualities after being influenced by the character of the heroine of the novel, and then the author instills good morals in the reader.

Horror and thriller novels:

Horror novels are designed to evoke the reader’s feelings of fear

These novels are often designed to evoke a sense of fear, tension or psychological terror in the reader. Early releases of this genre included: The Count of Monte Cristo’s “Revenge Film”, and “Heart of Darkness”, a psychological horror film. The most contemporary examples may be Stephen King novels.

Science fiction novels:

One of the most popular genres of fiction is science fiction, science fiction tends to imagine a different world because of technology, and contemporary science fiction is a very popular genre. Some of the most famous novels in Western literature are fantasy novels, including “The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter”.

• Elements of the novel

The knot is the element of suspense and excitement in the novel

the subject:

This is the idea on which the author relied in writing his novel; He surrounded this idea with the events of the novel, and the reader’s task is to discover the main theme of the novel after reading it.

Time and place:

This is the time in which the events of the novel took place and the place in which it took place.


This is the element of suspense and excitement in the novel; Where the conflict begins, and then events develop and escalate; To take advantage of the characters’ lives, push them to find a solution.


Our Arabic library is full of many wonderful novels

This element is one of the most important elements of the novel.The characters play different roles in the novel, and each character has a role that leads to a specific purpose.The characters in the novel differ; There are the main characters as the hero, and there are the secondary characters, who play limited roles.


It is the conversations that take place between the heroes that embody the events of the novel, and through that the author builds the events.

the storyline:

This is the problem or node, and this is the boundary between the set of previous events and the events that will take place, and the reader of the novel eagerly waits to reach the node to form a comprehensive idea of ​​the main subject, and thus focuses on the importance of the novel on how to formulate the plot, and the events around it that make it more interesting to the reader.
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