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Jeddah – Nujoud Al-Nahdi – Iman Badawi

One of the major problems that students face in their academic life is the problem of academic delay. Students, parents and teachers suffer from this problem due to various psychological, educational and social factors. Therefore, psychologists, educators, teachers, and parents have paid close attention to this problem, and especially the poor academic performance is due to mental, physical, social, or emotional reasons, leading to a lower level of performance than its natural average.

Specialists stressed that there are a number of programs to treat poor academic performance; Including defining the school administration, creating an atmosphere of familiarity between them, then informing the student about his problem, and encouraging him to adjust his academic and practical behavior to increase his academic level, and excellence in the academic field, as well as reviewing the curricula and teaching methods with which students who are late for study learn.

In this context, Mastoura Abdullah Al-Waqdani, former Director of Private and Foreign Education in Taif Education, explained that follow-up and continuous positive communication between home and school are among the successful reasons to take a student to a very good academic level reach. achievement In all matters moderation is always required, so there is no harm or no Damar, staying up for young children is undoubtedly unpleasant and has a negative effect on academic achievement and good concentration, but it achieves intelligence, I do not see it, and there is no difference that staying awake has harms and negative consequences for everyone, young and old, especially those associated with early waking, and in my opinion leaves clashes with Absorption Capacity, and as studies say, good brain nutrition is with a good night’s sleep.

The handling way
The family counselor, Suad Al-Ghamdi, explained that the best way to increase the level of academic achievement of children is through psychological care. such as caring for feelings and the way of dealing and that every member of the family; Whether male or female children differ in their needs, composition, orientations, perceptions, behaviors, and interactions, there is no comparison or distinction between them.
Health care; Such as interest in healthy eating and drinking water, play, exercise, picnic, meditation and green nature.
As well as the provision of spatial care represented by the provision of a place with ventilation and far from noise and disturbance, a study office and special drawers, in addition to temporary care such as the provision of the appropriate time for sleep, study, family sitting and contact with family and friends.
They should also not be busy with household chores, and this does not prevent them from asking for help at certain times; To be able to study and do homework.

fruitful communication
The teacher, Noura Hadi Al Sorour, said that the student’s achievement level is divided by several elements. From the student to the family, the teacher, the school administration, to the higher authorities.
The student is responsible for himself and the level of his motivation to learn, especially in the higher academic levels, and the family is responsible for follow-up and fruitful communication with the school, and the teacher is responsible for promoting the learning wheel with the latest methods and methods arising from his love for his students and dedication to his profession The desired goals. There is no doubt that staying up late is against human nature in general. The Almighty said, “We made a robe in the night, and we made a living by day.” The verse.
All creatures need adequate sleep for the growth of the brain and enable it to work, and children need to sleep during the night to help them grow and have a healthy body. To stay up late, invites exhaustion and fatigue out, which leads to a loss of balance and the ability to lead a normal life, which negatively affects mental abilities, thought processes and the growth of intelligence; Therefore, at the top of the pyramid in the education system is time management by the family, serious follow-up, and listening to the student to identify the negative, address it and the positive and improve it.I do not care about the idea of ​​private lessons if it is complementary to the reviews, and the shortcoming is corrected provided there is no total reliance on it.

Memorizing the Qur’an .. a plant of the will
In turn, Suleiman Al-Zaydi, a psychotherapist and family counselor, explained: Increasing the academic performance of children is the goal of every educator and teacher, and every mother strives for it and all parents want to achieve it, and pay attention word. paid to the student’s academic achievement since he went to school, that is, to plant the will in him and link the goals together, and he wondered: Do we consider our education only as a goal, or a way of to get the future job? Then he continues: We must make education a goal in the sense of achieving a social value or obtaining a higher degree that will be reflected in the individual’s culture and behavior, praise to God. It is therefore very necessary to have smoothness in dealing with children, with regard to study, solving homework, and to encourage them, not to intimidate them.
He said: To treat poor academic performance, we must first ensure his safety, which means there is no organic problem, and we must consider his mental abilities, and then look at the matter from various angles. Or previous negative experiences at school with a teacher or student, such as being subjected to violence or beatings.

not to stay up late
Al Hanouf Al Yamani, the family counselor and human development coach, confirmed that one of the most important ways to increase the level of academic achievement for the student is summed up in the intense attention on the part of the family, where they begin to follow up. from home by the parents or by a private teacher at home and follow up with the school from time to time; To assess his academic level and measure the degree of improvement the student has achieved,
She stressed that staying up late weakens children’s intelligence; As a person’s brain grows, and his health is formed from his childhood until he reaches adulthood, physical or psychological comfort develops, as well as adequate sleep for a child or adolescent his body, and also increases his level of awareness, intelligence and makes him more vital and tender.

joint commitment
While Noha Al-Saleh, a certified coach in the field of childhood, said: In fact, the educational process starts at home, as education is a joint commitment between the family and the school. It is very important that the family is involved, not only to ensure the quality of the children’s academic performance – but also for the positive repercussions on the social, emotional and cognitive development of the child.

healthy foods
Nisreen Zaqzouq, a clinical nutritionist, in turn indicated that children’s eating foods that contain fatty acids in their diet has a positive effect on the level of intelligence and the improvement of mental abilities and skills, but it is required that it is eaten regularly. An example of these foods is “fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, herring and sardines.” ”, As well as nuts; To be rich in important minerals to strengthen the mental abilities, the intelligence of the child, as well as eggs, especially the egg yolk rich in choline, and vegetables are some of the foods that help strengthen the intelligence of children; Fresh vegetables contain a large amount of antioxidants, which protect brain cells from toxins.

She added: Breakfast is a very important meal for children, and care must be taken to eat it before they go to school. Because it reflects on their work performance, and spiritual.
It should be rich in nutrients that provide them with energy, such as “oats, peanut butter, eggs and whole wheat flakes, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and not too much sugar; Because too much of it can have a negative effect on the child.
She continued: Considering that this system is a method that should be followed to feed the child on a permanent basis, and not just during certain periods such as exam days; In order to ensure the child continuous integrated nutrition to reflect on him healthy and mentally.

Weakness treatment
In turn, dr. Walid Al-Suhaibani, a consultant psychiatrist at King Abdulaziz Medical City for the National Guard in Riyadh, explains that the poor academic performance of students depends on the two sides of the family and the school. It is part of the success of the student’s educational process As far as the school is concerned, overcrowding in the classroom can be a major factor in the continuity of the student’s weakness; Because the teacher in this case may find it difficult to focus on the students who are less understandable and comprehensible. Also, if the student is going through some disagreements with his classmates or the harassment that may happen to him with the rioters in the class, it may be a reason for his academic weakness, then the school administrations should consider such reasons.
He continues: The student who suffers from a weakness in his academic performance should be dealt with gently and gently by the teacher or the house until he passes the case. The thicker the teaching environment, the worse the results of educational performance. It is necessary to keep the student in check by giving more time or condensing the explanation to him in smooth ways that help him to understand.
He added: Many studies have shown that staying up late negatively affects students’ perception, distracts them and makes them less focused than others, and during weekdays parents should avoid going out to evening prayer to avoid their children’s early to affect sleep. and the teacher’s role is to warn the student’s guardian if he notices that he is regularly drowsy, or that he is sleeping in some portions.

personality building
Doaa Zahran, the family and social counselor, said: The family has an important and essential role in building the personality and psyche of the children.
The advice is facilitated as there is no obstacle in how to convey the positive spirit and love to any member of the family. Parents strive for their children to be better than them in terms of knowledge and acumen, so they work hard to plant everything that is useful and motivating for their children’s success, and to increase the level of their academic achievement. one of the most important roles that a positive family plays with its children is to participate in various educational programs aimed at developing and raising the level of intelligence and raising awareness and information of children from reliable sources; Such as audiovisual educational programs or intelligence competitions in some newspapers and magazines, racing to read and summarize a book, and many more. Thus, love, cooperation and exchange of dialogue and knowledge between family members are produced, and then automatically transferred to the children’s achievement in school.

Read the Quran
Shurooq Muhammad Al-Bakri, a laboratory technician at Taif University and a mother of four prominent sons, says: I found in the memorization of the Book of God for my children from an early age an increase in intelligence and speed in memorization , praise be to God, and care must be taken to provide a healthy, safe and comfortable family environment free from barriers to memory.
As well as good planning for daily and monthly study, for example, “compiling study schedules in which material is divided” and trying hard to know the areas of creativity in my children and their development and weaknesses and focus on them to develop.

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