Stock market news today, Thursday 19-5-2022

Egyptian stock market news fluctuated during today’s trading session Thursday 19-5-2022, the most prominent of which was the variation of the Egyptian stock exchange indices, at the end of today’s trading session, the end of the week’s sessions, rose as the main index, driven by the rise of a number of leading stocks, while the index of small, medium and broader firms fell In volume, the market capital gains to close 422 million pounds to 691,246 billion pounds.

The stock market wins £ 422 million

The Egyptian stock exchange indices fluctuated, at the end of Thursday’s trading session, the end of the week’s sessions, as the main index rose, driven by the rise of a number of leading stocks, while the indices of small and medium size and wider companies declined, and the market capitalization gained £ 422 million to close at £ 691,246 billion.

The volume of trading on shares reached 295.9 million securities, with a value of 693.1 million pounds, through the implementation of 29.7 thousand transactions for 181 companies. Institutions accounted for 41.52% of the transactions on the stock exchange, and the rest of the transactions belonged to individuals with a rate of 58.47%.

The net transactions of Egyptian individuals and Egyptian and foreign institutions for sale tended to be worth £ 16.9 million, £ 1.8 million and £ 16.5 million respectively, while the net transactions of Arab individuals and foreigners and Arab institutions to buy was worth it. 95 thousand pounds, 746 thousand pounds and 34.4 million pounds respectively. .

The “EGX30” index rose 0.79% to close at 10549 points, and the “EGX50” index fell 0.43% to close at 1832 points, and the “EGX30” index of specific weights increased by 0.23% to close at the 12 980 points level And the “EGX30” total return index rose by 0.75% to close at 4257 points.

While the index of small and medium-sized companies “EGX 70 of equal weights” fell by 0.64% to close at the level of 1832 points, and the “EGX 100 of equal weights” index fell by 0.54% to close at the level of. 2768 points, and the index of excellence fell by 1.32% to close at the level of 3636 points, and the Treasury bond index rose by 0.13% to close at 1175 points.

Shares of 33 companies listed on the stock exchange rose with trading, shares of 80 companies fell and the levels of 68 companies did not change.

insider trading

The transactions of the insiders, the major shareholders and the groups associated with them fluctuated during the trading session yesterday, Wednesday, as the board of directors of Naeem Holding Company for Investments sold 1.5 million shares, and the management of Commercial International Bank (Egypt). 2,000 shares sold, and a group linked to Mansoura Poultry companies, Commercial International Bank (Egypt) also sold), Prime Holding for Financial Investments, 979.4 thousand shares, 2,514 shares, 234.2 thousand shares respectively.

While the board of directors of Pioneers Properties for Urban Development, Jadwa for Industrial Development and CI Capital Holding for Financial Investments bought 48 thousand shares, 27 thousand shares and 480 thousand shares respectively, and a group linked to Aspire Capital Holding Company for financial investments 52 thousand shares bought.

And Mansoura Poultry Company has announced that its shareholder, Mahmoud Hassan Jaballah Hassan, is selling 979.4 thousand shares at a price of £ 1,086, with a total value of £ 1.1 million, bringing the shareholder’s ownership percentage from 5.170% to 4.699%.

Treasury shares

The Egyptian electric cable companies, Cleopatra Hospitals Group, and Mena Pharm Pharmaceuticals announced the purchase of treasury shares during yesterday’s trading, and the former bought 40,000 shares, bringing the total percentage of treasury shares owned by the company to 2, 01%, the second 5.4 million shares, and the third 1000 shares.

business results

A number of companies announced their business results during the last period, and Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company generated revenue of £ 818.4 million during the first quarter of 2022, with a growth rate of 82.2%, and the company recorded a net profit of 120.2. million in the first quarter of 2022, an increase of 3.7%. Contractual sales increased to EGP 1.557 billion, at an annual growth rate of 110.6%.

The Saudi-Egyptian investment and finance company also generated revenue of £ 10.4 million during the period ended 31 March 2022, compared to £ 4.2 million during the period ended 31 March 2021, with a growth rate of 147.45%, and the net profit for the period amounted to 8.2 million pounds, compared to profit 3.3 million pounds, a growth rate of 145.47%.

Arabic for origin

The Arab Asset Management and Development Company said that the board had a decision on the offer submitted by the Egyptian Housing and Development Company – Ramo regarding the development and development of the piece of land located in the city of Zefta, postponed until the situation became clear with Al Rawasi Company.

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