The conclusion of the work of the first national conference for donations in Sana’a – Sabaant

Sana – Skeba:

Today in Sanaa, the work of the first national conference for donations, organized by the General Authority for Endowment Funds, concluded under the slogan “Together towards a strategic transformation in endowment work.”

In four days, the conference discussed 22 research papers and scientific papers submitted by a number of university professors, academics and scientists, and five scientific workshops in the educational, media, legislative, legal, economic, investment, donation, development , innovative, financial and administrative aspects.

Finally, in the presence of the President of the Supreme Court, Judge Ahmed Al-Mutawakil, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabih Abu Nishtan, and Secretary of the Supreme Political Council, Dr. Yemeni people.

He pointed out that the establishment of the commission came as a proposal in the outcomes of the national dialogue, and in line with the national vision of building the modern Yemeni state. He said: “Today, this dream has come true and has a reality in which we hope to draw inspiration from the charitable, humanitarian and value aspects that embody the pure Sunnah of mercy in the true Islamic religion, the religion of solidarity and cooperation Love and brotherhood, the religion that came as a grace to the worlds.

He added, “The true Islamic religion needs us to embody it in our reality. It is not enough for our minds and culture to be good, and it is not reflected in our practical reality. Unfortunately, Islam has emptied of its contents, and nothing is left of Islam except its name, and nothing of the Qur’an except its drawing. “

Al-Houthi pointed out that the Islamic nation has become one of the most backward, ignorant, illiterate and far from science and knowledge.

He added, “We are concerned by God Almighty for what we are equipped with and specialize in Yemen of faith and wisdom, to embody the best model in pure Islam that Muhammad bin Abdullah, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. and his family., and his honorable companions struggled for, and sacrificed dearly and preciously, until they waved the banner of Islam in the east.Earth and its Maghreb.

The chairman of the Awqaf Authority stressed that the nation will not stand up except through a sincere return to the great constitution, the Noble Qur’an, the Noble Messenger and Mohammedan Islam, which came as a mercy for the worlds, which are the approach of science, knowledge and scientific research, and the establishment of universities, academics and specialized higher studies.

He continued, “We have a great responsibility before God Almighty, the religion and the nation to represent the model that must be followed in the Arab and Islamic countries to establish a just Islamic state, order and law, the state of institutions and powers embodied. the Holy Qur’an in reality, mercy, solidarity and truth, and this will only be possible with the principle of commanding good and forbidding denier. “

He explained that one of the greatest evils we see today, after the aggression of seven years ago against the Yemeni people, is the looting, looting and waste of donation funds, which the donations have been experiencing for decades, and when we for God win. and restore God’s money and revive his homes, science and knowledge and the Koranic culture of faith in the hearts of people and enlighten us With the culture of the book of God, we can build the Islamic State.

The learned al-Houthi declared that the Yemeni people possessed minds, ideas, scientific knowledge, faith in God, the benevolent homeland, the strategic position it occupies, and all the necessities of life, especially after possessing all that is precious and precious in the face the forces of global arrogance, which requires that those sacrifices be taken into account.

He praised the efforts of all participants in the first scientific conference for donations, the support of the leader of the revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, and praised his honor of the conference during the opening and his sponsorship of the government. with special care to alleviate the suffering of citizens, due to his sense of the importance of the role of donations in their service.

The Chairman of the Awqaf Authority expressed the hope that the participants in the conference will continue to assist and assist the General Authority for Endowments in evaluating, correcting, providing advice and correcting the endowment situation, and helping the Authority to to play its role in improving endowment performance to overcome the challenges facing endowment work.

While the head of the General Authority for Zakat, Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nastan, indicated that the people of the country had touched the goodness of the Immigration Authority and his zeal to promote the donation work, after it became a bait for looting and robbery .

He mentioned that the Yemeni people, the people of goodness, give, give and benevolence, the holiest of what they have, out of their money, the valuable items of their money and their noble property out of love for the orphans and the poor and for the houses of God to live, praise, live, love, desire and reward in reward and giving.

He said: “When we stand before the justifications, charities and merits, and in which the donation was, we find dozens of benches, more than 100 donation benches, even at the bathroom level and all categories and segments.”

Abu Nishtan pointed out that the zakat and donations were absent, and their status was restored to them to alleviate the suffering of the weak, orphans, the needy, the poor and the needy.

He stressed that Islam is the solution that offers the greatest models of grace, solidarity and strengthening of brotherhood and love, and expressed the hope that the participants in the conference will be a support and aid to the donations, zakat and other state institutions .

The Chairman of the Zakat Authority called for joint efforts and coordination among all to support state institutions, especially in the fields of science, knowledge and strategic studies, to alleviate people of suffering, and to address the outcomes and recommendations of embody the conference in practice.

The conclusion was marked by the presence of the vice-president of the Awqaf Authority, Abdullah Allaw, representatives of the Authority and a number of officials in state institutions, a presentation on the achievements of the Immigration Authority and the recommendations and outputs of the conference, and a poem by the Director-General of Mosques in Government, poet Youssef Al-Alawi.

Finally, the heads of the scientific workshops were honored with certificates and shields, and the participants with scientific research and working documents, chairpersons and reporters of the conference sessions, and the participating media organizations were honored with certificates of appreciation.

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