The National Endowment Conference confirms the progress of building an endowment institution that promotes the donation and protects its funds

Sana – Skeba:

The participants in the first national conference for donations, organized by the General Authority for Endowment Funds in Sana’a, stressed the importance of continuing to build a gifted institution that promotes the donation, protects its money and property, and achieves social solidarity. , in line. with the goals of the donors.

At the end of today’s conference in Sanaa, held over four days, under the slogan “Together after a strategic transformation in donation work,” the beneficiaries and holders of donation land and real estate appealed to their conditions with the to correct donation. Authority, provided that the Authority adopts simplified procedures that take into account the conditions of the country and in At the same time, do not waste the suspension.

The recommendations of the conference, attended by a group of scholars, academics, researchers, financiers, businessmen, economists, civil society organizations, official, governmental, judicial and executive bodies, highlighted the importance of the Commission preparing policies and mechanisms fulfillment of endowment rights in a gradual manner that takes into account the current and life situation due to the aggression, especially for low-income people and groups of poor people.

The recommendations encouraged the official and governmental institutions, in particular those relating to integration, co-operation and solidarity, to support the efforts of the government, in a way that enables it to carry out its role in line with its objectives. it is set.

The participants in the conference recommended the amendment of the law on legal endowment and the issuance of its executive regulations, in accordance with the decision to establish the General Authority for Endowment Funds and to set appropriate remedies for the imbalances and the past and promoting endowment work in a way that meets the purposes of the donors.

And they demanded that the National Endowment Conference be held annually, to develop the work of the General Authority for Endowments, and to ensure the continued promotion of the work of the Authority and to preserve the endowment funds, justifications and benefits and to develop.

They also recommended the Endowment Authority to prepare and adopt a graduate rental policy that addresses the problems of the past and takes into account the current life situation imposed by the aggression on Yemen, especially the situation of the needy and people with limited income, the prompt issuance of the list of transgressions, and all regulations relating to the organization and development of the work of the government.

The recommendations of the National Endowment Conference encouraged the High Judicial Council to establish specialized prosecution offices and courts to consider endowment cases, as well as the establishment of an endowment police affiliated with the government to protect endowment funds and properties.

The participants recommended the Endowment Authority to provide the legal department in the authority of more attorneys with integrity and experience, and to complete the archiving, restoration and electronic identification of donation documents and project them on the field using one of the methods and means of obtaining. a comprehensive digital map.

The recommendations of the conference also call on citizens, beneficiaries and entities who have documents relating to donations in their hands, to register them quickly and hand them over to the General Authority for Endowment Funds.

She appealed to citizens and those under their control to lands and property belonging to donations to expedite the initiative by registering it with the government, and urged the government to provide rewards, privileges and facilities to those who start it .

The recommendations emphasize the need for the General Authority for Endowment Funds to rectify the status of guardians, agents and custodians of donations, the special donations, wills and donations with special jurisdiction to ensure the preservation of these donations and wills and the realization of the donations. . ‘purposes.

The first national donation conference recommended the government to prepare structures, regulations, policies and procedures in accordance with best practices and in line with the nature and privacy of donations and the purpose of donations, reform and development of the human resource system in government in accordance with modern scientific principles and standards, and work to automate the tasks, work and activities of the government, its offices and branches, and to apply the principles and standards of management in a way that respects the importance of reach donations and promote endowment. institution.

The participants in the conference also recommended the Awqaf Authority to prepare and implement a financial and accounting system for the authority in a manner commensurate with its privacy and the nature of its work, and to establish an executive unit establish for the government to implement construction and service works, and to issue systems, regulations and legislation affecting the government’s frameworks.

They appealed to the relevant official authorities to exempt the General Authority for Endowment Funds’ funds “income – bank” from all its donations and administrative expenses, investments and proceeds of its invested funds from all taxes, customs and fees of different names and types.

The conference’s recommendations demanded that the General Authority for Endowment Funds complete the infrastructure and technology of the Authority, its offices and branches so that it can achieve its objectives, and benefit from the successful experiences of countries in the field of endowment management. and the investment of endowment funds. , establishes policies and mechanisms that make it possible to create a suitable climate for donation investment, and the removal of problems and obstacles, if any.

She emphasized the importance of working to diversify endowment investments in order to create community participation, increase endowment resources and support economic development … The Endowment Authority’s demand to build the authority’s own capabilities and staff to enable it to carry out its effective investment role.

The recommendations called for the establishment of a holding company and an endowment bank dedicated to the management of endowment investment projects, and the identification of priority investment areas required by the current situation, and the achievement of the endowment interest and national interest.

She urged the Awqaf Authority to prepare regulations and policy guides governing investment partnership to provide an opportunity for official and private bodies to enter into an effective partnership with the government, and to work to build trust among partners of the public and private sectors in the investment. partnership with the government.

The participants in the conference also recommended the Endowment Authority and the relevant authorities to find investment facilities and incentives to attract investors to make donation investments, especially agricultural investments, to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency in grain and agricultural products.

The recommendations renewed the call for the relevant authorities to provide facilities, exemptions and benefits that encourage investors to invest and engage in investments in partnership with the donations.

She appealed to the media and cultural, educational and educational bodies to support the efforts of the General Authority for Endowments to raise community awareness of the status of donations, the sanctity of their properties and their charitable, service and development role for various segments of society, to revive and preserve the donation year.

She emphasized the importance of strengthening the role of the media in educating the community about the role of endowment, by preparing media material for awareness-raising and allocating sufficient media spaces commensurate with the size of the endowment authority’s work, and work to confront and dispel rumors. misrepresentations that confront the work and procedures of the Endowment Authority.

The First National Conference on Endowment Funds recommended the development of a clear media strategy that is in line with the work and objectives of the Endowment Authority, and meets its needs in coordination with the media and relevant authorities to guide the Leader of the Revolution to the media and awareness side with the support of the Endowment Authority.

The recommendations of the conference included an appeal to the General Authority for Gifting to improve the spiritual image, bridge the gap and strengthen trust between the gifting administration and the community by improving religious awareness and consolidating the religious identity of the community and to revive the spirit of giving. and give.

The recommendations include urging the Awqaf Authority to set standards and controls when building new mosques to ensure the sustainability of their services, identifying the sites for their construction according to social needs, as well as establishing donation schools and universities. in a way that improves the supply. of educational service to the community, and the preparation of regulations regulating the work of supervision, management and protection of cemeteries in coordination with the relevant authorities.

And she stressed the donation authority to establish a comprehensive database for all donation banks, to collect, restore and maintain the endowment’s intellectual and cultural heritage of books and manuscripts, to verify and publish them, historical mosques, preserve, maintain and restore monuments and heritage endowment shrines. they, organize science centers and schools, develop their curricula and education system, and transform them into official institutions.

At the end of the first national conference on endowments, the participants in the national conference, led by the leadership of the General Authority for Endowments, expressed their highest thanks and appreciation to the leader of the revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al- Din al-Houthi, for which was included in the opening speech of the conference, of his zeal to support the government’s direction in the preservation of donation funds and properties, the story of its looting, development and modernization of his business.

They praised the efforts of the President of the General Authority for Endowment Funds and his support for researchers and his role in the success of the work of the conference, as well as the efforts of the members of the scientific committee of the conference and scientific workshops on the good organization of his work.

It is noteworthy that the National Endowment Conference discussed 22 research papers and scientific papers submitted by a number of university professors, academics, researchers and scholars, and five scientific workshops in the educational, media, legislative, legal, economic, investment, development, innovative , financial and administrative aspects.

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