The Philosophy of Desire by Abdul-Jabbar Al-Hamdi

Philosophy of desire / short story
He embellishes his need with the culture and literature he carries, a bag of porridge fiber that he sometimes carries on his bent back and sometimes on his side, which has only seen the tingling of the sides of books that it does not digest no matter how many. of their rules I ate letters and sentences … His passion drives him to a sidewalk rag on the side of a long street, he predicted that There would be a new Souk Okaz for books … On ‘ for a time he complained about poverty like him, but his conditions changed and the owner of passion remained the same … A homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture roaming this street, some in search of culture and others in search of fun. .. The pleasure of watching and the time changes the writers made the faces of galleries and sellers Stacked on the sidewalks with the ideas of men and women who started writing, an intellectual and spiritual change. Life led them to put back their philosophy, according to the views of Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, and others … They wrapped themselves in the cold of winter, the philosophy of hunger and misery, and around a world to bring in which you hear the hissing and buzzing cells of thought escape from their reality to restore images with theories. A fantasy hallucination. His life stream dried up except for the remnants of wetness, followed by the urge to take his last breath. to take on that street … Rest his trembling feet, no In fear but pain, she will squat as if smearing his rusty nuts while his old joints crack … He takes out books and spreads them on a cloth that is not worn is not, but she spent her life licking the dust and words she memorized from her head.Some of them’s names are resonant, and they got a shelf here or there, while others were lost in time, therefore they begged for a hand to seek refuge, to be between four walls and a clean one. shelf…
He takes out his yellow cigarette that accompanied him with his registered trademark and forgets his name, so it became titled a cigarette smoke of pests. his eyes further it at a lightning speed, like a train running, leaving him at his station without picking up his bags of madness and tampering with his life to get a ride without an expired card . Validity … He looks at the faces of passers-by, as if shaking the balls of a game of dumbbells, with the aim of getting a number that might be the winner of the lottery … He reads it through ‘ snatching an eye, he consults with his brain cells about who the real browser is and likes to read, with a child’s passion for his mother’s breast … He moves his head like a pendulum clock until his pupils turn and he keeps his head He turns him to silence … He swallows his saliva … He takes out another cigarette and cuts it on his lips, and then exclaims: Is there a lover of the book Misery of Philosophy? Is anyone fluent in writing a voice proposal from an unknown speaker? Have you emptied your heads of their worlds? Have you received the philosophical manifestations of Hegel’s labyrinths, in which philosophy has become with a view that has no other space in it, and he regards it as a bus full of passengers, whoever was driving from the footnotes and margins. The claim is that everyone sees life as the title of the greatest philosophy and lack is the hero in it … We are all needy when we read the writings of philosophers, because poverty He is the first Tariq Bab for a writer who thinks his life will change if the narrator or narrator or narrator makes an octopus swim in the worlds of the seven seas and utopian cities … For years I wander among hundreds of books, I read from them what the light of my eyes has lost and I saved what wiped me out. memory and pictures, I became like a parrot repeating what I memorized and read about … I do not know !? I feel like a cup, I was filled with my own color, but after reading the change became clear to me, the cup of my mind was filled with various colors until it removed the color on which I was created, my thoughts diversified and my thoughts increased from the spaces of my horizons, thickened my brain with hundreds of sayings and concepts, I chased the nightmare of the insatiable I imagined Maybe a dragon would one day take me to the world of the supernatural wear, but I was shocked when I stood at the beginning of the road and watched as I saw the heads of their owners on their palms, presenting their ideas, theories, philosophy and dreams as remarkable titles, and there is books paved along the way where the feet that trample all His thoughts, readings and experiences, whether it be about love, death, life, injustice, corruption, immorality, religion, infidelity, atheism, talk about the earthly God, about God and the creation philosophy , genesis, the first generation or the Big Bang … Thousands of battles and philosophies Intellectually and culturally it was never announced that it remains, but it is influential … That was my answer to that girl who crouched next to me when she asked me about an author I was the author of … I was surprised when I heard that I was selling my books !! I am selling a summary of experiences and lectures that I formulated with my philosophy and my knowledge … Her color turned pale at that time and then she retrieves it while saying: How did it come about that you were on the sidewalk with all this genius and philosophy of life? I smiled as I lit the tip of my yellow cigarette, I blew out the first one with a sigh and replied: My daughter, not everyone who writes can be happy … Happiness knocks once on a person’s door while he is masked, we can not know his stature or nature.You turned him away, he left you and he left, and if you honor him with kindness and tact, your good condition will please him and he will your hospitality give back … We, my daughter, are in the world of happiness.He left this country after the philosophers of the new age entered the new age, naked in mind, and the companions of the new philosophy.Religion is a shoelace that supports you not to fall into taboo with Knowing that they are wearing forbidden socks and underwear. As for what is visible, the images of worshipers who are close to God are such that they describe themselves as His representatives on earth … You do not have to be angry, because there are many others who use the guillotine or the platform climbed off the rope for the sake of an idea or theory … You, my daughter, live under the weight of the idea as shameful as ignorance that must be destroyed … We live Intellectual war and the globalization of power, even God, they have made their own masters who cast themselves down, sell and buy for their sake, wandering day and night like an unjustly loaded ark … Their world is the philosophy of the Third Eye and the Holy Trinity. They ride the mountains of divine illusion to fight God with the technology of death they planted in the air … They fight thoughts through a philosophy Need, misery and poverty … My daughter, we miss stories that Adam kept telling until another came, and Noah for almost a thousand years after him baptized God has people in him who pass away time ….
You do not have to take what you want as a gift, consider it the end of the beginning of a new understanding in the world of the idea of ​​a time bomb that does not need a philosophy to realize it .

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