This is the deception and mirage of American policy

Posted on: 19/05/2022 (last updated: 19/05/2022 time: 15:08)

Author: Marwan Emile Toubassi

Despite the importance of making contact with all countries, especially the key players in this world within the framework of diplomatic action and of putting the world in a picture of the real crime of the occupation and exposing it to the need to protect our people, I fully doubt the seriousness of the US administration or its response to the demands of pressure on the occupation government following the decisions to expand the settlement of recent or continuing Israeli crimes, including the attack on the funerals of the martyr Shireen, as well as the execution of the martyr Daoud Al-Zubaidi, Thaer Al-Yazuri and other martyrs recently, who rose to the level of war crimes in accordance with international law.
The ceiling of the American dealing with these claims will not go beyond the possibility that the United States will be satisfied with the issuance of verbal statements about them equating the victim with the laxman and characterized by hypocrisy and deception Opportunity for trust- process exchange procedures.

The United States has long lost its role in sponsoring a serious peace process that leads to the termination of the essence of the problem represented primarily by the occupation, after working to monopolize it and any role of the International Quartet exclude and hinder and allowed the Israeli occupation. to take advantage of the time by expanding the colonial settlement and controlling Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and the Golan, rather by continuing the occupation and creating new facts on the ground that reflect Israel’s policy and its alleged historical biblical vision by taking advantage of his talks on the two-state solution that is empty of the content of implementation and without reference to its geographical boundaries in accordance with international standards and especially UN resolutions issued that depend mainly on Resolution 181 which two states to and this subsequent international resolutions And this new administration is still without recognizing our right to self-determination and without making any change in the Trump administration’s decisions regarding the Consulate General in Jerusalem, around our representative office in Washington to reopen, or to overturn the decisions of the U.S. Congress relating to the description of us as rroriste to cancel!

Does the United States have a real interest in exerting serious pressure on its ally, the occupying power, if we realize the nature of those who govern the foreign policy of the deep state there and what are the determinants of that policy, especially with regard to our region in the light of the strategic alliance and the colonial value relationship and the characteristics of ethnic supremacy, the white and Jewish religion, and the common interests between Israel and the United States as sponsors of international terrorism within the framework of the policy of hegemony, incubator of tension and proxy wars, and the threat of international peace and security? This is in addition to the consolidation of the policy of double standards and the lack of boldness in the implementation of what the new US administration promised there, especially with regard to Jerusalem, despite the demands of a number of progressive members of Congress of the Democratic Party, which unfortunately does not yet have the power to influence.

What is missing is not given, and the United States has lost credibility, political impartiality and concepts of justice and freedom not only for our Palestinian people, but for all oppressed peoples, because it is contrary to the interests of the neoliberal policemen, the conservatives. , and the interests of the military complexes and the gatherings of money, business and gas under the influence of the global Zionist movement and money The conservative Jew and the religious fundamentalist right in the United States are greedy capitalists.

What serious pressure can the United States exert, given that it has thwarted all UN Security Council resolutions against Israel, except for the resolution relating to Jerusalem during Obama’s time, by abstaining only from voting, and his constant opposition to all UN General Assembly resolutions also condemn Israel in other international organizations?
In return, what will the United States put pressure on Israel, which facilitates its policy and arrogance in the region in light of the existing international crisis and the United States’ desperation by its uniqueness in leading the decrepit unipolar international system retained, and its need for Israel in that matter while leading the proxy war against Russia and the entire East, especially in the shadows
The scattering of the official Arab position, and the lack of a comprehensive political consensus, even on normalization, or even serious handling of the apartheid state and occupation, is a mirage. The peoples, part of the American people themselves, and a number of Jewish organizations hostile to the Zionist ideology that have become aware of the facts, and of the governments of peace-loving countries in the face of the people’s rise in the face of racial discrimination, forms of persecution, exploitation and war policies that threaten world peace and stability.

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