What became of the £ 161m winner of the British lottery?

A lucky lottery ticket buyer appears to be even richer than well-known footballers Harry Kane and Paul Pogba. [في الدوري الإنجليزي الممتاز]After winning the jackpot in the European lottery, “EuroMillions”, amounting to 184 million pounds (about 227 million US dollars).

It is noteworthy that before the winner can claim the created wealth, he must first undergo a verification process, before deciding whether he intends to make this victory public, or chooses not to disclose his identity.

According to Camelot, who runs the UK’s national lottery, about 80% of UK lottery jackpot winners prefer to remain anonymous. However, the two previous grand prize winners have decided to make their names known.

And in 2011 it was revealed that Scottish husband and wife Colin and Chris Weir, from the town of Largs in Ayrshire, had won a prize worth 161 million pounds (about 199 million dollars).

The couple, who have been married for 30 years and have two sons, rose to number 430 on the Sunday Times Rich List that year, not far behind Victoria and David Beckham.

Regarding the Scottish couple’s victory, Mr Weir, then 64, said: “When we first realized we had won, it seemed like a dream, and everything went very slowly, but we felt so good and knew we had to news four. Happy with our two sons instead of giving in to anxiety and fear. “

“Before that, we lived our lives within our means and felt comfortable. We are so grateful that this money has given us and our family a whole new life. We now have many new opportunities that we would like to explore, but we are not. do not hurry. For us we will move on. ” We are dealing with change gradually, given the choices we have to make. “

The couple planned to spend the money they earned to buy new homes and cars and to travel. But Colin Weir died about 8 years later, due to sepsis and kidney failure, and it happened shortly after his divorce from his wife, but not before he received half of his share of the prize, which amounts to 80 million, did not spend. pounds (about 98 million pounds). dollars).

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As Ware planned, he invested money in a diversified real estate portfolio, including a property worth £ 3.5 million (about $ 43,000) in the Isle of Man.

And in June 2018, he bought a property on the waterfront of the Ayr region worth one million and 100,000 pounds (about $ 1.35 million), which is the second home he bought after taking ownership of a mansion worth 3 million and 500 thousand signed. pounds (about 4 million and 500 million pounds). $ 1,000) near Troon, south of Ayrshire, for his ex-wife.

At the time of his death, Mr. Weir had a stake of £ 10,000 (about $ 12,000) in the soft drink company Irn-Bru, and more than £ 20,000 (about $ 24,000) in the British bakery chain Griggs. Greggs invested.

His other investments include interests in Microsoft worth 20,368 pounds (about 25.1 thousand dollars), in “Moy Hennessy Louis Vuitton” worth 19 230 pounds (about 23.5 thousand dollars), and in the Estée Lauder cosmetics brand worth £ 19,193. ), in Tesco stores £ 19,562 (about $ 24,000), and at £ 10,040 (about $ 12,250) in IronBro creator EG Bar (about $ 12,250). Griggs “worth $ 22,950 (about $ 28).

Colin Ware was known as a regular supporter of Partick Thistle Football Club, after buying about 55 per cent of the club’s stake a month before his death. His investment helped create the Thistle Weir Youth Academy, and a section of Firhill Stadium was named after him.

In 2014, he also donated millions of pounds to the Scottish National Party (SNP) in support of his campaign for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom.

His will showed that he had furniture, jewelery and artwork estimated at 212,000 pounds (about $ 259,000), in addition to 4 cars worth just under $ 100,000 (about $ 122,000). He also had a stake of £ 400,000 (about $ 488,000) in the tax-privileged business investment schemes, which enable individuals to buy interests in small and medium-sized businesses for a generous tax benefit.

Ware distributed about 40 million pounds (about 50 million dollars) to his friends and family, in addition to the donation to charity. He and his ex-wife spent about 5 million pounds (about $ 6.1 million) buying homes for good friends, as well as providing financial grants to talented young people, in the first year in which they won the grand prize.

Mrs Weir also bought property for all five of her siblings, as well as a £ 850,000 (£ 850,000) four-bedroom detached house with 23 acres of woodland on the outskirts of Largs, Scotland.

Together, the two founded the Weir Charitable Trust to support projects that promote animal health and well-being and public participation in sport. They donated £ 102,000 (about $ 125,000) to the National Sports Training Center in Inverclyde.

The couple gave a five-figure lump sum [تحت 100 ألف جنيه استرليني]County Durham 13-year-old Kieran Maxwell, who lost part of his leg to a rare form of cancer, has applied a new artificial leg.

Finally, it was indicated that Colin Weir’s will revealed that his other remaining property, estimated at 40 million and 800 000 pounds (about $ 50 million), would be managed by a discretionary trust. [يتيح للأمناء بحسب تقديرهم، التحكّم بأفضل السبل لاستخدام الأصول لمصلحة المستفيدين].

The Independent published this article on May 15, 2022

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