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Amman – There is no doubt that the home is the warm place in which the individual feels psychological comfort from the pressures of work and the hustle and bustle of life outside its walls. Think before you get rid of it, and this is evident in the feminine touch that Safaa Al Zaher added to transform old pieces of furniture in an unconventional style into new ones.

The Jordanian young woman, Safaa Al-Zaher, was born in an art-loving environment, specifically her mother, who is interested in recycling household materials and turning them into “practical” and beautiful pieces of art.

Safaa is keen to use eco-friendly colors such as chalk colors (Al Jazeera)

Hobby turning stations for creativity

Safaa started implementing these pieces, in a simple way, according to her description, and with attending many courses in office and project management, and with more than one institution, she saw that she was ready to plan a project and to begin what would fulfill her. dream of implementing interior design and decoration works, especially because she likes this specialty, but she did not You study it academically, but you studied the specialty of laboratory / vision examination.

Safaa tells Al Jazeera Net, “My family and I traveled to Switzerland, got a degree in interior design and decoration, and we returned to Oman, and I joined courses in human development, life departments and self-discovery, so I station I will take over the implementation of artworks. “

Safaa decided to convert a yard next to the house into a “workshop” specializing in converting old pieces of furniture into modern ones, covering an area of ​​60 square meters.

2- Skilled Safaa Al-Zaher (Al-Jazeera)
Safaa is eager to mix the “spirit of design” and modernity (Al Jazeera)

Mixing the “spirit” of the piece and modernity

Safaa did not hesitate to develop herself by receiving training courses, so she joined one of the courses specializing in environmental projects and recycling that serves the environment. She also received one of the courses in Turkey, especially in painting and refurbishment of furniture on scientific grounds.

Safaa considers the pieces to be renewed, and she is eager to mix the “spirit of design” and modernity, and each differs from the other. Or where the piece is going to be placed, is it modern or traditional (classic), modern traditional (neoclassical) or rebellious funky (bohemian) and so on.

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Safaa confirms that the “workshop” is her own world, which provides her with energy and life at any time, indicating that “work to renew pieces with colors, techniques, aging and other hours takes, and it is one of the most beautiful hours. in which she spends her day. “

And she confirms that the aesthetics of the renovation of the pieces can not be described, and work in this field brings pleasure to her heart, during the work stages, leading to its completion in the required manner.

There are different types of cutting techniques, there is aging and decoupage
The methods of renovating the pieces are diverse, there is aging, decoupage “with colored papers”, crushing and petrification (Al-Jazeera)

Cut beautification techniques

Safaa uses various techniques to beautify and update the pieces, such as aging, decoupage “with colored papers”, printing, kernel, and there are many materials used in this field.

It turned out that there are many large or small pieces of furniture that have a moral value to the owners, and the material of the piece is of high quality, and therefore it can not be neglected, and here we also perform a complete technique out for the piece, or a simple technique that gives it modernity.

6- There are pieces that are renewed by changing the color or beautifying it with aging or by adding inscriptions - (Al-Jazeera)
There are pieces that are renewed by changing color or beautifying it by aging or adding inscriptions (the island)

Repair of parts with environmentally friendly materials

Safaa points out the importance of colors in our lives, and there is no doubt that every individual or family has favorite colors, and by adding these colors to the pieces, it gives the owners of the home a beautiful feeling, and there are special colors to calm the nerves.

In renovating old pieces of furniture, it is eager to use environmentally friendly colors, especially chalk colors, which are easy to use and do not cause shortness of breath or redness of eyes for homeowners, and their texture is beautiful and easy to clean. Wash to form protective layers on furniture.

The number of layers of protection differs from one piece to another, for example, a coffee table that is often used differs from the layer that is added to a side table that is in place.

5- There are many large or small pieces of furniture that have a moral value to their owners - (Al-Jazeera)
There are many large or small pieces of furniture that have a moral value to their owners (Al-Jazeera)

Change restores energy

Safaa believes that changing some pieces of furniture renews the energy of the home, and it seems “characteristic” and unconventional. She explained that the pieces that are being renewed are not limited to large pieces of furniture, but that there are small pieces that can be updated that restore their luster, such as boxes, drawers, hospitality trays and others.

Housewives are advised not to get rid of old furniture pieces, and sometimes modern pieces, but they have become “boring” or feel the urge to replace it with others, but some of the artistic frills “change” it into a new one. piece, not similar to what it was.

The work in this field varies between amateurs, professionals and artists, and each of them has a special style, indicating that it always strives to place a special imprint on the pieces that renew it.

source of income

Safaa explains that she created pages for her project on social media, and her work was very popular and popular among followers, and she obtained a good source of income from the renovation of old furniture pieces.

It seems that she trains those who want to learn this skill in the workshop, as she explains and implements the idea before them in a practical way on one of the pieces that need to be renewed.

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