Egypt .. The first company to be listed on the stock exchange by 2022 .. and experts mention the benefits of the upcoming offer

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) – The Egyptian Stock Exchange has registered shares of the Macro Group for Pharmaceuticals, with an issued capital of 115.4 million pounds ($ 7.4 million), spread over 577.3 million shares, with ‘ a nominal value of 20 piasters per share, becoming the first company whose shares are listed on the Egyptian stock market in 2022, and a number of stock exchange experts receiving a newcomer to the healthcare sector, which is currently enjoying growth , and possibly helps to cover the demand for the company’s subscription and attract new investors.

Macro Group for Pharmaceuticals aims to offer 45% of the company’s total shares on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, split between public and private offerings, one month after registration with the Financial Supervisory Authority, which took place on 23 December 2021, and the stock exchange has warned the company to list its shares within one month from the date Register it with the authorization so that the registration is not considered void.

Dalia Al-Sawah, a member of the Egyptian Stock Exchange Council, said that the health care sector in Egypt is currently one of the fastest growing economic activities in light of the emerging pandemic of the Corona virus, and it is expected that the sector will continues to grow as long as the pandemic continues, which guarantees the investor in the sector’s equities to make immediate profits. Offering new companies operating in it, note that the Macro Group Company has previously submitted an application to the Stock Exchange . for listing, and it was not implemented due to the lack of compliance with some papers, but this time it has completed all its procedures and the presentation is expected to take place during the first week of next February.

The Macro Group Pharmaceutical Company previously submitted its documents for listing on the Egyptian Stock Exchange before announcing the postponement of the company’s shares on the stock exchange on April 12 last year, citing the reason in light of the study of the extent in which the market accommodated simultaneous offers, either during the past few days or during the next few periods at that time.

Al-Sawah, in exclusive statements to CNN in Arabic, expected a claim for coverage of the Macro Group’s offer, for two workers; The first is the company’s activity and the second is the discount rate for the share price, especially since the healthcare sector is currently experiencing a boom in the capital market.

Dalia Al-Sawah ruled out that the Macro Group’s offer was affected by expectations of higher interest rates in Egypt over the coming period, which justifies her view that investing in the money market in Egypt is not linked to the return on investment in bank savings certificates in terms of a large extent, with evidence that despite the decline in interest rates during the last period, the stock market did not witness The Egyptian improved its performance significantly.

She went on to say that with the start of listing a number of companies on the stock exchange since the second half of 2021, including the e-finance company for financial and digital investments, the sale of a stake in the Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Company, and the listing of the shares of Nahr Al-Khair Company on the stock exchange, the market is expected to witness the attractiveness of a large number of investors during the coming period.

Dr. Mohamed Farid, Chairman of the Board of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, expects 2022 to show the receipt of 4-5 new proposals in the capital market, as a result of a package of government measures to improve the investment environment in the stock market, and a comprehensive restructuring of the market for small and medium-sized companies.

In turn, Mohamed Kamal, a member of the Board of the Securities Division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, expected a claim to cover the offer of the Macro Group company on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, in light of the increasing demand testifies to the recent offers in the capital market, especially e-financing for financial and digital investments and Fawry for banking technology and electronic payments, proving that investors are hungry for new offers on the stock exchange, which sees a significant improvement in performance . and trading volumes.

Kamal stressed in exclusive statements to CNN Arabic how important it is that the Egyptian Stock Exchange receives new proposals that contribute to the deepening of the market and attract new investors, whether individuals or institutions, that contribute to getting out of the state of uncertainty what the market is. currently testifies, which will first end with the implementation of a program for government and private offerings It works to attract investors and improve trading volumes.

The Egyptian government is currently implementing a program to offer shares of 23 companies in the Egyptian capital market, with the aim of raising a return of 80 billion Egyptian pounds (about 5.1 billion dollars). So far, it has 4 , 5% of the shares of the Eastern Tobacco Company and e-finance for financial and digital investments. And the sale of a stake in Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Company.

Muhammad Kamal believes that investors in the money market are different from investors in savings boats in banks, and therefore the new proposals will not be affected by any expectations of an increase in interest rates during the coming period; Because stock market investors tend to take risks to achieve a higher return than bank certificates.

According to an official statement, the trading value of listed and unlisted securities on the Egyptian Stock Exchange amounted to more than one trillion pounds during 2021, compared to 670 billion pounds in 2020, including transactions on securities worth 544 billion pounds, the highest in history of the market, while the number of new registered reached 59 thousand compared to 25 1 000 new registered by the end of 2020.

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