Investing in society and technology

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There was no age of information and knowledge like ours, it is even called the (Information Age), as the handling of machines became impossible to dispense with, so we realize the value of their investment, or become it found for entertainment and entertainment as it prevails in its social reality at this time ?!

In this important period of history, we have had no literature study that looked at the extent of influence and influence on the Arab personality, and the extent to which transformations are formed! Because these transformations will inevitably happen before us or not.

Dr. Nabil Akl says in this regard: “It is common in the literature that deals with development issues in the field of information to portray the developing world, as if it were facing an inevitable technological fate that is obviously more miserable, and despite the evidence, arguments, evidence and statistics, surrender to such perceptions – except that it is a kind of social suicide – It does not align with the opportunities that information technology provides, and we leave it to sociologists to judge how consistent it is with the realities of recent and distant history. ”

There are undoubtedly transformations, and social upheavals will take place in our societies if they have not already taken place, and this is very dangerous. Therefore, the Arab handles this machine in all non-selective aspects and without awareness of the realization of its danger. in addition to what it produces for us, and accordingly we find our swimming in a sea of ​​Indefinite pace and directions, in a virtual world that has enforced itself by force and without discrimination.

For example: a prominent media person was asked about the image of contemporary women in the information age, and he replied with an automatic answer: She became more daring and became a partner in the national march.

This is why the question was important, serious and urgent, but the answer is not satisfactory by looking at the situation of women, men, children and all components of society with academic studies carrying the torch of knowledge, and the steps by mixed show. corridors and at a tremendous rate of development and modernization.

Technology and the information age have become inevitable, and therefore the other side of it – society with all its sects – must adhere to a double-edged sword, but it is clear that we are holding one party tightly without the other in the face of this rapid distribution related to the inability to distinguish between the two points of this weapon.

It is illogical and unreasonable to let our children mess around all day and tumble between the halls of this world, and it is also absurd to prevent them from doing so, and in both cases we must study, classify, research and investigate the scope of the ability of these children – who have become more capable, understandable and experienced than us to roam between Corridor – We need to strike a balance between the structure of the personality with privacy for future generations and a hybrid world of mixed cultures, and it is important for future generations and for the future of the unique Arab personality with privacy that we should be eager for, and at the same time we are eager to acquire knowledge and invest this technology in a good and useful way.We now walk the trail of metaverse, artificial intelligence and knowledge, and the difference between them is great.

Regarding the difference between knowledge and intelligence, our author says: “There is no doubt that there is a fundamental difference between acquiring existing knowledge and generating new knowledge. Intelligence is the mental energy we apply to our previous knowledge and evidence to generate ideas., discover relationships, prove theories and extract the control structures involved in the phenomena that appear Computer scientists have discovered the need to give the machine the ability to learn itself so that it can obtain knowledge directly from its sources without intermediaries , in order to be able to generate new knowledge and automatically adapt to emergency variables, without achieving it, the machine can not coexist There is no doubt that these serious matters in many philosophical, psychological and social issues in to the same extent as it entails serious scientific and technological challenges.

It is humanity in the face of the mechanism, either man imposes his will on his creation, or his art overwhelms him and has escaped from his control.

Therefore, we address this issue, which has sharp and serious boundaries and constitutes social structures that already existed, that the theories of the new world, the one world, the individual in the world, and not the individual in his environment or society. Modesty, boldness, arrogance and individuality, because he interacts behind walls and behind veils in a way that offends all trusted social structures governed by guilt and on the basis of what is not right, so the arrow escapes from the bow until all of these, the profit of this machine, which has become a kind of dispensation of it, overshadows Loss in favor, it is due to two important factors: the first is the lack of awareness of the requirements of the need for it, and the second is the indifference towards the production of literary science taught in universities and schools on how to deal with it consciously, with respect, confidence and benefit.

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